How PUBG Becomes Trending in 2020



PUBG, also known as PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS forms the latest choice for every gamer throughout platforms in all the world. The PUBG appears as the last man standing shooter that holds up to 100 players against each other where they struggle to survive. The developer of the game is a subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole, PUBG Corporation.

The PUBG forms a multiplayer online battle royale. The boom of the game in 2020 has seen at the top of the ladder on the list of games covered by everyone. While this is not only the game in the market of its kind, different factors have led to the game trending. Here are the reasons that have made the PUBG Game become a very famous game.

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Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

PUBG gameplay

The different modes of the game offered in a simple manner, lure everyone into learning the game. PUBG sounds simple enough. For instance, when playing solo, it only requires jumping off the plane and further on heading to somewhere obscure while, on the other hand out of the line-of-fire to find equipment as well as weapons. This simplicity renders the game a hit. After this, there is a drastic increase in the stakes where survival is the most paramount thing. As such, the players have the choice of sneaking into the play area, avoid being confronted, or go in all guns blazing with an aggressive mindset.

Increased tension while playing the game, triggers your adrenaline well enough. On the other hand, the perspective of appearing at the top 10 survivors list feels sort rewarding after acquiring different skills all along. With the progress of the match, you enter into a point of no return where the game turns into an addiction. Furthermore, with experience, you get to know the different tactics to use in different settings while on the other hand, reaching to choose the right equipment.

Player Population

PUBG Players

The game commands a huge following throughout the world. As such, there is little to no queue times for matchmaking takes. This gives a thumbs up, especially for an FPS or multiplayer game. As such, any time any moment, gamers access their game for a thrill.

While the quantity of the players online at a particular time does not guarantee quality playtime, the story from the majority of players indicates a high-end user game. As such, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds stays at the top of the online FPS food chain currently, and as long as it remains there, it means good news for players. The word goes around fast. Friends tell friends, and all are in on the platform only to get a chance to play the PUBG.

Clear Progression

At the heart of every top-ranking game, the reward for increased progress plays an essential role in ensuring stays competitive. As such, whether learners or pros, their time is not wasted. For instance, earning BP through the various matches you play. The increase of these rewards is making me feel good.

on the other hand, being at the top 10 list, winning the game, acquiring more kills, in addition to other rewards all work to increase BP. Through BP one can, therefore, purchase character customization, crates in addition to many more. Increased rewards keep the players thrilled thus they don’t leave the game.

Gradually Improving

The creators of the game are earning vast amounts of money from the enormous numbers of gamers present. As revenues are at an all-time high, the company continues to spend a considerable chunk of the revenues back to the game thus developments, as well as new map introductions. Furthermore, new techs such as 3D replays continue to be a plus for the players as well as the manufacturers.

The continued increase in the quality of the game continues to command a vast number off gamers in the market. Thus continues to be the 2020’s game.

I like that Bluehole is upfront and gradually increasing the quality over time, even if it is slow coming. Through PUBG there has been a reduced number of cheaters with the reputation of harboring the highest number of cheaters in any FPS game ever over the last couple of months. As everyone looks for more anti-cheat measures incoming, the play continues to rise in the number of players, thus is trending.

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Something for All Levels


Disregard is taken when critics open their mouths in association with PUBG. The incredibility of the game makes it fun in addition to being simple. While each level is experienced in new ways that are different, this results in different results having used the same strategies. This now turns into an addiction, and players are left glued to the game. Whether you are a newcomer or a pro, PUBG provides the right amount of fun as well as a reward with its battle royal.

Through the success of the game, PUBG has been able to harbor the highest number of cheaters in any FPS thus increased reduction in cheaters. The PUBG will continue to trend over the years for being the most coveted game, especially in the world.

The PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS game is one of the top games in 2020 that is taking the internet by storm. While other games battle for recognition, the thrilling technology incorporated in the PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS forms the ultimate sale point of the company. With continued investment in the game, more feature improvement, as well as appearance, offers improvement of the quality of the game.

Every player wants a game that has used cutting edge technology as well as with increased graphics as well. These extraordinary features keep the users glued to the games.

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