iPhone 11 and Why It will Surprise You

iPhone 11

Almost everything about the iPhone 11 range has now leaked to the general public. Some of the information leaked will surprise you from what you expect to get from this phone. There is the good, the bad, the incredible, and odd behind it released.

Combining the forces for a major leak, a popular YouTuber, Koroy, aka EverythingApplePro, and XDA developers max Weinbach has been on the frontline to make revelations of the surprising design, camera, face ID and also the storage upgrades that no one knew about. They have the potential to also to inject life into an iPhone 11 range for the odd design and the strange branding also.

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The iPhone 11 Amazing design

iPhone 11

Concerning the design, Weinbach reveals that apple will give all of their new iPhones a matt finish that will feel different tangibly from the previous generations. Hopefully, it will be grippier as well as a new rainbow shimmer to the apple logo on the back. The branding of the iPhone on the back of the phones expected to disappear. This is something that will be done for the first time for the past 12 years they have been around.

On the part of the camera, Apple will now introduce camera learning into the image capture of the iPhone 11 because they will be using a smart feature called Siri Intelligence. Huawei company has already gone down this route by having artificial intelligence in its smartphone cameras, and it has been successful.

Besides, Apple will also use all of the three lenses so that it can capture portrait mode data and 4K for recording. There will also be a 120-degree wide-angle camera, which will be exclusive for the iPhone 11 pro and pro max. The mic will also have a great improvement that will enable them to have a better stereo and video recording.

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New Storage

iPhone 11

What is most likely going to please the Apple fans is the news from the duo that apple will double entry-level storage in their new iPhone 11 pro range to 128 GB. This is a far more appealing amount if you compare to the current 64GB that is on the current iPhones. The full range will now be 128GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB.

It is also rumored that the faceID will get a big performance improvement for the third generation, and the speeds will also be in line with the second and final generation of Touch ID. This is a very massive speed increase comparing to the current best iPhones. Face ID is currently far behind, and given the number of times the owners unlock their phones daily, it is the most practical benefit that you will get from everything here.

Many other tidbits have added, and these include anti-aliasing in the corners of the iPhone 11 display. Although this will still leave the iPhone 11 far behind the Samsung inspired iPhone pro panels. iPhone also tested a version of their new iPhones without a mute switch, but this idea was dropped.

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A New Color

iPhone 11 colors

We have saved the last surprise for the last. This is a doozy; there is another surprise that the iPhone is now introducing a fourth color on the iPhone 11 pro and pro max this year. The color will be dark green. According to Koryo, this will be a new color with a rainbow effect that reflects different colors depending on the angle of the light.

While you will love the specifics about the iPhone 11, it would make a lot of sense for Apple to introduce a new color option this year, this will break the traditional colors and features we have known iPhones to have. Although, this will only be on the iPhone 11 pro and the pro max. As you may already know, the iPhone already debuted two new colors to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus that featured a design that was nearly identical to the two iPhone generations which had come before it. Now Apple is reusing the same iPhone design for the third time consecutively in 2021, and it makes sense.

None of these upgrades justifies the pro in Apple’s new iPhone pro branding, but they are also a combination of exciting improvements. The iPhone 11 just got a new second chance, though I would advise that you wait till Apple’s massive 2021 iPhone redesign. But should have a second chance.

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