Google Will Double Down AI

Google Will Double Down AI

For the longest time now, Google has been using its AI tool technology to differentiate between male and female. It then labels them in a picture and also the introduction of a new version of android, new messaging and video calling apps, and an excellent looking amazon echo-like smart speaker called Google Home.

However, per the latest briefing to newsrooms, Google has notified its programmers that it will now tag either of the genders as persons in place of male or female. Doubling down on AI is taken by the company since determining the gender of a person by just looking at the photo is not easy.

Subsequently, instead of always be tagging the wrong gender, identifying them as the person with therefore be the right thing. Why WILL Google double down AI? This article is going to give more insights on possible reasons contributing to this.

Wrong tagging

Google Will Double Down AI

On countless occasions, Google computer AI for vision technology has mislabeled ladies with men or vice versa. Therefore, considering the history of face recognition, Google had to make that much-needed change. It should be noted that in the past, such is-identity has led to litigation. It is also in the record that the Google AI algorithm identified and labeled a black man as a gorilla. Biases in AI is already one of the widely discussing controversial topics. And taking any risk with bias has only negatively impacted the companies’ beliefs and convictions

However, the AI tool will continue to function as it has been doing for years. It will keep identifying the other things in the photo and tag them accordingly.

Next computing phase

The company is touting something called Google Assistant, which isn’t an item, yet an innovation that resolution numerous items. The organization says the Assistant “will reach out over numerous gadgets and numerous contexts.”For the case, it’s Google Assistant that will permit the Google Home contraption to kill your lights, play wake-up music, caution you of a postponed flight, and change supper reservations because of that delay. It’s Google Assistant that will spare you composing on your smartwatch by proposing quick replies to texts received there based on their content, not a canned list.

Google Will Double Down AI

Google Assistant will spare you composing on your smartwatch by proposing fast answers to writings got there dependent on their substance, not a canned rundown. It’s in no way, shape, or form sure that Google Assistant will reliably do all the hard things the organization has promised, like conducting a conversation in which it remembers the topic of the last question asked and understands that the next comment or question often refers to the same thing.

It’s evident that technology is advancing each day, and the best way is to keep with it. However, as the article alludes, it should not use to look down on others based on their gender, beliefs, and or convictions. Google has, therefore, set a good precedent by doubling down its AI not only to conform to natural standards. But also to bring up new technology to assist humans in solving the little problem associated with the existing technology.

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