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GoPro Backpacks

Are you a photographer or do it as a hobby and travel a lot? You need the best GoPro Backpacks designed for your camera and accessories.្្The models available on the list keep your delicate device safe. A fact is that you will not carry your expensive equipment in an ordinary bag. Here you can find ten of the best backpacks made to fit your GoPro camera. So before you plan your next trip make sure to pack your photography gear in one of these. Check this out if you are looking for Best Car Subwoofers 


10 Best GoPro Backpacks in 2021 That Everyone Should Get

Best GoPro Backpacks Reviews

10. Navitech GoPro Backpack

avitech GoPro Backpack - GoPro Backpacks

Navitech knows how vital your camera is for you and the GoPro backpacks offers enough protection. The bag has a waterproof construction and prevents items from getting wet. The exterior is hard to add protection for expensive equipment. The fantastic thing is you can use it with different devices to keep them safe. For added security, the bag comes with a mesh cover. Further, it has an internal storage pocket.


  • Color: Black/Gray
  • Design: Weatherproof construction with a hard exterior and interchangeable storage compartments
  • Fits: GoPro Hero 4
  • Material: Mesh Interior with Water-resistant Fabric
  • Straps: Adjustable

9. Tenba ActionPack

Tenba ActionPack

When you look at the rucksack from Tenda the features, one cannot overlook. The rear pocket you can remove to keep your camera, mounts, and gear. Furthermore, the GoPro backpacks you can purchase in different capacities from 2L to 32L. With the several sections, you can keep all your devices organized. On the inside are two pouches to hold two cameras. No matter what you want to store, you can keep it in this bag.


  • Capacity: 12L – 32L
  • Color: Black
  • Compartments: Removable rear pocket with internal and external pockets
  • Design: Made with durable fabric with access to the rear compartment with adjustable harness strap
  • Fits: Two by GoPro Cameras
  • Measures: Interior dimension 9-inches wide by 18-inches high and 6.2-inch depth

8. SHOOT GoPro Backpack

SHOOT GoPro Backpack

Here is another one of a kind GoPro backpacks. Moreover, the base plate offers shock absorbance and security for your highly-priced gear. Moreover, the fantastic thing is you get a three-way camera mount to use your device hand free to take a Selfie. Whether you are out on the snow or doing water sports, the SHOOT comes highly recommended.


  • Color: Black
  • Design: Fully adjustable with a shock-absorbent base plate with a three-way mount
  • Fits: GoPro Hero 7
  • Material: Polyester and Waterproof

7. Smatree Mavic Pro Backpack

Smatree Mavic Pro Backpack

With the design of the Smatree GoPro backpacks, you can pack more than just your camera. Therefore, you can take your laptop, two cameras, accessories, and tablet with you. For comfort, the straps padded made for walking hours. Indeed, the fabric is water-resistant, and both the interior and exterior offer adequate safety for the devices.


  • Color: Black
  • Compartments: One pocket suitable for your tablet and more
  • Design: Multi-functional design with customized cut EVA foam and padded with a removable slider on straps
  • Fits: GoPro Hero
  • Material: Nylon and EVA
  • Measures: 15.7 x 11.8 x 7-inches

6. GoPro Seeker Backpack

 GoPro Seeker Backpack

With the Seeker, you can seize the day with the GoPro backpacks. Plus, the bag has a weather-resistant design and hydration compatible. Also. the 16L construction offers plenty of room for your camera, sports, or hiking gear. Therefore, you can place up to five GoPro cameras in the compartments available. In fact, the chest and shoulder straps make the rucksack comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the lined pockets customizable to keep things organized while the chest mount allows you to capture hands-free images.


  • Color: Black
  • Compartments: Customizable to hold up to five cameras
  • Design: Built-in chest mount for hands-free photography, and you can use it with a three-way system to take over-the-shoulder shots
  • Fits: GoPro Camera
  • Material: Weather-Resistant
  • Measures: 19 x 9.5 x 5-inches
  • Storage: 16L

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5. OGIO Access Park

OGIO Access Park

For a mid-sized pack to take on your adventure you, need the OGIO offering you multiple storage compartments. Moreover, you can keep your action camera and gear ready and available when needed. In fact, the sections you can adjust, and it has a separate 15-inch laptop sleeve. By the same token, there are dual zippered pockets and a mesh back panel.


  • Color: Black
  • Compartments: Adjustable pockets with a laptop sleeve to fit a 15-inch model
  • Design: Adjustable and removable storage compartments
  • Fits: GoPro Hero 1-4 cameras
  • Measures: 50cm high by 30cm wide

4. PolarPro DroneTrekker Backpack

PolarPro DroneTrekker Backpack

While the PolarPro backpacks for the DJI Phantom 4 drone, you can use it to keep your GoPro camera secure as well. Additionally, you get easy access to your laptop or tablet with the suitable compartments. Included you get a snap-on landing gear to use with the P4 to give it a wider stance for taking off and landing. Therefore,  You can use it to raise your camera to carry it and the gimbal more clearance when used.


  • Compartments: Multiple compartments to fit gear and a 15-inch laptop
  • Compatible: Snap-on landing gear
  • Design: Customizable with TSA approved lock
  • Fits: DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3, DJI Mavic, GoPro Karma
  • Warranty: Lifetime

3. Lowepro ViewPoint Backpack

Lowepro ViewPoint Backpack

You can protect up to three GoPro cameras with the Lowepro ViewPoint backpack. Furthermore, you can carry extra accessories to use on your action-packed day. On the inside, it has a removable accessory box with adjustable padded divider system. Indeed, the pockets you can remove with the accessory straps to customize the bag.


  • Compartments: Roomy upper section with the removable case with zippered pocket and slash pocket
  • Design: Has a padded back-pad with straps and you can use it with the sternum strap and multiple attachment points on the exterior
  • Fits: GoPro 1-3 and other cameras
  • Material: 600D Polyester and 1680D Ballistic Polyester

2. InCase Pro Pack

InCase Pro Pack

For protecting your camera and gear, the InCase backpack is your ultimate toolkit. Therefore, you can pack your GoPro kit with accessories in it. Plus, the main compartment is large and made with a zip in the back for easy access.  Also, the inside pocket is lined with faux-fur, and you get access through the side pocket as well. At the top is a DSLR compartment with zippered pouch for smaller items. At the bottom is a hidden compartment with a rain fly. Included you receive a Tensaerlite canister for added camera protection.


  • Compartments: Quick access top compartment with neoprene guard wall and zipper pocket
  • Design: Multiple pockets for smaller items and a specially lined faux-fur padded section
  • Extras: Has a GoPro Here mount attached to the right strap and the straps are adjustable
  • Fits: Most soccer balls fits in the bottom zippered pocket
  • Material: 1680 Ballistic Nylon and 600D Poly

1. Thule Legend Backpack

Thule Legend Backpack

The Thule Legend GoPro backpacks has padded compartments to keep your photography gear safe and secure. In additon, the foam pad you can remove and clean and has integrated mounts to use with two cameras. Moreover, the construction is lightweight and comes with a storage compartment to use a hydration reservoir.


  • Compartments: Padded compartments that hold up to three cameras
  • Design: The interior foam pad you can remove to clean and comes with mounts for hands-free use
  • Fits: GoPro Here

Final Thought

With one of the GoPro backpacks reviewed on the list, we hope you find a suitable one to use with your photographic gear. You can feel assured that each bag offers you durability, custom fit, and keeps your expensive camera safe while traveling. Get one now and store your GoPro camera or any other devices safe on your next adventure.

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