How to Install Home Security Camera By Yourself

How to Install Home Security Camera By Yourself

Ultimate Guide to Install Home Security Camera

Home security camera has become a common phenomenon and a significant feature of a modern home today. Your home security is an essential factor to always put into consideration for you to have peace of mind. As much as having a fence or a wall around your home is a step towards security, it doesn’t give you a security assurance whenever you are away from your home. A home security camera offers you better surveillance by allowing you to monitor and record activities in and around your home. Having a home security camera is a smart move for a homeowner as it helps you to check on to your family or pets, deterring buglers and aiding security agencies in case of a break-in or theft in your home.

Why Should You Have Home Security Camera?

How to Install Home Security Camera By Yourself

Due to advancements in technology, home security cameras are available in different types such as wireless and wired different design and also at a reasonable price. They are available as indoors and outdoors security cameras. Before installing a home camera, you need to identify the areas where a threat is likely to strike or an area where you need more surveillance. These locations should also be strategic for the camera to capture more and extensive action. Such places include on your gate, on the front door or the pouch facing the front door, back and side doors, garage and driveway, yard, common areas inside the house such as the hallway or staircase, and living room. It is also advisable not to place these cameras in places that can violate personal privacy, such as the bedroom, bathroom, or an area that can violate your neighbor’s privacy.

Once you have identified the best location to place the indoor or outdoor camera, the next step is to install the home security camera to cover the intended areas. This article will explore the step by step process of installing both the indoor and outdoor home security camera.

Installing an Outdoor Home Security Camera

How to Install Home Security Camera By Yourself

Outdoor cameras are best to mount on a height of about 9 feet above the ground as at this height, they are not easily accessible, and no one can tamper with them. Also, it’s a convenient height for repair and maintenance and even away from direct sunlight. Here are the steps to follow for installation.

Step1: Identify the best location for the outdoor camera, depending on its field of view. Identify also the spot to drill holes to fit the necessary wires for the camera.

Step2: Identify the power source for the outdoor camera.

Step3: Drill the holes to attach and mount the camera on the surface, which can either be a house wall, a tree, or an elected steel structure depending on where you want the camera.

Step4: If the mounting surface is a house wall, drill a hole in the wall to connect the camera wires to either Ethernet cables or DVR cable, and this will depend on the kind of camera you are using. If the mounting surface is a tree or an elected structure, you can dig a trench for the cables to connect them with house cables, or you can suspend them overhead depending on the layout of your home.

Step5: If you are using an Ethernet wired camera, connect the Ethernet cable to the router and the router to your computer, and then you can access the view of your cameras. If you are using DVR, connect the DVR cable to the DVR decoder and then connect it to your monitor and access the view of your camera. If you are using a wireless camera, after successfully mounting it, connect it to your Wi-Fi and activate it to access the view of the camera.

Installing an Indoor Home Security Camera

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Most of the indoor cameras nowadays are wireless and hence don’t need wired connections. Here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing an indoor camera; it should have a 360-degree viewing angle, motion detection, and night vision.

Step1: Identify the best location for the indoor camera, e.g., on the ceiling or the wall.

Step2: Place the base plate of the camera on the wall, mark, and drill holes.

Step3: Insert the two plastic anchors that come with the camera and secure the base unit in place by tightening the screws.

Step4: Press down the camera on the base plate until two surfaces are flushed as well as then turn the camera in either direction so as to lock it in position.

Step5: Connect the camera to a power source, and once you insert the power cable into the micro USB port, it activates automatically. You can now login to the cameras app through your device and access its view.

Having a home security camera is essential as it will help you be at peace, knowing that your home is safe and secure. When purchasing a home security camera, whether indoor or outdoor, it is crucial to consider its capabilities such as night vision, motion detection, whether it is wired or wireless. Consider having a camera with a big lens size and huge megapixels as the lower the resolution, the worse the image will be.

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