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Best Hand Cream for Dry Hands in 2021

No matter what time of the year it is everyone suffers from dry hands. Maybe the dishwashing liquid you use dries your hands out, or you suffer from winter hands. Your hands crack and become dehydrated from the harsh chemicals you use, and even the water is hard and does not help. Not only is the above a big problem, but your age also plays a role. So if you need a defense mechanism to protect your hands pick the best hand cream for dry hands right here with us.

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Top Best Hand Cream for Dry Hands

10. No Crack Hand Cream

For relieving cracked and dry hands, the cream is ideal to use. Whether you are a man or woman the scents subtle and contains allantoin that helps heal the skin. The price is low and available in a 4 oz jar. The cream encourages tissue growth and leaves your hands crack-free. However, it does leave the hands feeling oily and sticky.


9. Naturally European Hand Cream

The next hand cream for dry hands is one of the top-rated creams you can buy. The European ingredients are all-natural and made of Shea Butter. You receive it in a nice package and rubs on thick and creamy with a rose scent. However, if you do have sensitive skin, it might not be for you. The cream is non-greasy and does not leave your hands feeling oily.


8. Working Hands Cream

For a super concentrated hand cream for dry hands to help them heal, you need O’Keefe’s Working Hands. The substance creates a protective layer and helps keep moisture in. You can purchase it at an affordable price and even comes with a 100% money back guarantee. The product is scent-free and suitable for all skin types and works. There have been complaints that the cream forms a sticky residue.


7. Neutrogena Hand Cream

For a trusted hand cream for dry hands, Neutrogena is one of them. You will be surprised how well it works after one application. The cream makes your hands feel smoother with the healing properties in it. You can buy it in a fragrance-free version or scented. The product is widely available at an affordable price. Furthermore, it leaves the hand grease free and does not leave fingerprints behind.


6. Camille Beckman Hand Cream

The restorative hand cream keeps your hands moisturized and nourished. The formula used is vitamin E, glycerin, almond extracts, and Aloe Vera. The cream has a lavender scent and forms a protective barrier to retain moisture. You can buy it in an unscented version and makes a wonderful gift as well. The non-hypoallergenic cream could irritate sensitive skins.


5. CeraVe Hand Cream

The hand cream for dry hands reviewed here is therapeutic and helps restore and repair the skin. The products suitable to use on all skin types and it comes highly recommended by dermatologists if suffering from eczema. The substance is non-greasy or sticky and absorbs into the skin. Suitable to heal chapped and cracked hands. The biggest downside is the price tag, and you can only purchase it online.


4. AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

The hand cream for dry hands not only protects it, but it improves the skin moisture at the same time. The main ingredient is hazel extract and Allantoin to help revitalize it. The cream absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves your hands non-greasy. The cream also has a long-lasting effect, and a small amount goes a long way. The only complaint is the strong scent of the hazel extract and not suitable to use in a scent-free environment.


3. L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream 

Do you need a hand cream for dry skin voted the best to use? You need the powerful formula of L’Occitane that is made of 20% Shea Butter, almond extracts, and honey. You can use it as needed and suitable for all ages to heal the hand from the inside out. Another fantastic thing is the non-greasy formula and the quality ingredients used to make the cream. You might find it does have a light lavender scent that might irritate sensitive skins.



For a lightweight and non-greasy hand cream for dry hands, this one is tops. The substance absorbs easily into the skin, leaving your hand velvet soft. The cream stays long on the skin and forms a protective barrier against water. The anti-aging lotion helps to rejuvenate the skin after a couple of days when used as overnight treatments.


1. JURLIQUE Hand Cream

Here we have another non-greasy hand cream made for dry hands. The product comprises essential rose oil and keeps the skin moisturized. The lotion has a delicate light scent and comprises natural antioxidants to make the skin soft. All the ingredients used in the formulations derived from plants and does not have chemicals in it. You might not be able to use it in a scent-free working environment, and it is expensive.


Final Thoughts

There is no need for you to suffer from dry and cracked hands. You do not even need a lot of money to get the right product to help heal your hands. Buy one of the best hand creams for dry hands here and start feeling the difference once applied. Whether you have a normal to sensitive skin, we have made certain to provide you with products suitable to use on any skin type.

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