How to Get Rid of Bad Smell in the Kitchen Sink

How to Get Rid of Bad Smell in the Kitchen Sink

Say No More To Bad Smell in the Kitchen Sink!

Your kitchen is clean, but underneath the surface, there is a funky odor rising. The smell remains hidden but keeps lurking in the dark. You start sniffing around the kitchen, you think it is the trash and take it out. The same applies to the bathroom where you brush your teeth, shave, and wash your hair. So how do you get rid of the bad smell in the kitchen sink?

Yet that pungent odor remains, and you start thinking about how it is possible that your kitchen is sparkling clean after using Mr. Muscle, and it still smells overpowering.

Then it strikes you the funky smell is coming from your sink. But what is causing it to stink? The fact is that the basin in the kitchen or bathroom is one of the dirtiest places.

We often neglect the kitchen and bathroom sink. In the kitchen, food particles move through it and get trapped, causing unpleasant smells. Furthermore, even the grease builds up in the drain causing food particles to get stuck, leading to bad smells.

There are several methods to help combat a foul odor. Here we have selected some of the best DIY practices for you to use. SO, check here for how to clean up bad smell in your kitchen sink!

How to Get Rid of Bad Smell in the Kitchen Sink

1. Go the Simple Route and Boil Water

Boil a kettle of water and pour it down the kitchen sink or any other drain to remove built-up muck clinking to the pipes. Using this method is helpful if you do have a garbage disposal system.

The trick is simple and helps to remove grease and muck while eliminating bad odors at the same time. The hotter the water, the more bacteria gets knocked out and remains one of the most manageable steps available.

Alternatively, you can add some dish soap to the boiling water as well.

2. Baking Soda Alone or Combined with other Ingredients

As you know, baking soda helps eliminate odor in the fridge. So use a heaping of it for the kitchen sink or bathroom basin as well. You can throw down a cup of baking soda and flush it out with a kettle of boiling water. As soon as the baking soda flushes through, it removes the funky odor at the same time.

Alternatively, you can add some baking soda to vinegar, causing a volcanic reaction when combined. That reaction can do wonders for the sink when you pour half-a-cup of it mixed with vinegar. Leave it for up to 20-minutes before flushing down hot water.

How to Get Rid of Bad Smell in the Kitchen Sink

On the other hand, using baking soda with lemon juice can also help. The citrusy scent of the lemon leaves your kitchen smelling like spring. Do this by sprinkling some of the baking soda down the sink, followed by the juice of one lemon.

You can do the same by putting a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by two cups of vinegar and leave for a couple of minutes. Follow this up with boiling water to loosen and flush the muck away and throw the fresh juice of one lemon after completing the process.

Lastly, you can use the baking soda by throwing it down the drain, followed with an extract from the essential oil and leave it standing for a few hours. Once the waiting process completes, throw some boiling water down the drain leaving your sink smelling fresh.

3. Vinegar

White vinegar you can use in food and clean your stove. With the mild acidic smell, it offers you a natural cleaning and overpowers most smells.

As mentioned previously, you can add it with baking soda, but there are other methods as well:

  • Hot vinegar – the liquid is very reactive and corrosive, helping to remove grime; therefore, combined with two teaspoons of baking soda, it has a powerful effect to clean out drains.
  • Vinegar, lemon, and frozen cubes – this is another handy trick that may sound strange but works. You can cut some lemon wedges and pop it in a cupcake pan and pour the vinegar over it. Now place the cups or tray in the freezer. Once in a solid form, throw it down the waste disposal and turn the tap slightly while turning on the disposal.

4. Add Some Citrus

The next tip is great to use if you have a garbage disposal. Take some fresh lemon or orange and cut the peels into small pieces and throw it down the drain. Do this while running the disposal system with running cold water to prevent the motor from overworking. Completing the process flush some hot water down to clean it nicely, leaving the kitchen smelling fresh. Now, if the other trick does not do the job, you can follow the same method using ice cubes and coarse salt.

5. Solve it with Borax

To remove any ugly build-up and odor in the kitchen sink, Borax is an effective method to help. The product you can acquire with ease and eats away any muck. You can blend three tablespoons of it with ice cubes and put it down the garbage disposal. Leave it to rest and pour lemon juice afterward for an ultimate smell and clean.

How to Get Rid of Bad Smell in the Kitchen Sink

6. Salt

Everyone has salt in the home; however, if you have coarse salt, it works better. You can boil some water and add it to a cup of salt to help it dissolve. Pour the mixture down the kitchen sink as the sodium has a corrosive effect in dealing with grease. Alternatively, for garbage disposal, you can combine coarse salt with ice cubes. Blend the two through the clearance to clean the blades while the salt scrubs and disinfects the food gunk left behind.

By following these simple steps and cleaning the drain periodically, it will help remove the bad smell in the kitchen sink or your bathroom basin. Therefore, you are taking care of the muck left behind in the pipes and refreshing it at the same time. Moreover, by doing this, it prevents unforeseen plumbing problems taking care of two things at the same time.

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