The place that accumulates a lot of garbage in the home is the kitchen. You cook here and make a lot of mess, so why not keep it clean with the best kitchen trash can. Instead of walking outdoors to the refuse drum to throw away your waste, the kitchen garbage can place indoors makes your home cleaner. The fantastic thing is that you can throw away eggshells, empty containers, and leftovers while cooking. So how do you pick the right one for your home? We recommend you pick one with a pedal, as they are easier to open and keep your hands free when full. You can even find automatic hand sensor ones. Therefore, if you need a durable dustbin in the kitchen makes sure to check the top 10 best kitchen garbage cans out here.

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Top 10 Best Kitchen Trash Cans

10. Simple Human Step Trash Can

Simple Human Step Trash Can

The kitchen trash can has an elegant and sleek design and fits into tight spaces easily. The wastebasket has a durable steel pedal that is great to use when your hands are full of garbage. The product gives you a stable operation, but you do need to use additional force to close the lid. You receive a five-year warranty included. You can buy it in assorted colors to fit in with your décor.


  • Designed with a smooth and easy step pedal made of steel
  • Has a slim shape that fits into any small space
  • Can use it with Code R custom fit liners to keep it clean
  • Measures 7.7-inches wide and has a 13-inch depth and stands 13.5-inches high
  • Assorted colors and made of plastic
  • 2.6 Gallon Capacity
  • 5-Year Warranty

9. Rubbermaid Spring-Top Wastebasket

Rubbermaid Spring-Top Wastebasket

The kitchen trash can comes with a LinerLock system, making the bag inside the basket invisible. Furthermore, the system protects the bag from sliding around, and it has an easy-open touch-top lid. There have been minor complaints that the sliding protection is not always functional. The Rubbermaid is a 13-gallon refuse drum.


  • Designed with a LinerLock system that hides the trash bag
  • The wire secures the bag to the rim and prevents it from sliding
  • The LinerLock works with any tall kitchen trash bags
  • Made with an easy-open touch-lid and is a 13-gallon waste bin
  • Has a small and compact structure
  • Top of Form

8. BestOffice Automatic Trash Can

BestOffice Automatic Trash Can

For a futuristically designed kitchen trash can, this one is perfect. When your hand is within 10-inches of the lid, it opens automatically. The lid closes after three seconds and has a large capacity with a space-saving design. You will need to replace the batteries and consumers have complained the top opens too slowly. However, the batteries do last long and well made with a quality design and clean easily.


  • You do not have to use it in the kitchen, but has a quality design to use in any part of the home
  • Stainless steel construction and easy to clean
  • Has a removable rim that holds trash bags in place
  • Needs four batteries to power the lid
  • Has a 13-gallon capacity and touch-free
  • You can use it with an AC adaptor
  • The dimension of the refuse drum is 11.37 x 16.10 x 25.31-inches
  • Made with an on/off button and open/close button

7. Simple Human Semi-Round Kitchen Trashcan

Simple Human Semi-Round Kitchen Trashcan

Here we have a bigger wastebasket from Simple Human a 13-gallon one. For larger kitchens, this semi-round kitchen rubbish basket is perfect. You can choose your preferred color to fit in with any décor in the home. You can use it for different purposes, and the lid stays open and closes silently. The only complaint, consumers have is the shock option does not always work effectively.


  • Has a slide lock to secure the lid in place
  • Made with a steel pedal and the lid opens and closes automatically
  • For the busy household, the wastebasket has a 13-gallon loading capacity
  • Designed with a wall bumper to prevent it from scratching the walls
  • Fits Code P trash liners and has an 18.9-inch wide by 14-inch depth by 26.5-inch high dimension
  • Five-year Warranty

6. Ninestars DZT-70-11R Automatic Trash Can

Ninestars DZT-70-11R Automatic Trash Can

Nothing comes more convenient to use than this kitchen trashcan. With the touchless design, it makes using the product simple, especially if you have your hands full. Furthermore, it prevents cross-contamination and keeps the kitchen germ free and safe. A powerful battery powers the sensor, and the bin has a stainless steel structure. The only negative side is the warranty that is only two years.


  • Made with a long-lasting battery, motion sensor, non-skid base, and stainless steel
  • The ring liner you can remove and the D batteries replaceable
  • The trash can has a garbage side and a recyclable section
  • The bucket liner you can remove and the motion sensors rotatable while the lid closes softly
  • Has an open/close button with an 18.5-gallon capacity
  • The lid automatically opens and closes when your hand is in range
  • Measure 13 x 21.3 x 26.2-inches

5. Ninestars DZT-50-9 Oval Trash Can

Ninestars DZT-50-9 Oval Trash Can

The kitchen trash can from Ninestars have a 13.2 loading capacity and comprise stainless steel. When it comes to the kitchen, garbage cans this one is at the top of the list. The sensors work effectively to open/close the lid. There are buttons in place to keep the lid open or closed if preferred. You can use it in the bedroom, bathroom, or office if you prefer. However, many users feel that a range sensor will be more beneficial.


  • Powered by four D size batteries you can replace
  • Has a garbage ring to hide the trash bag from public view
  • Measure 11.4 x 16.2 x 28.4-inches
  • Has a sleek design to fit into any room in the home or office
  • The lid automatically opens when your hand is within 10-inches
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

4. iTouchless Steel Trash Can

iTouchless Steel Trash Can

The kitchen trash can has status lid alert with a solid green light when open and blinks red when it closes. The refuse bin has a replaceable odor filter and helps to keep the room smelling fresh. You do not have to worry that the lid will close on your hand as it automatically reopens when your hand is still in range. The garbage bin works with batteries, but you can use it with an AC adapter as well. The inside opening of the lid measures 12-inches and the exteriors easy to clean.


  • Has a touchless design that works with a motion sensor picked up by your hand
  • The lid opens/closes automatically and more convenient to use
  • Inside it has a carbon odor filter that absorbs smells to keep the room smelling fresh
  • The filter needs replacing after three months
  • Powered by four batteries and you can use it with an AC adapter
  • Made of stainless steel that has a modern look and is easy to clean
  • You can fit most 13-gallon trash bags in it
  • One-year warranty

3. Home Zone Rectangular Step Trash Can

Home Zone Rectangular Step Trash Can

Do you need a perfect way to keep trash stored in the house? You can pick the Home Zone with its rectangular step design to start keeping your kitchen germ free and clean. The wastebasket can hold up to a 13-gallon trash bag. The pedal has a durable design and stays open for a while before closing slowly after a couple of seconds. The refuse bin has a stainless steel body and the plastic rail you can remove. The pail has a rubber band to keep the bag in place.


  • The 13-gallon kitchen trash can works with most refuse bags
  • Measures 10.79 (L) x 27.36 (H) x 20.2-inches (W)
  • Has a durable stainless steel pedal to lift the lid
  • Easy to clean the exterior and does not leave fingerprints behind
  • The plastic pail with rubber band keeps bags in place and is removable for cleaning

2. Organize It All Dual Compartment Trash Can

Organize It All Dual Compartment Trash Can

Do you recycle goods at home and have limited space? Get yourself the best kitchen trash can with a dual compartment here. The bin offers you practical use to separate trash. To open the refuse bin you step on the pedal and pick where you want to throw the trash. The Organize It makes your recycling easier and made of stainless steel that fits most plastic liners.


  • Designed with a double compartment to separate trash from recyclable material
  • Made of stainless steel and fits most plastic liners
  • There is a foot pedal for opening the lid and has independent lids with bucket handles
  • You can buy it in a three-bin solution as well
  • Has a 30L container and the two pedals have different colors

1. Simple Human Dual Compartment Sensor Can

Simple Human Dual Compartment Sensor Can - kitchen trash

Now if you want the best kitchen trash can with smart home function. This dual compartment model from Simple Human is what you need. You can use it with voice control to open when throwing trash away. There is a motion sensor to use your hands as well. You can recycle goods with the double compartment and fits most dispense liners. The other side of the bin has a handled bucket for lifting.


  • Just say open can as nothing comes easier to use to keep your hands free
  • Designed with a motion sensor to use your hands
  • Made with dual compartments to recycle goods
  • You can use the one side for trash fitted with a bin liner and the other for recycling with the handle bin
  • Has a liner pocket to keep trash bags on hand
  • The exterior has a Nano-silver fingerprint-proof coating and is easy to clean
  • Has a rectangular design with a 15.3-gallon capacity
  • Five-year Warranty

Final Thoughts

Now you can keep your kitchen debris-free with the best kitchen trash cans reviewed here. Whether you need one with a foot pedal, hand sensor one or even a model to open the lid with your voice you can find it here. Each garbage can has a durable design and is versatile to use for recycling, and you get an amazing warranty with each one included.