You have selected your patio dining set, citronella candles, and Tiki Torches for your next big summer bash at home. But do you know what the temperature is going to be the night of the party? Or maybe you are planning a trip to the beach. You can now find out what the temperature is inside and outside your home without stepping outdoors. Pick one of the top 10 best indoor and outdoor thermometers and stay updated with the weather. Each of these temperature-sensing devices you can install in your home. You can even find one to place outdoors as well.

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Best Indoor and Outdoor Thermometers

10. Ambient Weather

Ambient Weather - Indoor and Outdoor Thermometers

The white WS-04 thermometer from Ambient Weather is compact and wireless. The sensor you can install outside or anywhere in the home. Now you can sit back and watch the temperature reflected on the console. You receive accurate data and the display is easy-to-read. You can carry the display with you and has a range of 120-feet.


  • Available in a console and remote or you can buy up to three consoles with a remote
  • Provides you with indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Needs no programming and works with batteries
  • The included remote has mounting holes
  • Can use the display with the desk stand or wall mount

9. AcuRite

AcuRite - Indoor and Outdoor Thermometers

For one of the smallest outdoor thermometers, you need the wireless AcuRite model. The temperature-sensing device detects both temperature and humidity. Plus, you receive a wireless outdoor sensor that comes with built-in hanger and with a large display. The LCD is easy to read and you can use it on a desktop stand


  • Compact and small to place anywhere
  • Provides you with indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity in Fahrenheit
  • The LCD is easy-to-read
  • Comes with a small outdoor sensor
  • Can use it standing on a table or mounted to the wall
  • Designed with a 433 MHz signal

 8. AcuRite 00611A3

AcuRite 00611A3

Here we have another indoor-outdoor AcuRite thermometer. You can easily plan your day with this device. With the accurate data, you can plan your day at the beach or even that fiesta in the back yard. The fantastic thing is the thermostat displays the temperature and humidity. You place the outdoor sensor to receive wireless data and have a weatherproof construction.


  • You can see the indoor and outdoor temp/humidity
  • The display is large and easy to read
  • Displays Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Has a strong wireless signal
  • Weatherproof construction and can use it with a stand or mounted on the wall

7. WiHoo Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

WiHoo Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

For a classic styled outdoor thermometer with a metal analog display, the WiHoo is perfect. You can place it on the patio to receive temperature readings. The metal structure has a glass lens with a satin nickel finish and is shatter and weather-resistant. The thermostat coil presents you with accurate readings displayed on a bright background. Furthermore, you do not need to calibrate it and just place it in the fixed location.


  • The outdoor thermometer calibrates automatically
  • Can use it indoors or outdoors and measures temperature and humidity
  • The display is easy to read and keeps track of the temperature with the graphics dial
  • Display Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Made with a glass lens and metal construction

6. Ambient Weather Tri-zone

Ambient Weather Tri-zone

The next Ambient Thermometer offers you three different indoor displays you can connect to one outdoor remote sensor. The indoor-outdoor thermostat is compact and simple to use. The fantastic thing is you can share it with your neighbor in a radius of 120-feet. In a cost-effective way, make sure to look at this model here.


  • You can purchase it with up to three displays with one remote outdoor sensor
  • Simple and easy to use and read
  • Reads data from one remote sensor placed outdoors
  • Can view the temperature from three different locations within 120-feet
  • One-year Warranty

5. La Crosse Technology

La Crosse Technology

With the indoor-outdoor thermometer, you can view your backyards temperature from inside your home. The digital weather device works with a wireless sensor and displays the temperature in color. Furthermore, it does not only measure the temperature, but provides you with a dew point, heat index, humidity, and more. For a reliable thermostat, you will not be disappointed with this device.


  • Provides you with accurate time, date, daylight saving time reset, and more
  • Monitors indoor and outdoor temperature in f/c and also the humidity
  • Has a 5.0V AC adapter display in full color and alerts you with the temperature readings
  • Designed with low battery and reception indicators

4. La Crosse Technology S88907

La Crosse Technology S88907

Here we have one of La Crosse Technology outdoor thermometer that has the precision color display. You can plan your day with the indoor and outdoor temperature readings displayed and are easy to read. The brightness level of the colors, adjustable and automatically transmits from the data to the display.


  • Provides you with a color weather forecast with adjustable backlight and temperature alerts inside and outside
  • Monitors temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit plus humidity
  • Has a self-setting time and date with automated daylight saving time updates
  • Can use it with the AC adapter or three AAA batteries
  • You can mount the remote sensor anywhere0

3. Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific

For a stylish and reliable outdoor thermometer, you can look at the Oregon Scientific model. The weathers displayed in graphical icons. You can see the heat, wind, storm, fog, frost, and more that are available on the display. Plus, the device alerts you with different weather forecasts and the LCD display is easy to read. On the console, you can find the time and date that update automatically. Also, the outdoor sensor works well with wireless technology and can be mounted easily.


  • Provides you with a forecast of moon phases, ice alerts, and weather warnings
  • Measures indoor and outdoor temperatures with humidity readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Made with an atomic controlled clock with a time zone offset
  • Can monitor up to three different locations wirelessly up to 100-feet when using multiple sensors
  • LCD display that is easy to read and the backlight toggles
  • Powered by AA batteries

2. AcuRite Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer

AcuRite Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer

To achieve the best weather data you need the next AcuRite thermometer to read the indoor and outdoor temperature. Plus, the device uses precision forecasting technology and combines weather patterns of North America with the measured data that supplied by the sensors. In addition, the color LCD display has built-in sensors to read inside humidity and temperatures. Not to mention, the outdoor sensors work with wireless technology which resists the effects of severe weather, built with a hanger to mount. Now you can plan your day by checking it out here.


  • Color display for reading indoor/outdoor temperatures
  • Displays humidity and temperature
  • Designed with a barometric pressure gauge and precision forecasting for future planning
  • Has a signal range up to 330-feet
  • Large LCD display with illuminated backlight

1. WS-10 Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer

WS-10 Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer

For an easy-to-use weather forecast thermometer, you need the Ambient Weather. Included you receive the WS-10 console with an indoor thermo-hygrometer sensor and three remote sensors for outdoor placement. You can connect it up with eight remote sensors and view the readings of all of them at the same time.


  • Has built-in thermo-hygrometer inside the console
  • Can connect it with up to eight remote sensors that display on the console simultaneously
  • The console has visual and audible sounds informing you of the humidity and temperature indoor/outdoor
  • You can reset the device manually

Final Thoughts

Instead of using your smartphone to read the temperature inside and outside, use one of the top 10 best indoor-outdoor thermometers reviewed by us. They are easy to mount and offer you different weather forecasts to see the temperature. You can even find one that offers you humidity data and precision forecasting. Plan your day at the beach with one of these devices today.

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