How to 10x your Likes On Your Facebook Posts

How to 10x your Likes On Your Facebook Posts

How to 10x your Likes On Your Facebook Posts

Currently, social media websites are all about followers, likes, comments, and shares. Long gone are the times when these platforms were used for entertainment. Now only these things matter. When you post something on any app, say Facebook, you always check the number of likes and comments. And this is an important aspect of the success of businessmen. But how will you get a large number of likes and comments on your posts on this huge platform? Here are the tips the gain likes on your Facebook posts –

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1. Create A Good Page

The first and foremost thing to do before aiming for more likes is to create a good page. Do you need to have a page for getting likes right?

How to 10x your Likes On Your Facebook Posts

So first of all create a clean Facebook page. If you already have one, check out if you have anything trash or useless posted. If you have, then delete them. Or else create a new page. Once you have done this there are three more things to do – get a good display picture and a cover picture and have a good bio. So you need to have a good display picture and cover photo if you want to attract people. The human mind reacts to visuals better and thus you need to follow that. So try to upload your best picture. If you have a business account then try uploading something related to that. But keep the cover photo different.

Coming to the bio, try including every possible detail about yourself. This includes your name, address, contact info and something creative. Try to keep the bio creative and attractive!

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2. Post Regularly

You obviously need to be regular if you want likes on your posts as you need to have posted to have likes on!

So if you are new to Facebook, you need to create a good profile just as I mentioned above. Once you have done that, you need to focus on the posts. Content is the most important thing in every social media platform be it Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or anything. You need to post quality content if you want people to like them. And for this, you need to choose from among various genres like personality, lifestyle, gaming, humor, music, movies, entertainment, etc. And once you have finalized, you have to focus on posting the best available topics.

You can easily go for some trending topics as these trending topics will be liked by the audience. Once you start posting regularly, you will automatically see the increment of engagement on your page or profile.

3. Interact With Followers

How to 10x your Likes On Your Facebook Posts

Your followers are the ones who will be giving you likes on your posts so you need to keep them happy.

Your followers should be kept happy if you want to grow. They are the ones who will be increasing the engagement on your page or profile. So you should always try to give them importance. And human nature says that people like being given importance from someone bigger than them. So once you start giving them importance, you can easily persuade them to like and comment on your posts. For this, you need to organize meetups and talk shows with them. You need to talk to them directly and should always respond to their direct messages. Organizing live shows is also a great option. You just need to talk it out with your followers. In this way, you may even end up getting some new ideas regarding your posts and can get a better view of what your followers like and what they do not.

4. Run Contests And Giveaways

Giveaways are perhaps the best and most effective method to gain followers while increasing the engagement on your FB page.

According to psychology, human nature is such that he likes getting something he loves for free without putting in much of any effort. It is a very rare case that someone exists in this world who would not accept anything for free. This is the human tendency. And you have to use this in the favor. So you can use this competition to increase the engagement on your profile. You can run any creative contests to get a winner or more and gift them with something good. You can ask your followers to help you achieve certain likes goal on any specific pussy, and then you can choose some lucky winners for rewards.

This will help you in gaining more followers while also increasing the likes and comments on your posts!

5. Generate Facebook Likes

How to 10x your Likes On Your Facebook Posts

The easiest and most effective way is to buy Facebook likes and followers.

So when you have the target of achieving a certain amount of likes on your Facebook posts, it is better if you directly but then rather than doing all the above steps. It is best for those who are either too lazy to do the efforts needed or are beginners. There are a lot of websites selling likes and comments. All you need to do is just find a website, sheet your choice of plan and buy it! You can read the reviews of people on one of the sites selling these likes and followers.

These were a few tips on how you can gain 10x likes on your FB posts. Adios!

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