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Google Photo vs. iCloud Photo: Which one is more secure?

Google photo vs. iCloud Photo

Google Photo or iCloud Photo?


The wave of clicking and hashtagging everything – from lunches to travel stories is not new, and it brings with it a rather unexpected problem – photo management. As our mobile phones got smarter, cameras got better; and there were new filters – which means there were more and more photos. However, our phone’s memory is just as limited as ours, and we often find ourselves looking for a safe place to store these photos. We could learn a thing or two from our moms or grannies about handmade photo albums, but those will only make cute Christmas or Birthday gifts. What about all the other photos? Well, technology is solving this problem too!  So, what does the right photo management solution provider, and what makes one product better than the other? Apart from the apparent storage capacity, let’s compare some key features like sorting through an extensive library and discoverability, ease of use, economics, and the most critical decision making factor: data protection. Here we present your Google photo and iCloud Photo!

Storage Capacity (Free Storage)

iCloud Photos: 5GB 

Google Photos: 15 GB 

On iCloud, you only get 5GB of free storage, which includes all the space shared by supporting apps such as Mail, Notes, Contacts, Photos, and even Drive. If you are someone who tends to get lost clicking away, you would need to upgrade your storage plan or let some of those screenshots go to free up iCloud storage. 

Google Photos, on the other hand, wins this round by letting you upload unlimited photos (compressed to 16MP) and videos (compressed to 1080p) with 15GB of free storage. As a millennial, I can tell you that it is sufficient. 


iCloud Photos: Yes

Google Photos: Yes 

Both Google and Apple understand the importance of aesthetics and allow you to edit your photos – offline and online. Apple, who prides itself on its history in design, goes beyond the norm and provides very many editing options including changing curves as well as colors. However, once you have been able to edit your photos, it replaces the existing picture on your phone as well as in iCloud, which personally is a little disappointing. 

Google has limited choices concerning editing but makes its way into the game by providing an option to save edited photos as the copy instead of replacing the original one. In addition, if you are looking for more features, you can always download a 3rd party app. Now, that is a win-win! 

Data Privacy

iCloud Photos: Yes

Google Photos: Yes 

iCloud is a renowned online storage service that is offered to the Apple users only, and iCloud Photos forms an integral part of it. The iCloud functionality built inside the Apple Photos app, and there is no separate app known as iCloud Photos.

Google Photos is an excellent app available on Android and iPhone. Google photos mean no matter what phone you are on, and you are just an app away from backing up your photos. As an iPhone user, you will find iCloud functionality inside Apple Photos app. However, you are free to use the Google cloud to save your photos.  

Supported Devices and Accounts

ICloud: Limited to iOS 

Google Photos: Available on iOS, Android and Web 

Because iCloud is a pre-installed service limited to Apple devices such as iPhone, Mac, and iPad, the tools it supports are limited. You can be able to access the iCloud Photos via web, but it relies on your Apple ID.

Google Photos is usually available on iOS and Android, allowing it to serve a wider audience. Anyone with a G-mail ID can use Google Photos. That one is a no-brainer! 


iCloud Photos: Restricted 

Google Photos: Unrestricted

iCloud allows you to create or share an album that only with Apple devices and Windows, building a close network. Of course, you can share the photos with your social circle via WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. without the need to have an iCloud account. 

Google Photos, like all its other products, allows sharing in multiple ways. One can either share your photos via installed apps or even post them on social media directly. It provides a link to share the images with others through any other platform too. You can create shared albums where others can be able to add the photos also. In addition, for those with tight families, you can share the entire library with someone with a Google account.

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To conclude briefly, Google Photos acts more like a backup as well as sync service while the iCloud Photos does only offer the sync capability – once you are able to delete the photo, removed from everywhere. Google Photos beats iCloud Photos in this respect, where the images backed up to cloud as well as one can free up some space on the phone. Therefore, depending on what you are looking for, you can make an informed choice now.

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