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Best GoPro Helmet Mount in 2021 | Best Features & Designs!

Gopro helmet mount

Are you looking for the best GoPro Helmet Mount for you? Sure, here with the help of our experts’ analysis we’ve made a list of the top 10 best for you.

For selecting the best Helmet Mount few features and designs are always necessary to keep in mind. These aspects include building material quality, design and durability, portability, setup, and many more. After looking at the below section, you’ll surely be able to choose the appropriate GoPro helmet mount.

Top 10 GoPro Helmet Mount in 2021

10. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

  • It is durable
  • Easy to install for newbies
  • Adheres very nicely
  • It’s pricey

GoPro Helmet mount is the top-notch quality helmet due to amazing features, comfort, and durability. Helmets is easy to mount and compatible to all GoPro cameras offering maximum adjustability. This helmet has two sticky mounts so you just need to put one on the top and other on the side of the helmet. Its 3m adhesive is WOW as it will not cause any trouble even at high speed or wind.

The swivel mount assembly is flexible and with maximum adjustability enables it to capture a variety of shots at different angles.

9. Surewo Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

  • Its safety rope buckle & wrench is amazing
  • Very rotatable
  • Easy to install
  • Quality material
  • For some it is cost-effective

Surewo Helmet mount is the second best compatible GoPro helmet mount available for you. A multi-function product which satisfies the demand and customers’ needs stands out of the bunch with many features. Having 4 joints connected via screw it is adjustable and rotatable at 180 degree angle. Due to the divisions of its adhesive mounts into curved and flat mounts it is easy to use it according to the circumstances.

This helmet mount with waterproof sticky pads helps you to install your camera on the helmet.

 8. SoPro Mounts Full-Face GoPro Helmet Chin

  • Easy to mount
  • Compatible with any full face helmet
  • Perfect camera angle for POV filming
  • Removable and Transferable
  • Easy access to mounted device
  • Buckles may sometimes not latch.

This is the full-face Gopro helmet chin that fits any face and provides such angles for an unobstructed POV footage. Its construction is very unique using aircraft grade aluminium, mini cell foam, injection molded plastic and nylon webbing — all these make it highly durable and best for extreme sport and compatible with any GoPro style action camera.

7. GoPro Vented Helmet Strap

  • Attaches to any vented helmet
  • Adjustable strap makes for quick and easy mounting
  • One size fits all helmets
  • Frequently loosened off

This time you can effortlessly attach your Gopro to a kayak, ski, vented bike or an identical sports helmet. After buying this you will find that it is simple to operate as it is very well-built so this strap has the ability to firmly hold the camera unit. It is a very adjustable strap and is suitable for quick and easy mounting. It’s one size fits all helmets.


6. Telesin GoPro Helmet Chin Mount

  • 90 days guarantee
  • Durable and nice
  • Easy to install and remove
  • It goes under your chin guard

The Telesin GoPro helmet mount is a great and unique design, with an elegant outlook. Its construction with INDUSTRIAL GRADE materials enables it to shoot in extreme activities such as biking, diving or skydiving.

High quality PC material used in its design makes this product lightweight and strong fixing with your camera. In its pack there is a J Hook along with a helmet strap.

It is multi-directional, easy to install and remove from the helmet and is compatible with GoPro hero 2018, Hero 7 silver and Hero LCD etc.

5. Pro Standard Super Visor Helmet Mount (Race Legal)

  • Has a breakaway visor
  • Durable
  • Rotatable for any kind of filming
  • Its top is not much awesome

The low profile is the key feature of this helmet. This Visor GoPro mount is the best helmet mount for racing and riding. Having a breakaway visor, it is the best and meets the rules for filming during racings and events. Like BMX, MX, MTB and ATV.

It is a special design for flat, peaked and curved visors. You may keep your visor lower and camera stealth, or fit a bigger camera under your visor because it has a lower profile that is 7mm.

Made up of polycarbonate.  Unlike traditional helmet mounts, the Super-Visor prevents your camera snagging other riders, flagging tape, and branches keeping everyone safer. Designed and tested in Whistler at the Whistler Bike Park.

Its rating stands at 4.5 out of 5.

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4. Proshot Helmet Cam Mounting System

  • Structure is amazing
  • Elegant to look
  • Best quality Product
  • For some it is expensive

Pro Shot Helmet Cam Mounting system comes at the seventh number and it is easy to install within just a few minutes. It enables the shooting very very clear even while you are driving setting

It is the best mounting solution for you ever found for GoPro. You just need to follow these two steps; first one is to lock tight the nut that attaches the mount to the setup and the second one is to tether your camera to the helmet ….after doing this enjoy!

3. Hooshion Extendable Helmet Mount Adapter

  • Auto-rotating base is awesome
  • Available at suitable price
  • Universal product
  • For some it’s expensive.

Made from the high-quality aluminum alloy, it is the extendable, anti-rust and anti-oxidation helmet mount for you. With the hard surface it is stable and good to bear the load. One more feature that is its key aspect is to rotate at 360-degree due to an auto-rotating base.

This is suitable for all sports such as ice skating, skiing, skateboarding, motorcycle, car or bicycle and so on. These characteristics make a fantastic shooting effect for ordinary people.

Precious sports scenes are shot at zero distance and you can move as you like. With it, you can record every beautiful figure.

2. GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts

  • Universally compatible
  • Ensures secure mounting
  • Easy to remove
  • Only price can be the issue

With three Curved Adhesive Mounts and three Flat Adhesive Mounts it is also an awesome GoPro compatible. Easily attaches your  GoPro to a curved position. It is a waterproof adhesive mount that is easy to get removed with just heating the adhesive bond using a hair dryer then peeling off the mount.

1. GoPro Surfboard Mounts (All GoPro Cameras) – Official GoPro Mount

  • Adhesive anchors & camera tethers are unique
  • Provides enhanced security
  • Affordable at best quality
  • Expensive

Using this you can mount your GoPro to Kayaks, SUPs, Surfboards, boat decks or other gear where maximum-holding-strength is the requirement. It also includes an FCS male plug to mount your GoPro using an FCS center fin socket.

Set contains two surfboards, two adhesive anchors, two camera tethers, and a locking plug.

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So, in a nutshell, all these GoPro helmets mounts are of excellent and unique quality. It is upto you to select the best for you keeping in mind the budget and the preferences. Choose something that could complement and suit your personality.

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