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How to Date Online Successfully | A Complete Guide

How to Date Online Successfully

Ultimate Guides to Date Online Successfully

When it comes to dating online, it differs from straight men and women. Men feel frustrated as the women do not write back while women again get quantity but no quality when men do write back. However, when you look at both complaints, they are related. So here is a complete guide on how to date online successfully.

Advice for Men

In most cases, men look for similarities, and your biggest mistake is writing to a woman based on her photo on the online dating site. Furthermore, you look at her geographical location, but selecting a hot babe within your zip code is not the right way to get a date. We are not saying you should not choose a partner based on beauty but instead choose an attractive lady that has something in common with you.

Your First Message

Never start a conversation with you is hot, sexy, or gorgeous as it will fail. Using this type of writing is boring and generic. A fact is that the entire collection of good-looking women on the dating site receives loads of these emails.

Therefore, using that compliment will not work or stand out from the rest. For starters, this woman will be bored with it as she has seen many of these emails starting with the same cliché.

Now, if you write to a lady with the same interest, then you can gain opportunities to open the lines of communication. Therefore, set your search parameters to find a lady that enjoys the same things you do from TV shows, sports, hobbies, movies, and more.

Observe intelligently before writing and start your conversation with something along the lines of what you enjoy together. You can begin with, “I love the X-Factor show too. Which character is your favorite?” If both your profiles state you like traveling, share your interest in places where both of you have visited.

No matter what interests you both have, start your conversation with what benefits you both. Here it is essential to tweak your profile for it to work. Have you found a woman living in your area that enjoys comedies? Then include comedy in your profile with your favorite shows.

We are not saying you need to be dishonest but will have to do some research, but if you find you have nothing else in common, move on. You can instead approach another lady who shares the same enthusiasm from hiking to eating Italian food. Here the secret is finding a partner, whether short or long-term.

Advice for Women

One thing women can do great is the art of weeding out the chancers. Women are always as likable as this is what they were encouraged to do from childhood.

However, in the real world, this does not always work when you start a profile on an online dating site. Therefore, do not come forth as too likable online. You do not want to be like for your killer bod, quirks, or a cute smile.

By providing men with something more specialized, you will find a mature man looking for his ideal partner and not a mass-market girlfriend.

Do not say you love football if you hate it, therefore, tell that you dislike it. You can even write, you hate cooking and cleaning. Provide the men with a few short lines with a humorous tone. You will have fewer men writing with responses from men who appreciate you for who you are.

Some Tips for Men and Women to Be Safe

While the above information is perfect for getting a date online successfully, you want to be safe as well while doing it. Whether you join, Tinder, Hinge, or more, you still need to keep it safe when in need of finding that special someone to share your life with.

Make sure to do your research!

The first and most important thing is to do a thorough search of Google before heading out to meet your date. No, you do not have to stalk the person, but it will give you an idea of whom or what the person may be. Look for pictures and extra information that pops up beyond Instagram or Facebook.

Never give your contact details at first.

For safety precautions, take your safety to the next level by using the Google Voice contact number free. With the app, you can check voicemails, messages, and calls without providing your real contact details. The fantastic thing is you can even block a person if you feel they are sketchy. Always keep your number secure if you feel comfortable with a person.

Do some video chatting!

With the technology available today, you can have a video chat with the person before heading out on a date. You can use Facebook, Skype, Face Time, and more. By doing this, it helps reduce the risk of getting catfished by a person who tells you one thing about themselves, but completely different when you see him or her.

Here you can also go the old-school way with your first date and chat with them using your phone. When you talk over the phone, you can hear the person and pick up on verbal cues you do not see in your texts. Furthermore, it allows you to feel out the person before meeting him or her.

Do not carpool on your first date!

Instead, drive yourself or use public transport to reach your destination where the date is set up. You do not want your partner to find out where you live on the first date. By doing this, you have more control, and if you feel uncomfortable, you can always leave.

Never go to a private place on your first date!

Arrange to meet your date in a public place for the first time. You can go to a restaurant, café, bowling alley, or more. You will be around a crowd and helps if you feel uncomfortable as there is always someone around to help. Furthermore, it helps if a family member needs to help as they know where you will be on your date. Alternatively, you can inform a bartender or waiter if things do not feel right as some bars have a secret code called asking for an Angel Shot.

Never give too much personal info!

Always be careful with the information you share on an online dating site. Never state where you visit regularly, or your location, birthday, or other personal information. The same applies when you are on a date as once you get to know each other better and feel comfortable, you can share more.

Always Stay Sober

The biggest mistake you can make on a date is to drink too much. The safety measure applies to both men and women as rape can happen in both genders.

We hope that the tips help you to find a date and enjoy a safe one when you do meet up. The crucial thing is to be unique when setting up your profile, but not weird. You may feel that someone is asking personal questions within minutes but is not a good starting point. Therefore, use the safety tips and never reveal too much of yourself at first as it is best to get to know the person first.

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