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Top 20 Infographic Submission Websites

Top 20 Infographic Submission Websites

There is a wide variety of Infographic Submission Websites that are available. Infographics are the most cooling process to grasp the audience that will enable them to know how to process other information’s and the latest launch let them know about the new start. Infographics are the thrilling visual masterpieces for brands and businesses to create PR, receive promotional exposure, and remove traffic from the Website. Below are the top 20 infographic submissions websites. Here are some of the best Infographic Submission Websites in 2020.


This Website is the leading supplier for creating infographics and data visualization. The goals of this site to provide the latest infographics on several topics, from travel to technology, sports to the environment, and other roles. According to the theme, there are different classifications of infographics categories, graphs, and the latest charts where infographic displays in every type.

19. Reddit

Reddit is a web content rating, American social news aggregation, and discussion website. Reddit’s registered members of the community can submit content like direct links or text posts. Once you are a member there, you are capable to select the submissions down or up

18. Flickr was tossed on February 10, 2004. It is a video and image hosting website. Their two primary aims are – ‘enable new methods of organizing videos and photos’ and ‘help individuals make their photos obtainable to the persons who matter to them.’

Here you can access, upload, edit, organize, and share photos from some device from anyplace in the world.

17. Mashable

Mashable Infographics are made by the staff of Mashable and contributors to make sense of the open-world visually. It is one favorite resource of the Internet for submitting infographics round the world.

16. Infographic

Infographic Plaza is the correct place for you when you share our passion for data visualizations and infographics on some topics for free. Plaza searches for the finest infographics on any Internet and features the infographics on the site to share them and enjoy them with the world.

The site is also an infographic blog. Here you will invention mind-blowing, eye-catching infographics, and informative of every taste. The site is keen not only to publishing and finding the most excellent data visualizations on the Website but also to endorse them to touch the supreme audience.

15. Visulattic

Visulattic is a project that has the goal of curating the best visual data or information graphics. How to Submit: There is a free submission of the infographic, only if you file a specific form here.

14. Galleryr

Galleryr is a gallery site for premium infographic. The Website publishes only infographics that have high-quality, which provide valuable information that you can trust.

13. Behance

Behance is used by designers in the world to vitrine their new work. If you have infographics that you are proud of, then you can show them here and receive a high-quality backlink.

12. Submit Visuals

Submit Visuals is both an infographic website and a visual website, which features accessible graphics, infographics, videos, memes, screenshots, presentations, animated GIFs, and more.

11. Infographics Posters

Infographics Posters offers a platform for fans of an infographic to unite and share their labor. You will find infographics on various topics, from web designing to technology, fashion to gaming, and food to travel that creator of infographic submits.

10. Infographics Zone


Infographics Zone contains a decent collection of data visualization and infographics.

9. All Infographics

All Infographics attempts to save your interval from lengthy articles and reading long with their top-quality infographics collections.

8. is a podium that impeccably connects designers, animators, journalists, and creators with clients.

It is possibly one of the best popular infographic submission sites on the list. You can submit it for free.

7. Infographic Reviews

Infographics Reviews is a platform where you can review the infographics and also submit infographics the infographics rates on a scale of 0 to 5, which is the best infographic.

6. Slideshare

SlideShare is the leading professional content sharing community that LinkedIn owns where you can share, discover, and infographics and present presentations.

5. I Love Chart

I Love Charts is a blog of Tumblr, which specializes in portraying and highlighting the best charts of data visualization on the Internet.

4. NerdGraph

NerdGraph is an infographic submission site run by a team of three who is passionate about infographics.

3. Infographic Journal

Infographics Journal is the archive of the infographic that focuses on presenting the best infographics altogether in one place.

2. Infographic Bee

Infographic Bee is passionate about scouting the Website for better and most interesting infographics to so that you can share with the audience.

1. Infographic Archives


A group of programmers and designers came up with Infographics Archive since they had creativity and passion.

The above websites are the top infographic submissions websites for 2020 that will provide you backlinks that are of high quality. You will not have to look any further for the best Infographic Submission Websites. If there are other sites, then drop the link of the site in the comments below us will appreciate. Despite submitting the infographics into the above websites, you require to follow some social media formulas and design guidelines to reach the target audience.

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