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Jetson V12 Hoverboard

Jetson is a trustworthy name when it comes to self-balancing scooter and the Jetson V12 Hoverboard review explain this hoverboard in detail. All the hoverboards from the brand including the V12 are outstanding. In addition to benefitting the riders with joyous riding experience, the vehicle is packed with smart features. Based on the observations, it is found that the V12 is an enormously safe and secure hoverboard. The Jetson V12 Hoverboard review mentions that the riders will stay stress-free about accidents. Any individual aged 13 or higher can feel the supreme joy while riding on V12.

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 Review For Jetson V12 Hoverboard

Jetson V12 Hoverboard

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Right from the design to the riding experience, the Jetson V12 Hoverboard review focuses on the specifications of the vehicle. After thoroughly knowing the specifications described here in the Jetson V12 Hoverboard review, there will be no confusion. Go through the specifications described below:

  • The Jeton V12 hoverboard comes with the skill matching speed modes.
  • There are front & deck LED lights to let you ride in any lighting conditions.
    Presence of the Bluetooth speaker soothes your mind if you want to play music while riding.
  • Flawless riding experience on most of the terrains is facilitated through its 6.5-inch All-Terrain Tires.
  • High efficiency is delivered by the 500W electric motor and the maximum speed of 10mph.
  • The users can make the most of its smart functionalities by using the free Ride Jetson app included in this hoverboard. This app allows the user to pair their personal audio with the Bluetooth on board. Furthermore, this app is capable to sync the LED lights with your music. It is these lights that make you stand out from the crowd.
  • The charge time for this all-terrain hoverboard is approximately 2 to 3 hours. Therefore, you have to make sure you provide sufficient time to fully charge the hoverboard prior to riding.
  • This Jetson hoverboard conveys health benefits too. By using the included app, you will be able to track all types of data. They include speed, distance traveled, etc. Subsequently, this data can be quickly shared on social media to get a quick report on your session.
  • The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery allows the V12 to travel up to 12 miles through a single charge.
  • Output from the enhanced Bluetooth speaker is enthralling and crisp. It is possible to sync the LED lights to the beat

Why you should buy this product?

Jetson V12 Hoverboard

Before making a purchase, reading the Jetson V12 Hoverboard review assist you to make an informed buying decision. The fun-filled riding experience is unparalleled and the comfort level is supreme. The overall design is not too childish and it is made appealing. While riding, the riders need not concern about the security because it is extremely safe to ride on V12. There are almost zero chances of accidents or wounds while riding on Jetson v12 hoverboard. It also owns the latest hoverboard safety certifications which suggest that it has passed approximately 159 tough tests to be certified.

The technology implemented in this Jetson hoverboard regulates balance in the board in order to maintain stability. There is a bar that sits inside and establishes communication between the left and right footpads. Since the rider is indulged in fun, the way ABT technology emphasizes on keeping you safe. One of the enticing specialties is it conveys a light show like no other. The riders can easily turn on their tunes via the included Bluetooth speaker and view the LED lights sync to the rhythm of the music.

The included Ride Jetson app is extremely simple to use and easy to connect to the board. It is possible to easily customize the front lights to the color you wish. With the use of this app, the riders are able to track their speed and distance. Besides, they can share stats with friends, explore their ride, play music, and even customize ride settings. The app is available for download at free of cost from Google Play or Apple App store. After its download, you will be able to unlock all its features.

The Jetson V12 Hoverboard review will also emphasize on its speakers. The powerfully working stereo surround speakers offer the crisp and clear sound of your chosen tracks. It is easy to tune the sound output with that of LED lights.

Jetson V12 Hoverboard Reviews:

Jetson V12 Hoverboard

The Jetson V12 Hoverboard review unleashes how feature-rich the V12 hoverboard is. Right from out of the box, this Jetson hoverboard is simple to use and can be used within 10 minutes of unboxing. Compared to hoverboards from the other brand, the learning curve is found easier with the help of its balance technology. It is observed that V12 boast a higher weight limit, powerful Bluetooth connectivity, swift speed and dazzling LED lights. In addition to the convenient riding pleasure, the app is quite easy to set up. Through a single charge, it will last for long hours. It is quite simple to map your routes on the app and it would last more than 12 miles prior to recharging.

One of the enticing facets is the riders can have their own soundtrack while you ride with the cutting-edge Bluetooth speaker. The contained rechargeable lithium-ion batteries just demand 2 hours to charge to the full state. Once it gets fully charged, it is possible to reach the maximum range of up to 12 miles. The Jetson V12 Hoverboard review also encompasses the negative facets of the V12 hoverboard. It is actually heavily priced but the offered price is worthy for the features offered.

The fun of challenging your friends for a hoverboard race is unparalleled and the same can be experienced by riding on V12 hoverboard. The Jetson V12 Hoverboard review fully described how valuable it is to invest in the hoverboard to relish your special moments. With its powerful motor, elegant design, lightweight frame, and all-terrain tires, the riding experience will be flawless. Regardless of the type of surface, the cruising experience will always be immaculate and comfortable. The presence of bumps on the road will not deteriorate your riding pleasure.


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