As a norm in the past, you received the audiovisual signal directly from the American Radio Corporation. These days the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is gradually taking the place of the RCA signal. This is where the HDMI to RCA converters are a handy component to help you use your older devices when buying modern accessories in digital type.

To help you find the right one to breathe new life into your old technology to improve the image and sound stays a while and read on. We have selected the best HDMI to RCA converters in 2019 to make your choice a little easier. You should also check these projectors for your office Best 4k Projectors

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Best HDMI to RCA Converters in 2019

8. GANA HDMI to AV 3RCA Converter

GANA HDMI to AV 3RCA Converter

If you want to convert the HDMI video signal to a standard AV signal, use the GANA converter. This adapter you can use on your television, DVD, VHS VCR, and more. The component is not compatible with TV Sticks, mobile phones, and the iPad series. There is no need of installing any extra drivers as the converters PnP. The device supports 1920 x 1080@60Hz, NTSC, and PAL formats. The GANA has one RCA port with an HDMI input port.


  • The up-scaler needs no extra drivers
  • Makes your old TVs image look better
  • Enhances the contrast


  • Stretches the images

7. Elizza HDMI to RCA

Elizza HDMI to RCA

The Elizza is another reasonably priced HDMI to RCA converter adapter that helps convert audio and video signals. The part supports PAL two TV and NTSC format. The adapters easy to utilize and work with PnP (Plug-and-Play) and needs no power adapter. Included you receive a USB power cable and supports HDMI input from 480i to 1080P. The Elizza does not support 3D. The design of the converter comprises one HDMI input port and three by RCA output ports.


  • Great for Roku streaming programs to older TVs
  • Can use it to record to VHS player
  • Excellent sound


  • Image quality is not that good

6. Musou HDMI to RCA Converter

Musou HDMI to RCA Converter

The Musou is another HDMI to RCA converter with user-friendly options. The amazing thing is the RCA adapter they have color-coded to differentiate the right from the left audio. This adapter works well with older devices and works with 480i to 1080p input. There is no extra driver needed and comes included with a USB cable. Musou even backs the product with a one-year warranty.


  • Affordable
  • One-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • You cannot use it to view 3D content

5. Brisk Links Converter

Brisk Links Converter

For a dense design with left and right audio signals in stereo plus AV, choose the Brisk Links adapter. The outstanding thing is you can use this converter with your PC, PS4, Xbox, and any other modern device. The HDMI to RCA adapter has color-coding. Furthermore, it has a female 19-pin HDMI input and needs no added drivers.


  • You receive included a high-speed HDMI Cable and RCA cable
  • Affordable
  • Works with modern devices


  • No support for 3D formats

4. DONGJIAN HDMI to RCA Converter


The DONGJIAN is only an HDMI to RCA converter and automatically adjusts the resolution ratio to fit the display. You can enhance the picture quality of HD videos and works with both TV formats. Installing the adapter is super easy with the PnP option, you receive one HDMI to AV converter, USB power cable, and a user manual included.


  • Affordable
  • One-year warranty
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Designed with multiple in/outputs


  • No support for 3D formats



The TENDAK HDMI to RCA converter offers you a wide selection of colors to fit in with your latest and older devices. The converter has a compact design and connects to most sets and multimedia hardware. The adapter supports different formats from PAL, NTSC, and HDMI input with resolutions between 480i to 1080p. For ease of installation, it works with a PnP use and does not support 3D.


  • Excellent stereo sound
  • Outstanding bandwidth
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to apply


  • No support for 3D formats
  • The power cord is a bit short

2. Rasfox RCA to HDMI Converter

Rasfox RCA to HDMI Converter

For converting RCA to HDMI, signal the Rasfox adapter’s perfect. This device has a built-in processing unit with high-quality conversion cables. The converter supports different formats from PAL, NTSC, to 720p – 1080p formats. You need no additional drivers and works with PnP.


  • One-year warranty
  • Durable and well made
  • Easy to install


  • Complaints about only getting a picture and no sound

1. TENDAK 3RCA to HDMI Converter

TENDAK 3RCA to HDMI Converter-HDMI to RCA converters

The TENDAK converter has an RCA composite S-video, R/L audio output, and HDMI output. You can use the composite video and S-video simultaneously with the switch button. The settings for the input signal and output resolutions automatically stored when you power it up. You can use the converter with different devices from cameras to gaming consoles.


  • Works with Play Station and computer monitor
  • No lag or any interference
  • Clear picture and sound
  • Durable


  • None noted

Do you own an old TV set or other older device? If you do our best, HDMI to RCA converters you can buy in 2019 can help you out. Get connected with your modern digital devices in a couple of seconds. Now you can even enjoy watching your old tapes directly from your VHS recorder.

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How to Convert HDMI to RCA?

hdmi to rca converter

A lot has been said about the conversion of HDMI to RCA. Many tech articles are now available today with information about conversion of HDMI to RCA. However, people still don’t have enough about this conversion. To clear all these doubts, this article has come to your rescue. When it comes to conversion of HDMI to RCA, you require different tools to make that happen. Although, these equipment are currently available in Amazon at an affordable price.

I am certain that conversion of HDMI to RCA sounds complex especially if tech is not your thing. That feeling is okay and normal. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen or learn how to do it right without any problems. In fact, the process is fast and very easy. Anyone who is willing to learn can easily pull through. A High Definition Multimedia Interface is a digital signal that is replacing the older video outputs such as the RCA. In case you need to plug in a device that only has the digital HDMI port into RCA services, this is where the conversion becomes necessary.

When it comes to conversion of HDMI to RCA, you can always depend on this piece to give you all the necessary information. Are you interested in knowing how to convert HDMI to RCA? If your answer is a resounding yes, then this is the place to be. Continue reading through this piece to learn more about how to convert HDMI to RCA. It will also give you all the necessary details about HDMI and RCA conversion.

Steps on How to Convert HDMI to RCA

I am certain that if your thought was only on the cables, the thought of a digital converter has just crept up in your mind. Get a perfect converter for an easy conversation of HDMI to RCA. I know so far the question of how to convert an HDMI to RCA still remains unanswered. However, we at least know that this conversion is impossible without an active converter. We have at least six steps to follow for a successful conversation. Let’s go down to the steps of how to convert HDMI to RCA. Read on!

Step 1

Search for a digital active converter at a well-known electronics store or just get it online. As we mentioned earlier, cables are only responsible for conducting information. Other than that, you definitely need a converter. HDMI as a digital signal is convertible to an analog signal. In this case, the RCA falls under this category. What type of converter should I get? If you care about the quality of your item, I am sure that the question above has just popped up. Why not, since this electronic device will determine the kind of services you will receive.

When it comes to identifying your perfect converter, it is only fair you identify your output. In this case, we have RCA as our output. The more you settle for a complex converter the higher the chances of getting great options such as RCA videos, audio output and so on. This first step highly determines what you will get.

Step 2

Power is a very important part of the conversion of HDMI to RCA. Our first step was a pre-operation step that is equally important as all the other steps. This step is easy and fast since you only have to connect the available video converter to any power source available. In this case, you can use a power strip or wall socket. Any of them will power up the appliance.

Step 3

With an HDMI cable, plug the cable output into the available HDMI input on the high-quality converter. This process is really easy since the HDMI cable poses no strains to the users during these plugging in. However, don’t forget to be careful when it comes t plugging in these cables.

Step 4

I am pretty sure that the previous step was easy and fast whether you are a tech fan or not. For the RCA, it has at least three cables of diverse colors. The diverse cables must not scare you since the converter also highlights the appropriate port to plug in. The cables color include Red, white and Yellow. I am sure that if you own a DVD, you have come across these cables. Like in a Digital Video Disk, these cables also represent different purposes. In this step, only use the Red and White audio cable to the Converter RCA audio output. Then, connect it to your older television.

Step 5

For easy use, the red and white cables are slightly separated from the yellow cable. Plug the yellow cable from the available converter. Make sure, you then plug into your older television.

Step 6

With all these connections, I am certain that the conversion of HDMI to RCA is now complete. However, you should check to make sure you plugged cables right. To clear any doubt, adjust your television channels to the necessary channels for the converter. In most cases, it is channel number 3 and 4 for all the TVs that don’t have an input function feature. For more advanced versions of TVs, press the input function. Make this easier with remote control. In case of any supported content, I am certain that you can view these video on your television from the digital device.

The list above highlights six carefully researched steps that guide every TV owner how to convert HDMI to RCA. I am sure that after reading this, this process now sounds easier and fun. With these skills, you can save up a few dollars by doing the dirty work. Follow these steps for easy and accurate conversion of HDMI to RCA.

I am certain that this piece has delivered every question you have thought of when it comes to the conversion of HDMI to RCA. We kicked off with a catchy introduction that states all the basic facts about this conversion.
This article also explains the need for a converter and why this device is necessary. It also highlights the different steps of how to convert HDMI to RCA. The steps are clear, easy to follow and in details. From the details, doing the real thing becomes faster and easier.

Since we kicked off with the need of having a digital converter, the piece also goes an extra mile to highlight the top best converters in the market today. It also includes its features and functionality that suits their purpose. From the above discussion, I am sure that you are wiser when it comes to the HDMI to RCA conversion.