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How Not to Lose Your Job

Guides to How To Keep Your Job Well

When you look online, you can find loads of information on how to find a job. But what about keeping the job you have. Yes, times are tough, and you need to hold onto the position you have.

You need to start thinking about how not to lose your job instead of how to find a new one.

A fact is that the old world is gone, and if you do not succeed in keeping the one you have, your employer will replace you with a more ambitious one. So what can you do? Stay awhile and learn some helpful tips to keep you from the unemployment line.

Always have Confidence

How Not to Lose Your Job

You need to work confidently every day as if your job will be there continuously. Yes, we know it is a tall order, but if you bring all your concerns to work, other people are going to snuff it out. Do not entertain paranoia and stop worrying about why your employer did not give you the assignment or project. Even if you know your job will not last forever, put on those blinders, and keep showing up physically and mentally to do your job the best you can.

Never Ask for Clarity

These days one does not get direction or feedback in the job place. Get over yourself! Never ask your boss for details on a project. He or she may think you lack critical thinking or cannot handle the task at hand. You will come over as a person who lacks independence. Try to resolve problems yourself, whether you micromanage or a boss.

What Your Language

Always be positive and come to work with a can-do attitude to help you go far, even when things seem strained. If you do need a resource on a task, never tell your boss you cannot do it without the source? Instead, say, sure, I can do it, but I need the resource. Doing this can save your job. Keep your language positive.

Start Creating Your Dream Job

It does not help to wait for your dream job. You need to create it yourself by cultivating your passion where you are. Get the fire burning and settle in to create the job you want now. Set up small goals you want to accomplish in your day. We know work is not exciting, but with goals in place, you can gain satisfaction from your work.

Build a Strong Network

While being positive at work makes things simpler, the same applies to build positive relationships with others in the field. By staying in contact and keeping tabs on them, they can help you to find a new job if ever you do end up on the unemployment line. Furthermore, they can help provide you with ideas in the same line of work you do. So talk shop by participating in local groups. And if there are no groups, why not start one with others in the same profession as you. The best way to do this is on social networks.

Take on Resume-Worthy Tasks

How Not to Lose Your Job

You may have a set job at work, but it does not stop you from taking on resume-worthy tasks to use as bullet points on your resume. With these tasks, you can impress a prospective employer when needed. So take on those large projects and pull it off for your resume. And while you are at it taking on new projects, you can keep your resume updated at the same time. You may think this is silly, but it will help you in the end if ever you do need to look for a new job.

Get Educated

If ever your employer offers you education benefits, grab it with both hands, and take classes related to your career. Furthermore, if there are no courses available, take a business class as you get it cheap or free. Not only does it show your boss you are willing to work hard, but it also indicates that you want to self-improve.

Be a Leader

When you see a problem at work, never feel afraid to step up and help get a solution before the person starts to run to the boss. Propose your answer to everyone involved and make it clear that you only want to make it easier for everyone. Maybe it will not work, but if it does, you gain respect from colleagues working with you.

Talk to Your Boss

How Not to Lose Your Job

When it comes to job expectations, there are different review systems in place at work. Regardless of the situation, make it worthwhile to find out what your employer expects from you. Visit your boss and sit down for a chat on how things are progressing with a project. Find out if everything is on track or if there are problems that you are not seeing or handling well. Doing this shows your employer you care about your work and want to succeed at it. The second thing is if ever there is a problem you can take care of it before it becomes a crisis.

Have an Emergency Plan Available

Here the important thing is to not only rely on your job as the only income. Find other ways to earn extra income, whether part-time or a small side business. Doing this provides you with added income to build an emergency fund if ever you do lose your job. With the cash saved up, you can pay the debt and have money available until you find a new job.

With the steps above and your professional strength, you will be able to handle any professional storm that comes your way. You will be able to handle a job loss if ever it does happen. Therefore, you will rebound back fast into your field of work or branch into a new venture. For this reason, you get financial and professional stability over the long haul.

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