How to Pick the Best Light Bulb for Your Room

How to Pick the Best Light Bulb for Your Room

How to Pick the Best Light Bulb

Purchasing a light bulb is not complicated, right! Wrong! These days you can find so many different light bulbs on the market, choosing the best one is tricky.

A fact is that you cannot pick anyone and expect it will work the same as the one you already have in the room. So how do you choose the best light bulb for your living space?

With these five facts available here, you can arm yourself before making a purchase.

1. Check the bulb shape and bulb base size

Depending on where you want to use the light bulb, you will notice they all have different shapes and sizes. Do you need a standard US household one?

Then you need one with an E26 base and A19 bulb. So what does this mean? The A refers to the shape, and the 19 stands for the size. The same applies when you see the C; it shows that the bulb has a candle shape and G for Globe.

The E stands for Edison Screw, and the 26 means that it has a 26mm diameter across the base. Compared to the United States, all the European light bulbs are E27.

As a reference, you can look at that has a fantastic light bulb shape chart you can use. Furthermore, they have a light bulb base chart as well.

How to Pick the Best Light Bulb for Your Room

2. How much light do you need in the room?

Yes, you would say check the wattage. Wrong again, as this is no longer the best way to determine which one will be an excellent replacement if yours has burned out.

Instead, you need to look at the lumens that measure how much light the bulb produces rather than the energy it uses. Usually, you will see the equivalent of the wattage as well, but instead, look at the lumens. Here we some tips to help replace your burning bulbs:

  • Have you bought 100-watt bulbs in the past? Then you need to look at the 1600 lumen light bulb.
  • Replace your 75-watt bulb with 1100 lumens one instead.
  • To replace a 60-watt bulb, look at the 800 lumen model as the best choice.
  • For a 40-watt replacement bulb, pick a 450 lumens light bulb as your choice.

The truth is that all the fixtures in the house have a rating that is capable of handling wattage safely. For an energy-saving bulb with a brighter light, the best one to pick is a light bulb with more lumens.

A fact is that a nine-watt LED produces the same light as a bulb with a 60-watt output. Therefore, you can move to a 15-watt LED one delivering the same light as your 100-wat bulb.

3. Choosing the right white color

When you look at a white light bulb, it has a color cast that can be warm or gives off a yellow light. Alternatively, they can also give a cool bluefish light the same as daylight or in-between.

As different brands use the term “soft” and “warm” or even “daylight,” these are only branding words. For you to determine the correct color, you need to look at the temperature of the color that is measured in Kelvin degrees. Here is how you do it:

  • A warm and yellow light ranges from 2700 – 2800K
  • For a warm glow that is still slightly yellow look at 3000 – 3200K
  • If you want a neutral and bright white light pick between 3500 – 4000K
  • However, for a bright white light that is slightly bluish choose between 5000 – 6500K

The reason for following these tips is that Smart LED lights change color across the whole spectrum of white light. Some of them can produce different colors at the same time as well. For some users, these color variants might work for specific tasks. You may want a bright blue-white light for the morning or even reading. However, you may prefer a warmer light for bedtime.

How to Pick the Best Light Bulb for Your Room

4. Do you want to dim the light?

You cannot dim all lights or use them with a three-way fixture when they are LED bulbs or fluorescent. Therefore, check the packaging to find out if the bulb can dim or if you can use it a three-way.

5. Where do you plan to use the light bulb?

Are you planning to place the bulb in an enclosed fixture? Then you need to remember that the light bulb heats up more than in an open one. Furthermore, using LED bulbs are more sensitive to heat and do not last long. Therefore, pick one that has a rating to use with your enclosed fixture.

6. Choosing the right style!

No matter what style of bulb you choose to pick one with an Energy Star Label. These light bulbs have certified testing that meets the energy-efficient standards.

The label will show you the lumen brightness, color temperature, energy usage, lifespan, and how much it costs to use it for the whole year. You can buy three different types of these energy-saving light bulbs:

  • The Halogen Energy-Saving Bulb – the light bulb has a tungsten filament the same as a standard bulb with lower wattage. The difference is that the incandescent bulb has halogen gas in it and not nitrogen or argon. The bulb provides bright light and is three times more efficient to use. You can buy the 620 lumens one.
  • CFLs – the compact fluorescent has a curly bulb with more color options available. You can save up to 75% energy using these light bulbs, and using one with 1600 lumens can last ten times longer.
  • LEDs – these are the most efficient option to use as they save you between 75-80% of energy and last long. Pick one with 800 lumens when in need of replacing an old one.
  • Smart Bulbs – these are LED bulbs you can use over a Wi-Fi connection to control from your smart devices using an app. The functionality of each one varies as you can tell the light to switch on or off at different times. Some even allow you to control the color, and you can get them in 800 lumens.

How to Pick the Best Light Bulb for Your Room

As we reach the end of how to pick the right light bulb for your room, you can see there are many things to consider when selecting the best one.

So do not replace your old bulb with an older or less efficient one as the ones mentioned here may have a higher price but saves you loads of energy in the end.

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