How To Upgrade Your Car on a Budget

How To Upgrade Your Car on a Budget

Upgrade Your Car on a Budget!

Whether you live with a loud family or have a long commute to work, a comfortable car can serve as a much-needed oasis. However, if you are driving a less than perfect car or a vintage car, even driving a short distance becomes an ordeal.  Sure, buying a new car is an option but an expensive one. And when you can improve your current vehicle, then why spend a fortune on buying a new one? Here are some inexpensive ways you can modify the performance and appearance to upgrade your car.

How To Upgrade Your Car on a Budget

Get New Floor Mats

From dirty shoes to food crumbs, car floor mats are subjected to rough use. In addition to enhancing a car’s interiors, floor mats also protect the car floor from wearing down. They also offer the right amount of friction to ensure your feet don’t accidentally slip from the pedals. 

If your car floor mats have seen better days, you can give your car an instant uplift with new mats. 

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Consider Seat Covers

Similar to floor mats, car seats are prone to all kinds of stains and spots. If your seats have leather upholstery, it can crack and even fade over time, but replacing leather upholstery can be quite expensive. An affordable alternative is putting car seat covers. Not only are these cheap, but you can also take them off and put them in the washer when dirty.

Replace Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters prevent dust and other particles from entering the vehicle through air vents. In addition to regularly cleaning air filters, you should replace them at least once a year. This will ensure good air quality as well as prevent compromising the car’s HVAC system. If you live in a particularly dusty city, you might have to change them a few times a year. 

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Repair Dents and Scratches

Dents and scratches can make a relatively new car look old and beat up. And even if you are an extremely careful driver, the same can’t be said for other drivers on the road. You should get dents and scratches fixed to restore your car’s pristine condition.

Install Video Screens

How To Upgrade Your Car on a Budget

Whether you have a toddler or you drive for a cab service, installing a video screen can add a lot of value to your car. Rear-seat car entertainment systems can keep kids happy and help you gain great customer reviews.

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Add Wind Deflectors

Window deflectors are placed above the door to keep the interior dry when it’s pouring or snowing outside. They also allow you to open windows and enjoy the fresh air even when it’s raining. As they are aerodynamic and sleek, they decrease drag and improve performance.

Personalized License Plates

A personalized license plate is a perfect way to give your car a customized touch or even share your sense of humor with the world.

Window Tints

Windows tints are a useful addition to your car. They block out UV rays and protect your skin and car upholstery from permanent sun damage. 

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Upgrade Headlights

How To Upgrade Your Car on a Budget

If your car has halogen headlights, it’s best to upgrade to LED or HID lights. They are not only much more durable but also offer better brightness. Also, halogen headlights tend to heat up, but you won’t face that problem with LED or HID lights.

New Rims

Replace worn-out rims with new ones to increase vehicle safety. A new set of rims can improve your car’s appeal and even increase its resale value.

It’s absolutely possible to improve your current car without breaking the bank. In fact, most of these car mods you can do yourself! For discounted auto parts and accessories, head over to Partsgeek’s homepage.

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