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Best Inflatable Pool Slides for Adults | Enjoy Your Pool Time!

inflatable pool slides for adults

Add some fun to your pool with the best inflatable pool slides for adults available here. Not only will you like it, but your kids will love it as well.​ Furthermore, you can bring your inner child out as you can find different shapes and sizes to suit your taste.

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Top 10 Best Inflatable Pool Slides for Adults in 2021

10. BANZAI Slide N Soak Splash Water Park

  • Overall dimensions of 95x184x114-inches
  • Can hold up to 5 people at a time
  • Easy to assemble and comes with its own carrying bag.

The lagoon-style slick slide splash pool from Banzai has a detachable hose for spraying water and an overhead sprinkler for refreshing times. You can inflate it in less than 2 minutes with the blower motor.

Made with durable and safe Oxford PVC polyester, this inflatable pool slide is suitable for adults and kids. You can wipe it clean easily despite the electrical components.

9. PicassoTiles KC108 Water Slide Park Inflatable Bouncing House

  • Heavy-duty 385-watt blower with ETL certification
  • Overall dimensions of 14x6x5-feet
  • 90-day limited warranty on the bouncer
  • Can hold up to 3 people at a time

Offering maximum fun time for families and friends, the PicassoTiles KC108 has head-mounted shower sprayers and water cannons along with the traditional bouncer. It also has a designated splash zone for extra playing space.

You can easily set up the whole inflatable pool in less than a minute with the included blower. The material is high-graded toxic-free and safe for the children by all means.

8. Sunny & Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park

  • Overall dimensions of 6.3x15x7.3-feet
  • Comes with a matching carrying case

Fit for hours of outdoor activity and playtime, this inflatable pool from Sunny & Fun is the best choice for summer recreation. It has its own splashdown pool complete with water slide and a climbing wall.

The synthetic material used in the pool is durable and puncture-proof. The reinforced stitching ensures long-lasting performance. With the included blower, the pool is very easy to unroll and set up on your own.

7. BANZAI Inflatable Water Slide

  • Overall dimensions of 14x10x8-feet
  • Includes extra inflatable basketball for added fun
  • Patch kit included in the packaging

You can set up this massive water slide from BANZAI very easily in your own backyard. It has an outdoor aqua blast lagoon with built-in basketball hoop and sprinkler waves. The climbing wall and slides add up to the fun.

Constructed with reinforced heavy-duty materials for long-lasting performance, this inflatable pool can be set up in a matter of minutes. The blower is included inside the packaging.


6. WOW Watersports Slide N Smile

  • Overall dimensions of 108x84x50-inches
  • Massive 2-lane slides
  • Can be used alongside an actual swimming pool

If you want an enjoyable way to spend a hot summer day splashing by the pool, this water slide from WOW Watersports can be your best bet. The brightly colored slides with a zippered connection system can be attached with one another to build a massive set of slides with inflatable side rails.

The heavy-duty construction of the slide features PVC materials and durable stitching to withstand adult weight along with kids. There are 2 grommets on the side to connect water mats or walkways.

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5. RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

  • Overall dimensions of 84x42x52-inches for the slide
  • Can hold 3 people simultaneously
  • Has additional oasis lounger as an attachment

Put the fun back in the summertime with this water bouncer from O-Zone. It is a swimming platform with grab lines and soft handles with a water slide on the side for hours of bouncy fun for children and adults alike.

Made with unsupported heavy-gauge PVC, the water bouncer is economically designed for easy operation with more emphasis on the fun factor. There are an additional 12-foot anchor line and zippered nylon anchor bag for safety.

4. Sunny & Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park

  • Overall dimensions of 13.5×21.1×7.5-feet
  • Matching carrying case included in the packaging
  • Maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.

With five unique fun features, this inflatable water slide park form Sunny & Fun is the perfect addition to your summer-time fun. You can climb the wall, slide down to the splash pool, toss rings and indulge in a wide variety of wet outdoor activities.

The synthetic material used in construction is a heavy-duty nylon with reinforced stitching to prevent unwanted punctures. You can blow it up in minutes using the included electric blower.

3. AQUAGLIDE Plunge Slide

  • Overall dimensions of 6.6×5.4×4.4-feet
  • Maximum capacity to hold two users at a time
  • One-year limited warranty

Designed as an attachment for poolside trampolines, the AQUAGLIDE Plunge Slide offers great fun for users. You can enhance the experience with a rebound 20 Supertramp accessory.

The commercial-grade materials used in quality construction of the slide make it very sturdy and durable. You can use it at depths of up to 8-feet. There are two additional plunge straps included inside the packaging.

2. CATLXC PVC Inflatable Water Slide

  • Overall dimensions of 400x300x265-cm
  • Can hold up to 5 people simultaneously.

This fun outdoor inflatable water slide is themed around a hippo for a maximum fun appearance. You can enjoy the water gun and castle paddling pool while climbing, sliding, drilling, or bouncing together with your kids for good family time.

The durable and safe 420D oxford cloth is good for children. The PVC tarpaulin if resistant to wear and tear. You can inflate the pool very easily in a matter of minutes with the included 450-watt blower.

1. Kahuna 90808 Mega Blast Inflatable Backyard Kids Pool

  • Dimensions bog enough for your entire family
  • Three inclusive water canyons.
  • Blower motor included inside the packaging.

The Kahuna 90808 Mega Blast is your absolute one-stop solution for summertime fun and challenges galore. The massive climbing wall is complete with a double-wide slide, splash pool, basketball hoop and water cannon. Be ready to have a water-world adventure with this extra-large inflatable water slide.

The heavy-duty construction of the water slide pool from Kahuna is made of industrial PVC to ensure maximum durability and strength. You can blow it up to its full capacity in about 3 minutes and guarantee hours of bobbing, sliding and weaving fun for your whole family!

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Enjoy the summer heat with the best inflatable pool slides for adults and kids. With the inflatable design, you can use it at any time and makes for ease of storage as well. Furthermore, if you do not have a pool you can find an inflatable slide with a splash pool to cool down.

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How Deep Should a Pool Be for a Slide?

You can attach a slide as an accessory to the pool depending on a few key factors. Makers of inflatable slides have different specifications mainly based on the pool depth and intended users of the slide. Adults and children have varying requirements of pool depth to safely use a slide.

For children’s slides shorter than 48 inches, you need to have a pool that’s at least 2-feet deep. The drop, or the distance between the edge of the water and the end of the slide, must be 3 inches or less. However, for adult-oriented slides, manufacturers recommend a pool depth of minimum 3-feet or sometimes even up to 4-feet.

In some cases, the drop of the slide may be greater than 6-inches. This greatly increases the speed that you gain before hitting the pool. For safety reasons, you must have a pool depth of 11.5-feet or more as per instructions from the manufacturers. Nonetheless, it’s still a good idea to somehow slow down the speed of the slide near the drop zone if you want to keep it safe and accident-free.

Should You Put Chlorine in Your Inflatable Pool?

Chlorine is part of the chemical treatment that is needed for the proper maintenance and water management at any pool. It clears up any harmful bacteria and renders it safe for use. On the contrary, an excess accumulation of chlorine in the pool water can be harmful to the human skin.

In the case of in-ground pools, this is not a problem due to the special filters and drainage systems. However, for inflatable pools, extra care is necessary. You can just simply empty it out before use and refill it with fresh water every time. But that is not an economically viable or environmentally sound idea.

Commercial chlorine kits are available for use in larger pools. They have included pH strips to measure the possible growth of bacteria or algae in the water. But they are not safe to use in smaller inflatable pools because they tend to damage the vinyl lining.

A good idea for domestic inflatable pools is to use chlorine floaters. These handy little devices are programmed to release a safe amount of chlorine from time to time without actually harming the material of the pool or your skin while swimming. Just make sure that the chlorine is mixed well with the water in the pool before getting in. A visual inspection is enough to judge that.

How to Maintain Your Inflatable Pool Slide?

Along with an enjoyable summer fun time, your inflatable pool can be an actual breeding ground for diseases and skin damage if you do not take care of it properly. This comes down to not just chemical treatment of the water to keep it clean, but some basic maintenance rituals and management practices too.

– Use the skimmer nets and pool poles to drag the rake around the bottom of the pool every day before using. This will help you gather any possible debris like leaves that might have fallen into the water overnight.

– Some pools and water slides have a cover that you can use to protect it from damage when you leave it outside overnight. It’s generally made of basic tarp and has a nice tight fit around the rim of the whole setup. This will prevent any debris as well as wild animals from accidentally dipping into your pool at night when you leave it unattended.

– You can use a mechanical pool vacuum to drain out all the water after regular intervals and replace it with fresh water. This will prevent any excessive build-up of harmful germs or bacteria in the pool.

– Although inflatable pools do not have any built-in mechanical filters, you can simply buy one from the market and attach it on the side to filter out the water using the cartridges. You can drape the hose over the edge of the pool and hold in down and ankle height form the bottom using some weight. Remember to avoid using the pool when running the water filter though.

– Just to be sure that the water is safe after all your management practices, you can get a small pH test kit to check the acidity balance of the water. If the pH is higher than 7.6, it means that there are excessive Bacteria or algal blooms in the water. You will need chemical treatment, in that case, to bring that pH down to regular levels of 7.2-7.4

– Use a chlorine floater to disperse a safe amount of chlorine on calculated intervals. Normally, half of a 3-inch tablet is good for a week. But you can still consult the instructions on the packaging of the tablets before use. Dissolve enough tablet to keep the chlorine level at a consistent 2.0-3.0 ppm.

– If, somehow, you notice that the chlorine level in your pool is accidentally down to zero, you will need to do a pool shock. Release 2.0 oz of unscented bleach per 1000 gallons of water. Be very careful while handling the chemical as it is highly hazardous for human health if touched or inhaled.

How to Heat Inflatable Pool Fast?

inflatable pool slides for adults are easy to handle and generally require no warming before use if they are set up in a naturally lit area. The rays of the sun tend to do the trick and keep the water temperature at a comfortable level. This is the least expensive but most effective method to quickly heat an inflatable pool.

A good habit is to cover the pool with a thermal tarp or solar cover every night after you are done using it for the day. This helps retain the heat of the water.

If, however, you find that the water is not heating up naturally or the sun is not enough due to your climate conditions, you can consider installing a mechanical solar heater for the inflatable pool. The simple devices are relatively cheap and can raise the overall water temperature by 10 degrees.

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