What Actually Is Knock Knock On Google Duo?

What Actually Is Knock Knock On Google Duo?

Google Duo: Knock-Knock feature

Knock knock on google duo is a video calling feature on the newly launched google video calling app. Google is famous for its innovation, and this feature on google duo is just one of the steps. While video calling a person with google duo, the recipient would be able to see the live pictures even if the phone is locked as long as he has your contact.

Therefore, is knock knock on google duo the game-changer as far as the aspect of video calling is concerned? This article is going to review this question in comparison to other video calling apps available to give you a theoretical experience of knock-knock on google duo.

What Actually Is Knock Knock On Google Duo?

How it works

Once you initiate a call on google duo, this feature will be activated, and a message will pop at the display saying “your video is visible.” The recipient you’re calling will be able to see you even before they pick your call. Unfortunately, you’ll be able to see the recipient only when they receive your request. This feature can, however, deactivated from the setting option.

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How to deactivate it

To switch off this feature, you’ll first have to open google duo and click on the three dots at the corner, which will display setting options. Tap on the knock-knock and scroll down to turn off button. This will disable video preview, and you will also not be able to receive the show.

What Actually Is Knock Knock On Google Duo?


Facts about google duo and knock-knock

  • The Google duo app having this feature is a simple yet straight forward and uses end-to-end encryption
  • It is compatible with all operating system hence can be used across android phones or iOS. However, there’s no web or desktop version.
  • It does not require more settings since the service is just phone number enabled. You can see all your friends who are already using it.
  • Unlike other video calling apps, you can mute your voice and also be able to see how you look at the other end.

Is it a game-changer in video calling?

As noted, this features apart from being simple and all its fascinating aspects, it not a game-changer in video calling apps. This is because it can only do video calls alone, and the images are not as clear in comparison to other application features. Even though it has video preview capability, it lacks the element of texting and sending pictures like other apps. Therefore, it does not meet the threshold of a useful feature.

What Actually Is Knock Knock On Google Duo?

Knock knock on google duo is a beautiful innovation for video calling enthusiasts. The features might be attractive to some consumers, but definitely, it will not fetch a big market. It lacks the other multi-media aspects that the majority of consumers look upon for in an app. Even though its video calls only, it will give other apps a competitive edge.

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