Amazing Features of HomePod By Apple

Amazing Features of HomePod By Apple

All You Need to Know About HomePod

Apple’s homepod is an excellent speaker that is developed by Apple Company. It has incredible and unique features, making it superior to the market. Apple’s homepod is affordable and offers you superb bass and various music genres. The speaker will help you interact and discover any music in your home.

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The Apple homepod has a cylindrical body with a flat top. Its top has a 272*340 LED for displaying the Siri waveform when it is activated. The homepod has built-in touch controls for adjusting the volume. There is also a play/pause button, and it is 5.6 inches wide and 6.8 inches; thus, it is small but superior. The homepod comes with a removable power cable. In a nutshell, the Apple homepod has a simple, bright design that complements any interior decor.

Amazing Features of HomePod By Apple

Sound Quality and Hardware

The homepod has sophisticated hardware that helps to provide superior sound. It has seven beam-forming tweeter arrays at the base, where each has its driver. The homepod has great directional control, thanks to the precision horn drive audio. There is a six-microphone array above the tweeters that enable the homepod to perceive spoken Siri commands regardless of loud music.

The homepod has a 4-inch upward-facing woofer with a robust motor that helps to move the air, giving out deep bass. The speaker is ideal in keeping sound distortion-free irrespective of loud volumes, thanks to the automatic bass correction. It has an A8 chip at the top, which is suitable for buffering, acoustic modelling, multiple-channel echo cancellation, and up mixing of ambient and direct audio. The homepod features a 1 GB RAM, and it has 16 GB flash storage.

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Siri integration

Siri has an excellent understanding of music-related data, and it allows the personal assistant to respond to as many as possible music-related questions. Some of the queries and commands on Siri include “play something new,” “play more songs like this,” “who is singing,” and many more. Siri can also play music from Apple Music, iCloud Music Library, and iTunes purchases.

Amazing Features of HomePod By Apple

Apart from music, Siri can reply to a range of topics, making calls, offering weather updates, sending messages, making calendar schedules, setting multiple timers, among others. However, if the primary user is not around, Siri is only restricted to Apple Music, and other features are not in function. This happens since the homepod is tied to the primary user iCloud account, and in case the user iOS device is not on the same network, all the other features of Siri shut down.

The homepod has speakerphone functionality such that it can act as a speaker and a microphone to support voice-based call. This means that one can make a call on the iPhone and eventually switch it to the Homepod by use of Handoff. Never worry as the Homepod Siri mind about your privacy. For you to activate it, you must use the “Hey Siri” command; otherwise, without saying so, all the conversations in that house are not taped.

Supported gestures

Apple Homepod supports various gestures by use touch controls, which are at the top of the device. You can tap the play/pause music, and you double-tap to shift to the next track. The trip tap allows you to back to the previous track, while touch and hold enable the Siri function. You can increase the volume by a tap and hold on the “+” button. One can also reduce the volume by a tap and hold on the “-” button.

Music playback

Amazing Features of HomePod By Apple

The homepod allows you to stream music from the Apple Music. You can use Wi-Fi to connect it to the Apple music in the Cloud. By doing so, it will get access to the user’s preferences, playlist, music library as well as customized music mixes. The homepod also allows a shared Up Next music list such that everyone in the home can add to the music playlist. If one is linked to the Apple Music Account, the Homepod will accept commands from that particular individual.

In case one does not have Apple Music Account, the unit works best with iTunes music, podcasts, Beat 1 Live Radio, and iTunes Match purchases. One can also use streaming services such as Spotify to play music from other Apple devices using Airplay. Apple Homepod supports Bluetooth 5.0, although it does not play music from non-iOS devices via Bluetooth connection.

Apple homepod has gained momentum in recent years. The speaker has incredible features, which other regular speakers on the market do not have. Apple homepod has a simple, bright design that complements any interior decor. It provides you with deep bass to allow you to enjoy superior performance. Though small in size, the speaker gives you a precision sound that fills any room with a bang. It features the Siri integration feature that allows you to perform a lot of functions.

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