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What Is The Honey App—How Does It Help You Get Discounts?

What Is The Honey App—How Does It Help You Get Discounts?

Over the years, online shopping has shaken up many businesses and industries in the retail section. You get convenience with online shopping. So why should you head back to your local shop if you can order your items at the online stores?

A fact is you can order almost anything with a few clicks using your mouse or tapping the screen of your smartphone online. You get the ease of use, and you can save loads of money as well.

However, would it be nice if you can save even more money? You can start with the Honey app! The browser extension searches for coupon codes, and we are going to show you how it helps you to get discounts.

What is the Honey App?

What Is The Honey App—How Does It Help You Get Discounts?

Honey is free to use and works as an extension on your browser to search for coupons across the whole web before checking out from the retailer you use online.

Once you reach the checkout point of your online store, the plugin does a full scan and finds you promo codes, discounts, offers, and coupons. Everything is done automatically, and the app applies the voucher to your placed order.

A fact is that it only takes a couple of seconds to install it on your browser. Once installed, you can start shopping as usual, and Honey adds the savings available it finds online to your purchase to save you money.

Stores working together with Honey

Now you may say, this is all great, but what stores does the app work with? Well, the plugin works with more than three thousand stores online.

Some of these retail stores comprise Nike, Marriott, Best Buy, Sephora, Expedia, Forever, 21, Macy’s, and more. These are only a few of the top-brand stores, but you can lock in some great deals with Amazon as well using the Honey app.

So How Do You Save Money?

You can do this in several ways using the Honey plugin to find the best discounts across the web. You can even get a discount with the Honey Amazon Badge, Honey Gold, and Honey Drop List or by referring friends.

What Is The Honey App—How Does It Help You Get Discounts?

What is the Honey Drop List?

The list keeps track of prices from different products that interest you. Once the app detects a lower price on the same product you want to buy, it notifies you to make a cheaper purchase.

Once installing the plugin, you can select retailers available on the drop list button found at the top of your page. Now, you can add the product to your watchlist.

Alternatively, you can choose how long you want the product on the list from 30 to 90 days. Once the price drops, you will receive an email notifying you about the price drop.

Therefore, you can plan for birthdays and other special occasions.

How does the Honey Amazon Badge Work?

With this function, the app finds you the best price on the item you are shopping for on Amazon. Once you have selected your article and making your purchase, the plugin notifies you if other sellers have the same product at a lower price.

On the other hand, you can view the history of the product to see if the price will rise or fall. As with the drop list, you can set up price-drop notifications to inform you if there is a drop in the price.

Honey Gold Rewards?

When you use the Honey plugin, you receive loads of reward points known as Honey Gold. With this reward, you can get up to 20% back on purchases you make at the selected stores. By accumulating these points, you can exchange them for a gift card at your preferred store. Therefore, you get free money, and it does not expire as long as you keep your account active.

Referring Friends!

With this function, you can refer Honey to family and friends to redeem a gift card free. Each time you indicate someone, you receive $5 cash-back in your Honey Gold. However, before you can start with the referral, you need a unique code you can get here.

You send the code to the person you want to refer to and wait for them to make his or her first purchase. After the person signs up or completes the 1st purchase, you receive the money in the Honey Gold account.

Is this a scam or legit?

Yes, we know many scams are going around online, but the Honey plugin is legit. Furthermore, you will see on the Chrome Web Store that millions of users use the app. To add to the legitimacy, you can read thousands of reviews with ratings on the Honey plugin as well.

Alternatively, you can head over to the “Honey Better Business Bureau Page” and will see that it has an A+ rating showing you all the complaints and resolve concerns as well.

Furthermore, you do not need to feel concerned about your privacy, as Honey will not share or sell your information to any 3rd party.

So if you do shop at Amazon, why not give the Honey plugin a try as it is free to download and will help you save money.

So how does Honey make money?

The company receives small amounts on commission from different merchants that you shop with. The commission Honey receives when you redeem the coupon or use your Honey Gold account.

What Is The Honey App—How Does It Help You Get Discounts?

With what browser does it work?

You can use the Honey plugin with any computer browser, but we recommend if you shop with your smartphone to download the mobile app instead.

There are five major web browsers that Honey works with, and that are Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. You can click on any of the links to download the extension to your preferred browser.

How do you download the plugin from Honey?

Downloading the plugin takes a few clicks, and you can press on any of the above links to proceed with the download. Once you are there, you can click on the extension for downloading.

Once you complete the download, you will need to create an account with them. You can sign up with them using your Facebook or Google account information. On the other hand, you can sign up with your email and create another password.

There is a tutorial available, and they will send it to you via a 3rd party retailer. Furthermore, they show you how to connect the plugin to the account of the retailer you plan to shop or Amazon.

Now you may wonder if you can use it on your smartphone. As a matter of fact, yes, you can but will need to download the assistant app to use on iOS devices here.

Unfortunately, Android users will still need to wait a while as the app is still in the development stage.

Are there other alternatives?

Yes, there is as Honey is not the only player in the coupon game. You can find a few competing plugins to use with your browser from Cently, Piggy, PriceBlink, Keepa, Ebates, to Shoptagr. However, the Honey plugin is highly recommended.

Download and Start Saving Today

The Honey app should be in your arsenal when buying goods online and will help you to save money. Downloading the plugin takes a couple of minutes and always keeps browsing for savings to save you money.

A fact is that once you download the plugin, you may even forget it exists, and suddenly one day, when checking out of order, it gives you a pleasant surprise with loads of savings.

Head over to the website today to get your plugin.

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