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How to Lose Weight for Men

Have you sat on the couch and starting to show a belly with a bit more weight than usual? Do you want to get rid of your weight, but not sure where to start?

Maybe you are wondering how to lose weight if you are a man? We have got you covered! You have browsed the internet only to find loads of fad diets with different workout routines.

Each diet is promising instant weight-loss when used with an exercise routine! To some extent, this is true; you need to have planned meals by eating certain foods and do enough exercise.

So to make you understand these weight programs, we are going to help you to work through the information with the list that follows here.

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How Do You as a Man Approach Weight Loss!

How to Lose Weight for Men

The first step for you to plan your weight loss may not be the same as the next man! The reason is that many factors are playing a role in losing weight successfully.

You need to find the right weight loss plan and include your health status, food/exercise, and lifestyle preferences. Yes, we know you want to lose weight fast, but you do not need to follow a crash diet that does not sustain your body.

Never deprive your body of food to lose 20-pounds as you can pick up the weight as fast as you have lost it. The fact is that you will feel frustrated and give up.

Therefore, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work for everyone. As a man, you are different and lose weight differently than women.

Why do you lose weight faster than women?

The reason is that men have a higher level of muscle mass. With the increase of the muscle, it allows men to have a higher metabolic rate.

Therefore, men burn more calories than a woman leading to burning fat faster. While you may lose your weight quicker, this does not mean you can eat anything and still lose your weight.

Here you need to start with a healthy approach when it comes to your calorie intake and exercise you do.

So, what is the best diet plan for you?

First, you need to find an eating plan that fits in with your lifestyle, and it all comes down to preference. The majority of diet plans are presented as a fix-all approach.

No matter which one you look at from the Low-carb, High-carb, No-carbs, Vegan, Intermittent fasting, Weight Watchers, to KETO diets are the same.

All of these weight loss plans give excellent results, so whichever one you choose, the crucial thing is that it needs to be sustainable for you.

Furthermore, no matter what you decide to follow, you still need to make changes to your and bring in exercise as part of your daily routine.

By achieving the right calorie shortage and engaging in training, activity helps to preserve your muscle mass and helps you to lose weight.

Therefore, the larger percentage of your weight loss will be fat you are losing. So to help you with the best way to lose weight as a man, you do the following with the diet plan and workout you choose.

How to Lose Weight for Men

Different Ways to Achieve Your Weight Loss

There are many ways for you to lose weight, but by following some simple rules, it is possible.

1. Start by setting yourself a goal!

For starting your journey to lose weight, the first thing is to set your goal! These can be from short-term or long-term ones serving as your anchor point to help things go to the plan you set up for yourself.

However, remember it may not be effective at first but will happen if you stick to your goal. First, decide how much weight you want to lose and set that as your goal.

A fact is that this applies to different things in your life, such as quitting smoking, drinking less, and exercising. You can set your weight loss goal as a long-term one and keep reflecting on your progress with the daily choices you make.

By putting a tangible goal helps you to keep your eye on the target and measuring your progress against it.

2. Time to plan

Now that your objective is in place, you need to plan how to reach your goal. By writing down your goal in a journal is only the first part and only written on paper.

You need to create a concrete plan with strategies in place, as this is important to reach that goal. You can do this by asking yourself some questions:

  • What eating plan do you want to follow? Here you need to decide what type of eating plan you want to do that fits in with your lifestyle.
  • What type of exercises do you want to do? Do enjoy running, are you planning to join a gym and more.
  • How do you plan to measure that progress? Are you going to journal it or perhaps use an app available online?
  • Who can you rely on to help you through this time? Maybe it is a friend or someone in the family.
  • Should you establish a weekly plan for yourself to eat meals?

Here you need to find a suitable strategy that you can put into action every week. By doing this, you can track your goals and work towards the primary goal.

Therefore, you need to plan a Smart goal for yourself as follow:

  • S –  specific with clearly defined and detailed plan
  • M – measurable for you to determine whether you reached your goal
  • A – attainable with hard work and consideration to set the goal in action
  • R – relevant meaning that what you plan needs to align with other goals you set as well
  • T – timed-based as you will link your weight loss goal to a time frame

The fantastic thing is that you can use this SMART goal with any purpose that you want to achieve and not only for losing weight.

3. Calories

Now that your plan is written down and you have decided on a weight-loss program, get yourself a tool providing you with a food log and calorie budget to keep yourself on track.

NOOM offers you an excellent plan for getting fit and losing weight. With their caloric density available, you can eat different foods allowing you to reach your day-to-day calorie intake.

The fantastic thing is you do not have to eat bland food and broccoli with all your meals.

How to Lose Weight for Men

4. Do the workout you enjoy instead of following a workout program you do not like!

Working out is an excellent way to help you lose weight and plays an important role. Not only will you lose weight, but it helps to improve your health and reduces the risk of getting chronic conditions as well.

The same as your food choice, deciding on the exercise you want to do is essential, and you need to enjoy it. Decide whether you want to do interval training, weight lifting, resistance training, running, cardio activities, and more.

There is no need to find a perfect training plan and do not fall the famous trick that these bodily activities will meltdown your fat. The crucial thing is to decide on a workout program that you will enjoy and get moving.

You will notice the benefits over time. Now, if exercise is not your thing, there are other ways you can lose weight without a workout plan.

Here it all comes down to caloric balance, but working out helps in your weight loss as it burns calories. So check your eating each day and the quantity of calorie intake every day.

Another great way to get fit is by taking a walk, doing gardening, and become more active with the family.

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5. Get enough sleep

You live an active lifestyle from getting up in the morning, going to work, and exercising. Therefore, to lose weight effectively, you need to get in enough sleep.

When you do not get an eight-hour night’s sleep, it can lead to you gaining weight with high-stress levels as well. Furthermore, it leads to an increase for you to get heart disease.

So focus on your routine when going to bed! Turn your electronics off at least an hour beforehand. Keep the bedroom dim and try to stick to the same routine each night.

By doing this, it leads to a steady nap routine. Once you master being able to sleep between seven to nine hours, you will notice you are losing weight.

Moreover, it helps normalize your metabolism as well.

6. Eat enough fruit and veg

Both of these healthy foods play a significant role when it comes to losing weight for both men and women. There is no magical staff when it comes to weight loss.

Eating your fresh fruit and veg helps with a caloric density as this food has enormous volumes of water and fiber. Not only do they provide your body with the nutrients you need, but they also help fill you up.

You can pair fruit and vegetable with lean protein and healthy fats to get a perfect balance to stay full. Furthermore, it helps you with the recovery process when working out at the gym or home.

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7. Keep moving

Yes, we know this can be difficult if you work in front of a desk all day. However, if you do not have the time to visit a gym, you can add other activities to your workout plan.

Instead of parking in your usual spot, park the car further away to walk a longer distance to the office. Rather, take the stairs instead of taking the elevator every time you leave the building.

By getting in a couple of steps every hour, quickly helps to increase your overall health. Furthermore, the activity helps to get your heart rate pumping. Therefore, you burn more of your calories at the same time.

8. Consume a lot of water!

No, there is no need to haul a large gallon of water around with you. But try to drink more water, as usual, to keep you satisfied and full.

If you are like many other people who do not like to drink water, find different methods to remind you to drink it, you can set the alarm on your computer or phone as a reminder.

Get yourself a bottle that is within arm’s reach to drink your water during the day. Another alternative to enjoy drinking water is to add fresh fruit to it as well.

9. Get your family and friends involved

You do not need to go at this alone! We know how difficult transformation can be when you live by yourself. Find ways to engage family and friends to help you make your choices sustainable.

Your family and friends can help keep you motivated when times get rough, and they are there to celebrate your victories and milestones as well.

10. Find a perfect balance!

Your weight loss plan must not be limiting but balanced. For long-lasting change to reach your weight loss goal, you need balance. The majority of deterring diets promise you the world in losing instant weight.

However, these all include careless approaches from your eating plan to a workout plan. They may work for the short span, but it rarely works over a long period.

Balance does not look the same for every person, and you should never feel guilty when eating with family and friends. These balances include from a date night to enjoying a dessert now and then.

You need to enjoy what you are eating, and with a careful approach, you will reach your weight goal with time.

We hope that the tips provided give you the best way for men to start losing weight. Here are no illusions, overnight success, or crash diets. Instead, you get a balanced yet sustainable plan that is everlasting. Furthermore, there are no tricks for you to lose weight. All it comes down to is setting a goal the SMART way and sticking to it.

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