Do you own a GoPro camera? You do then you know how disappointing it can be when capturing photos and videos and the battery dies on you. This is why you need to upgrade to the best GoPro external batteries in 2019. With the external battery or power bank, you can give your camera that extra power it needs to keep working. With the reviewed GoPro external batteries and power banks available here, you can enjoy recording longer from taking photos to make movies. If you travel a lot, it helps to keep a spare battery on hand in case the other ones’ power runs out. Therefore, once your camera starts warning you about a low battery, you know you have an extra one on hand to capture the moment on film.

Choose one of the GoPro external batteries from here and make sure you never run out of battery power on a long trip.

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The Best GoPro External Batteries in 2019

GoPro External Batteries Review – Top Choices

10. Suptig Power Bank

Suptig Power Bank The Suptig Power Bank is a high-tech battery power bank with a 2600mAh battery capacity. This power bank has a universal design that does not only work with the GoPro camera, but for almost any other smart devices, you own. The power bank works with the GoPro Hero 4, 3+, 3 and 5. The great thing is the battery bank chargers with a 1-amp adapter and you receive a Micro USB cable included.


  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Color: Black
  • Design: PCB safety circuit, works with a 1-amp adaptor not included, LED indicator light
  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 1.29 x 0.78-inches
  • Included: Power Bank, Micro USB Cable
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Works With: GoPro cameras, Smartphones, mobile device
  • Weight: 0.14 lb

9. Wasabi Power Battery and Charger

Wasabi Power Battery and Charger The Wasabi power battery and charger are suitable to use with the GoPro Hero3+. The kit comprises of two batteries and a charger. Included it has a European plug with a car adapter. Each battery has a 1200mAh capacity for extended use. This item has an affordable price and an excellent 3-year warranty.


  • Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Color: Black
  • Design: Japanese 3.7V cells with a min design and fold-out US plug
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 4.75 x 2-inches
  • Included: European plug, car charging adapter, two batteries, and power bank
  • Warranty: 3-year
  • Works With: HERO 3+
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces

8. Poweradd Pilot 2GS External Battery Power Bank

Poweradd Pilot 2GS External Battery Power Bank The Poweradd Pilot 2GS is an upgraded external battery power bank with an affordable price. The charger is a 10,000mAh portable charger suitable to use with different mobile devices and the GoPro. The only thing you need to remember when buying this product is the Apple adapters not included.


  • Capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Charges In: 5-hours
  • Color: Black, Gray, Red, and Silver
  • Design: Built-in safeguards, provides four solid charges for iPhone, 2.5 charges for Galaxy S6, 1 ½ charge for iPad Mini
  • Dimensions: 7 x 4.2 x 1-inches
  • Included: Battery power bank, USB cable, user manual, and a feedback card
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Warranty: 24-month
  • Works With: Most mobile devices and the GoPro products
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

7. Smatree External Battery Pack

Smatree External Battery Pack The Smatree external battery pack is an affordable kit that includes two batteries, a 3-channel charger, and USB cord. This set works with the GoPro Hero4 Camera. With the two replaceable batteries, you will have your camera loaded and ready all the time.


  • Capacity: 1290mAh each
  • Charges Three batteries at the same time
  • Color: Black
  • Design: Smart LED indicator light
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.4 x 1.3-inches (package)
  • Included: Battery power bank, USB cable, two batteries
  • Warranty: 24-month
  • Works With: GoPro Hero4
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces

6. Dizaul Solar Power Bank

 Dizaul Solar Power Bank The Dizaul solar power bank is great to take with you backpacking. The external battery power bank has a waterproof design suitable to use with Smartphones, GoPro Cameras, and other mobile devices. The eco-friendly compact design fits into your backpack and takes up little space. You can even hang it on your backpack with the included hook.


  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Charges In: 30-hours when solar charged and only 7-hours when charged with power
  • Color: Blue and Yellow
  • Design: Anti-skid protection, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, charge it while hanging on your backpack as it is solar powered
  • Dimensions: 5.6 x 2.8 x 0.6-inches
  • Included: Solar charger, hook, micro USB cable
  • Material: ABS, PC, and Silicone Rubber
  • Works With: Most mobile devices and the GoPro products
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces

5. Suptig Waterproof External Battery Power Bank

Suptig Waterproof External Battery Power Bank If you have the GoPro Hero3, 4, 5, or 6 cameras the Suptig external battery power banks perfect. The great thing is you can use the battery charger with most other mobile devices. The device has a waterproof design up to 30 meters and approved by CE/FCC/IPX8 ratings. You will need a dedicated waterproof housing to charge your camera in the water.


  • Charges In: 5-6 hours
  • Design: Works with a 1A adapter not included, waterproof up to 30 meters,
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.7 x 2.5-inches
  • Included: micro USB cable, thumbscrew, a quick release mount, six-model interface charging cable, wrench
  • Material: Stainless Steel and PC material
  • Warranty: 24-month
  • Works With: GoPro Hero and other mobile devices
  • Weight: 6.9 ounces

4. Sabrent Two Pack Battery and Charger

Sabrent Two Pack Battery and Charger The Sabrent set is suitable to use with GoPro Hero3 cameras. This great external battery charger includes two Li-ion 1180mAh batteries. The price is affordable and you will capture the perfect shot as you have enough fully loaded batteries on hand.


  • Capacity: Two Li-ion 1180mAh batteries
  • Color: Black
  • Design: Charges two batteries at the same time,
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 2 x 3-inches
  • Included: Dual charger, USB charging cord, two Li-ion batteries
  • Warranty: 3-years
  • Works With: GoPro 3 models
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

3. Gomeir GoPro External Battery Power Bank

Gomeir GoPro External Battery Power Bank The Gomeir is a GoPro external battery power bank with a portable design. The great thing is this battery charger automatically shuts down if it is overloaded. With the dual USB ports, you can charge two devices simultaneously. The reason for this is that the device has a huge 20,000mAh capacity.


  • Capacity: 20,000mAh
  • Color: Black and Blue
  • Design: Two dual ports for charging two devices at the same time, automatically shuts off if overloaded, and LED light
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.4 x 0.8-inches
  • Included: Power bank, micro USB cable, lightning cable, user manual
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • Works With: GoPro cameras and other mobile devices
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

2. GoPro Dual Battery Charger and Battery

GoPro Dual Battery Charger and Battery Here we have a GoPro external battery for not only the Hero 3 series, but also for the Hero 5 and 6 cameras. The GoPro Dual set is ideal to take with you on any trip. You can conveniently charge up to two batteries with this power bank. Included you receive an extra 1220mAh rechargeable battery. You can even charge the battery while using the camera.


  • Capacity: 2400mAh
  • Color: Black
  • Design: LED indicator light, charges two batteries at the same time
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 2.6 x 1.8-inches
  • Included: Dual battery charger, rechargeable battery, USB-C cable
  • Warranty: One-year
  • Works With: Hero 5 and 6
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces

1. Anker PowerCore 26800 Power Bank

Anker PowerCore 26800 Power Bank-GoPro external batteries This is the best GoPro external battery power bank you can buy. The Anker PowerCore offers you up to 26,800mAh battery capacity. You can juice up your camera and other mobile devices all day with this device. The great thing is it still has a small footprint with dual input ports and three USB output ports.


  • Capacity: 26,800mAh
  • Charging Time: Takes up to 6-hours to fully charge
  • Color: Black and White
  • Design: Charges more than one device at the same time, three USB output ports, dual micro USB input
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3.1 x 0.9-inches
  • Extras: PowerIQ and VoltageBoost Technology
  • Included: Power bank, two micro USB cables, user guide, and travel pouch
  • Warranty: 18-month
  • Works With: Hero 5
  • Weight: 17.28 oz

Final Thoughts

Prevent disconnection with your GoPro camera or any other device while traveling. Buy one of our top 10 best GoPro external batteries in 2019 and get your device powered up. You will make a smart investment when buying an external battery or power bank to use anywhere while on the go.

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