Which One is the Best TV: Hulu live TV or Sling TV?

Hulu live TV vs. Sling TV

Cable TV alternatives help you go all-in with internet-based streaming services rather than staying with cable TV. While cabled TV offers a more limited option of what live shows you can access to, live streaming is endless. Two of the top brands in live streaming TV shows are Hulu live TV or Sling TV. Both offer exemplary services as well as options for all of your live shows as well as so much more.

As such, let’s look at the different aspects you should consider and value when choosing between the two. You will find that one suits you better than the other so read further and know which to choose.

Hulu live TV vs. Sling TV

Hulu live TV vs. Sling TV


Pricing forms the most important factor to consider when choosing to resort to living streaming your TV shows. While live streaming is costlier than cabled TV, you can never compare them with what they offer.

In terms of pricing, you get more options with Sling TV than when using Hulu live TV. Sling TV offers you three options; Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Blue options thus more flexible streaming where the pricing changes about the options

On the other hand, Hulu Live TV offers you only one option.

Hulu live TV offers you a package of $54.99 per month whereas, on the other hand, sling TV offers you 3 packages priced differently; Sling Orange priced at $30, Sling Blue for $30 and Orange + Blue priced at $45.

Number of Channels

Looking at just the pricing isn’t enough. The number of channels offered by each option is key to your entertainment. Furthermore, everyone wants value for their money. It goes without saying that if you are only interested in a couple of channels, then sling TV offers you the best offer with the option of either Sling Orange for $30 or Sling Blue for $30.

Comparing the top offers between the two, you will not tice that sling will offer you lesser stations than its competitor Hulu Live TV. Thus you will have to need a digital antenna to watch channels like CBS, NBC, ABC as well as FOX.

Cloud DVR

While using Hulu Live as well as Sling TV, you access limitless cloud DVR. For Hulu, you must be upgraded for fast forward through commercials whereas you get up to 10 hours of storage in the option of Hulu Live TV.

Hulu live TV vs. Sling TV

Supported Devices

Either Sling TV or Hulu Live TV offer compatibility with almost all streaming media players that exist. Whether Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV or ROKU. As such, with any streaming device, you are sure of great connectivity all through.

Of the available options, different users prefer different devices however, if you are a beginner, sticking with the ROKU device is a great deal that you can never wish off.


Hulu Live TV subscribers may get unlimited screens for a month with a subscription of $9.99 while normally they get two screens at a go. On the other hand, Multi-streams in Sling TV are complicated where you get a single-stream plan in Sling orange but three screens multi-stream in Sling blue. Additionally, when you get up to 4 multi streams when you opt for Sling Orange + Blue plan.

Easiness of Navigation

All you require to get going with these two streaming services is 10 seconds with either of the services and you are good to go. Both Sling TV and Hulu Live TV offers you cable –like grid guides that enable you to navigate through the different options you have for the channels. As such this offers the greatest user experience with fewer mishaps all along.

For instance, you get a two-week grid guide when using the Hulu Live TV while you get one week guide when using Sling TV.

Not only do these two streaming platforms offer grid views for the different optional channels but also other ways of navigations like searching particular channels through categories like the genre as well as through popular content.

Hulu live TV vs. Sling TV

These two streaming options offer different services as well as different user experiences. While both have major similarities in their operation like easy navigation as well as compatibility with all devices, Not everything is similar. One of the major aspects of the two is the difference in prices as well as the number of channels available for each option.

If you have the money, going for Hulu Live TV is okay. You will get value for your money with increased channels available for you. However, starters are best suited to the Sling TV which offers different packages. At the constraint of money, choosing the $30 option helps you get major shows as well as a basic subscription.

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