What is Google Colab Pro?

What is Google Colab Pro?

The Google colab Pro or Colaboratory pro is a product of Google. The colab pro gives access to write and execute the arbitrary python code via a browser. The pro is useful and well suited to machine learning, education, and data analysis. The colab pro facilitates the user with Google’s fastest GPU. Currently, if you are getting T4 or P100 GPU, the standard Colab user may receive slower K80 GPU. The pro is highly useful for data scientists and AI researchers to share their work online. The company introduces the paid colab pro with amazing three benefits.

The user within the colab interactive environment can write and execute the python on the web with zero configurations, access for the free GPU, and easy sharing via the same Google drive Interface. The pro is especially useful for the students in their education setting and ML learning.

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Leverages faster GPU

With the help of faster GPUs and TPUs, the time spent on running the code reduced. Instead of free K80’s, you can quickly get access to the Nvidia Tesla T4 and P100. You will also prioritize the Tensor Processing Units. By executing the line codes of colab you can easily see what GPU is assigned.

Longer runtime

Longer running notebooks and less idle timeouts mean your connection discontinuous very often. With the help of Colab pro, you stay connected 2 hours to notebooks. The idle timeouts are lenient.

More memory

What is Google Colab Pro?

More RAM indicates better performance and less running out of memory. With colab pro, the user can have access to the high memory VMs. The user must select the Runtime→ change the runtime type Menu and select the high RAM to set the notebook. Then the notebook will feature with high memory VM preference that doubles the memory standard twice the CPUs.

The upgraded version of Google Colab Pro offers three primary and astonishing benefits for $9.99 per month.

Previously the users were getting free access to use the Google Colab Pro. However, now there might be an argument that arises why Google is charging suddenly. The deep learning is the computation-intensive, and one cannot expect to sort out the intensive machine learning just for free. The pricing is decent, and the user can smartly make use of the free version. Again the user should remember that the Google cloud platform and the Tensorflow research cloud are popular and belong to the same roof.

Google Colab pro is ideally useful and empowers the developer’s one tool at a time. If you are keen on deep learning, sure, you must invest in GPUs. You can choose the cloud services, purchasing the GPUs or subscription models. The paid services introduced recently, but the free tier remains unchanged according to the subscription-only available in the US. For more details, check the Google made a demo notebook with Google Colab pro.

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