[INFOGRAPHIC] The Story Of GoPro

The Story Of Gopro- Infographic


The Story of Gopro

Who is the inventor?

Nick Woodman first identified the problem while on a surf trip to Australia in 2002. How was surfing usually filmed?

During Woodman’s travels to visit surfing spots in Australia and Indonesia, he realized that his straps alone were not the breakthrough product he wanted: He would need to find the perfect camera and sell a waterproof housing for the company to be a success.

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What’s Next?

Selling Beard from his Car

It was while selling bead and shell belts out of his van that Nick Woodman developed the idea of a better film strap for cameras, as the common film straps on the market weren’t particularly durable and broke easily.

Generous Investment from Parents

After having raised funds by selling beads out of his car and receiving a generous investment from his parents, the young inventor proceeded to launch the first GoPro camera, which used 35 mm film, in 2004.

From Broke to a Billionaire

In 2004 

GoPro was ready to launch its first camera: A 35mm reusable device made in China for about $3 each. The company made a tidy profit on these, selling them for $30 apiece. By building relationships with surf shops and appearing on QVC, GoPro closed $350,000 in sales.

In 2006

Woodman made the jump to digital in 2006 and released the Digital Hero, GoPro’s first all-digital, video-ready product. It was capable of shooting VGA audio in ten-second increments but had no audio capability to go with it

In 2016 Launch a series of HD Heros

Once HD technology became readily available and consumer demand for better quality images increased, GoPro moved on to launch a series of HD HEROs, boasting options such as wireless access to the internet, image sensors and increased internal memory.

1.19 billion U.S. Dollars

In 2016, GoPro reported worldwide revenues of over 1.19 billion U.S. dollars, with the majority resulting from sales from the Americas region.

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