How Much Ram Do You Need for Gaming Laptop?


The functionality of laptops and, more especially, gaming laptops are usually dependant on the amount of ram that the particular laptop possesses. Essentially the size of the memory of a laptop has great implications on the ability of the device to carry out specific functions such as playing games, videos music, and other application services. To this end, users of gaming laptops are usually at crossroads in determining the size or amount of RAM required for their gaming laptops to perform optimally.

At present, ram comes with different storage capacities, which include 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and on the higher side as 32GB. The choice of the RAM to be used for a specific gaming laptop is dependant on certain factors. One of the factors is the version of the game to be played on a laptop. It is important to note that some versions of laptop games require little amount such as to perform optimally. However, there are newer versions of laptop games which require a considerably high amount of ram space for them to perform. For these new versions of games, the demand for higher ram is attributing to the need for the bigger ram allotment, which is necessary in this case for maintaining the high frames-per-second rates, which necessitate smooth gameplay.

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What’s the right amount of RAM for playing PC games?


Surprisingly, the amount of RAM required determines by the game that you intend to play. That’s why it is important for any individual wishing to purchase a laptop game to be attuned to the RAM requirements of the game. This is important as the requirements differ from one game to another and are dependant on the genre, title, and features inherent in the game. With this in mind, users should take into consideration n the effects of the game on the processor speed as well as the ability of the graphics card to be able to play a specific game. Most importantly, these factors are usually dependant on the size of RAM that a user’s laptop has.

There are various RAM sizes available in the market today form which a user may be able to choose from and apply the most compatible with his gaming requirements. Listed below are the options currently available for gaming laptops’ RAM sizes

4GB gaming RAM

This size of Ram usually listed as the minimum requirement for gaming laptops. However, according to experts, this size of RAM usually works to limit a user’s option in terms of the genre and game titles that can work on his or her laptop.

8GB gaming RAM

The 8 GB ram is the most recommended. That’s because it supports most of the pc games and styles currently available in the market. Essentially, this size of ram is lauded by experts as being sufficiently enough in terms of performance for a wide range of games save for those that are most demanding.


At present, manufacturers recommend the 16GB ram for use in the newest gaming systems. Essentially, this size of RAM has an advantage in that it enables a user to use his or her laptops for other applications such as playing music concurrently while playing a game. These characteristics attribute to the extra ram space provided by the 16GB RAM.

32 GB RAM for gaming:

With the continued technological advances, laptop games are becoming more sophisticated as a result of added features, which consequently require larger RAM sizes. To this end, the 32 BG RAM presents a unique option to the gaming populations. Essentially, the ram amounts give better gaming experiences.


Final Words

All of the above, it is evident that the RAM requirements for any gaming laptop are dependant on the genre, title, features, and type of game on the laptop. A user might settle for either the 4Gg, 8GB, 16GB, or 32 GB. The aspect of functionality is the most crucial factor in the determination of the Ram for a gaming laptop.

However, it essential to note that the larger the RAM size. The greater the versatility of a machine in adopting different versions and genres of games. As a consequence, any user should settle for the largest possible RAMs to increase the versatility of their laptops. They will be capable of plating both old and new versions of laptop games and the different genres. 32 GB RAM comes out as the most appropriate for gaming laptops as it has all the attributes. In addition to its capability to support other applications while concurrently to gaming.

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