Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Protective Cases in 2021

Do you need style and protection for your large iPhone 7? Then you will be glad about the picks we have chosen here. You too can now have one of the top 10 best iPhone 7 protective cases with amazing features to keep your phone chic and protected. With the added function such as extra battery life, military-spec drop protection, and card storage what more can one ask? And if you do need more ideas, you can head over to our rundown of the top iPhone 7 Plus protective cases too.

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Best iPhone 7 Protective Cases

10. Dockem Leather Sleeve

Dockem Leather Sleeve - iPhone 7 Protective Cases

The following iPhone 7 protective case has a synthetic leather construction. The sleeve is inexpensive and shows off your phone. When placed in a bag or your pocket it keeps the phone secure, the only problem is when you use your device it has no protection. So if you have clumsy hands, it might not be the one for you. For more security, make sure to read on.


  • Colors: Dark Brown
  • Design: Made with two separate card slots for ID or credit cards
  • Ease of Use: Pushes through the felt from the bottom to slide out
  • Made For The: iPhone 6, 7 and 8
  • Material: Faux Leather and Microfiber
  • Style: Vintage
  • Thickness: Less than 16 mm

9. Belkin Sport-Fit Protective Case

Belkin Sport-Fit Protective Case - iPhone 7 Protective Cases

The next iPhone 7 case is made for runners and available in two colors with a neoprene structure. The products affordable but will not be your going out phone case and mostly used for outdoor activities. The casing is perfect when you use a GPS tracking tool or an app like RunKeeper. Further, you can keep your credit/debit card in it as well.


  • Colors: Black and Pink
  • Design: Made to hold a debit/credit card and sweat protected
  • Ease of Use: Fits around your arm like a band
  • Made For The: iPhone 7 and 8
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Style: Armband Design

8. Griffin Survivor Case

Griffin Survivor Case

The Griffin iPhone 7 protective case you can purchase in a wide selection of colors. The fabric used to construct the sleeves TPU and Polycarbonate. You can show off your phone, and it keeps it protected but does have chunky bumpers. With the 6H hardness, you can feel assured your phone will not scratch if it falls.


  • Colors: Wide selection
  • Design: Has a 6H-hardness rating with a scratch-resistant shell
  • Made For The: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • Material: TPU and Polycarbonate
  • Style: Drop Protected with See-through Shell
  • Warranty: 1-year

7. CASEOLOGY Envoy Leather Protective Case

CASEOLOGY Envoy Leather Protective Case

For one of the most sophisticated iPhone 7 and 8 covers, the CASEOLOGY Envoy is perfect. The sleek design makes the phone look stylish and offers seamless protection. Furthermore, you can buy it in different shades to fit in with your lifestyle. The sleeve provides military-grade protection and shock absorbent with the TPU base.


  • Colors: Carbon Fiber Black, Matte Black, and Cherry Oak
  • Design: Military-grade Protection with a Corner Cushion Frame
  • Made For The: iPhone 7 & 8
  • Material: TPU and Leather
  • Style: Slim Design with Responsive Button Cover

6. CASEKOO Ultra Thin Hard Shell Cover

CASEKOO Ultra Thin Hard Shell Cover

The following iPhone 7 protective covers made for the minimalist. The slim design keeps the phone secure and fits like a 2nd skin. The frosted surface provides a silk-like feeling and offers fantastic grip. Even the clicky buttons are functional, and it keeps your phone camera lens protected.


  • Colors: Black and Red
  • Design: Back matte surface and protects the camera lens
  • Ease of Use: Has an end signal gap for removing
  • Made For The: iPhone 7
  • Material: Silicone Rubber
  • Style: Ultra-Slim
  • Warranty: 1-year

5. OtterBox Defender iPhone 7 Protective Case

OtterBox Defender iPhone 7 Protective Case

For an old-time favorite, look at the OtterBox Defender sleeve. You can buy the casing in four colors and has a polycarbonate and rubber construction. The cover offers loads of protection and even keeps the ports protected. The inner is rubber, and the exteriors made with hard plastic with a built-in screen protector.


  • Colors: Black, Bespoke Way, Marathoner, and Vinyasa
  • Design: Inner rubber and outer hard plastic shell
  • Ease of Use: Include a belt-clip holster you can also use as a kickstand for hands-free use
  • Made For The: iPhone 7 and 8
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Style: Triple-layer Defense
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

4. Lakaka Case

Lakaka Case

The Lakaka iPhone 7 protective case is 1mm thick and has rubber sides. The fabrics soft for a comfortable grip and keeps your phone protected. You have access to all the buttons and ports and come with a 60-day warranty. The build might be annoying, but it has a unique design with affordable price.


  • Colors: Assortment
  • Design: Flexible cover with a hard plastic back and rubber sides
  • Ease of Use: Full access to buttons, ports and more
  • Made For The: iPhone 7
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Slim-fitting
  • Warranty: 60-day

3. UAG iPhone 7 Protective Cover

UAG iPhone 7 Protective Cover

For a tough sleeve to protect your iPhone 7 and hold cars the UAG is more than perfect it is just gorgeous. Pick from three colors black, rust, and white. The covering has a durable plastic construction but is a bit on the bulky side. With the discrete storage, you can hold up to four cards and cash.


  • Colors: Black, Rust, and White
  • Design: Discrete storage compartment with soft impact-resistant core and hard outer shell
  • Ease of Use: Made with oversized charger ports
  • Made For The: iPhone 7 & 8
  • Material: Polycarbonate shell with rubber screen lip
  • Style: Military Drop-test Standards

2. Evo Elite by Tech21

Evo Elite by Tech21

The next iPhone 7 protective cover has a durable construction but is not a show-off. The important thing is the sleeve offers extreme drop protection from 6.6 feet high. The designs lightweight and it has a slim structure that feels comfortable when used. The finish is smooth and does not interfere with the performance of the device.


  • Colors: Gold, Polished Black, Rose Gold, and Silver
  • Design: The designed matches the iPhone and has a transparent back
  • Ease of Use: Made with oversized charger ports
  • Made For The: iPhone 7
  • Material: TBC and FlexShock Fabric
  • Style: Military Drop-test Standards

1. Apple iPhone 7 Protective Case

Apple iPhone 7 Protective Case

Do you want to fix the battery problem with your iPhone 7 when in a protective case, solve the problem with this specially made cover for your phone? You can pick both a black or white color and offers reasonable protection for the phone. The fantastic thing is you can carry an extra battery with you using this silicone case.


  • Colors: Black and White
  • Design: Gives you extra talk time and internet use with the lighting cable and smart battery case
  • Made For The: iPhone 7
  • Material: Silicone
  • Style: Lightning Connector

Final Thought

Depending on your needs, we hope you find a perfect one on the top 10 best iPhone 7 protective case list here with us. The covering price is affordable and made of durable material. The important thing is you can keep your expensive phone protected and scratch-free.

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