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Google Analytics and Why Companies Rely on It

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a crucial digital marketing tool but seriously underused by the majority of the businesses. It does allow one to measure the results of the individual campaign in real-time. Moreover, it allows you to compare this data to the previous periods as well as so much more. Here are some reasons you should be using Google Analytics to be able to measure the success of the website.

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Why Google Analytics is Trending for Business Nowaday

1. Direct traffic

If you can be able to monitor all the platforms does allow you to be able to review what is working well in terms of advertising and what is not. Having all data in one place does make it easy to compare the various channels. If you are currently investing your money into SEO, social media marketing, PPC, you can easily be able to monitor the ROI. Well, perhaps you need to find out how one can maximize the social media strategy. Or the PPC campaign is not able to perform well as you might have thought. A closer look at the metrics such as bounce rate as well as time-on-page can be able to show if you need to enhance the landing pages for an improved ROI.

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2. Conversion tracking

It is all good to have information on how many people have visited your site and where they have come from, but how do you know if the users are engaging. Google Analytics does allow one to set up goals to be able to track when a user does complete a specific action on the site. Regardless of the number of users every channel is going to drive into your website, you will need to know that this traffic is converting.

3. Customer engagement

Google Analytics does have several features, which can allow you a review of how well the users are interacting with the website and content. Such metrics does monitor different aspects of the customer journey, showing how the customer has associated. You can also be able to view the statistics against the individual pages. Google Analytics also provides you a better idea as to what pages are performing well as well as which may need optimizing to enhance user experience.

4. Device overview

With the introduction of the mobile-first rankings, this section has become very vital. As the website now needs to be mobile-friendly, you want them to be included in the rankings for the relevant search results. Google Analytics allows you to monitor which devices your users are coming from. And it gives you some indication of how well the mobile site is working in comparison to the desktop version. In case you are receiving a similar amount of visitors from every platform but less conversion on one. This may be a problem with the user experience of the site.

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If you are not yet convinced, let us summarize. Google Analytics can help you track very many essential metrics, covering all the aspects. You can be able to monitor the effectiveness of the online marketing strategies, onsite content, device functionality, as well as the user experience. All such statistics do show you what is working well and what is not. Once you get to identify such issues that your site might have, you can go ahead and create a solution.

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