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Best Golf Cart Tires in 2021 | Durable & Reliable

Top 10 Golf Cart Tires in 2021

For the best performance on the course, it is essential to be able to select right golf cart tires. Well, Golf carts might seem not such a necessity for the majority of the golfers, but this is acceptable if you are a beginner. For the serious golfers who do have very many gears to move, the golf cart is a must-have. For an excellent performance on course, it is essential to select right golf cart tires easily. Golf Cart Tires that you are going to choose should easily adapt well to terrain, the weather condition and offer very good mileage before needing the replacement. Here are the top 10 Golf Cart Tires in the year 2021

14. Carlisle Fairway Golf Tire – 18X8.50-8

  • It has sawtooth tread to help in minimizing the compaction as well as the uneven wear as well as tear.
  • Tire rides smoothly on the paved cart paths, and it can easily be used for the on-site transport as well as the utility vehicles.
  • The tire is bias-ply as well as tubeless, and it has not been approved for the highway use.
  • Offers a smooth ride which is coupled with toughness as well as durability.
  • It does provide long hours of performance on the golf course.
  • Run-flat design offers excellent stability after the blowout.
  • It has a chevron pattern which is suitable for both the mud as well as the snow-covered surfaces.
  • This tire is compatible with an 8 inches rim, and it measures eighteen inches in diameter for an added stability.

This is among the best golf cart tires which have the capacity to be able to support the golf cart with low or even with no pressure totally. It does allow you to drive on for many miles even if you get to have a puncture.

Customer Feedback
  • High-quality tires.
  • The tire is durable as well as reliable.
  • Easily fulfills all the set standards for efficient work.

13. Greenball Golf Cart Tire

  • The tire is compatible with the standard size golf carts.
  • This product features classic sawtooth tread pattern which offers a very smooth rolling performance.
  • The tire is a great choice for the small industrial applications, and it has been recommended for use on the paved surfaces.
  • The tire has a maximum load rating of around 815 pounds that does support you as well as the golf gear.
  • Maximum pressure rating for the tire is 122 PSI.

One of the best features that make this product to feature in our list of the top 10 golf cart tires is the fact that it does come complete with the rim as well as fully inflated.

Customer Feedback
  • Super-fast and very easy to set up.
  • Heavy duty device with an enhanced life as well as longevity.
  • It is designed to last for a long period.

12. Hi-Run LG Golf Lawn

  • This is a heavy duty pneumatic tire which does come inflated as well as mounted on the rim.
  • It has an 18-inch wide tire which is ideal for the small yard equipment such as wheelbarrows and carts.
  • Tire contains ribbed tread design, durable option offering better traction as well as stability.
  • Heavy-duty rubber used on tire offering good resistance to the punctures and add more to tire.
  • Golf cart tire can be filled to 22 PSI as well as supports loads up 815 pounds.

If you are looking for aggressive as well as high-end golf cart tires, then this is your best choices when searching for the best golf cart tires.

Customer Feedback
  • It has been made of durable materials.
  • The product does endow high stability as well as traction.
  • Good longevity and durable.

11. Golf Cart and the Tractor Replacement Tire Assembly

  • Run-flat design means that performance is never affected.
  • The design (run-flat) gets to combine with an 18 inches width to offer better stability.
  • It is an excellent option for the uneven and bumpy surfaces.
  • Tire contains sawtooth tread pattern which does not sacrifice comfort during wear.
  • Supports 815 pounds and it is very tough enough that it can be used as the replacement tire for the tractors.


If you are looking for a free maintenance tubeless tire, then this is the best choice for you. It comes with a flat run design, and this means that the punctures do not affect performance and support that it does offer.

Customer Feedback
  • Setup as well as ready to use.
  • Durable rubber tires,
  • The price is reasonable.

10. EZGO 28757G01 18-Inch

  • The tire has a diameter of 18 inches.
  • Has saw-tooth tread pattern which offers superb performance on very many surfaces.
  • Tire’s 8 inches coated white wheel does perform well while adding a very appealing look to the vehicle.
  • The tire comes well inflated, ready for usage.

EZGO has been a very reliable name when it comes to golf cart tires. They are perfect to use and having the right size as well as dimension gets to add to the worth of tires even more.

Customer Feedback
  • They come ready to install.
  • It fits perfectly.
  • Very easy to switch out.

9. 18×8.50-8 with 8×7 White Assembly 

  • Great for golf carts, utility vehicles, and riding lawn mowers
  • Non-Directional Tread Pattern
  • Dot rated
  • Can hold up to 815 pounds
  • Reaches PSI levels of 22
  • Includes a tear-resistant ply option
  • May not fit on larger carts

These best golf car tires will come in a Set of Four Tire and Wheel Assemblies that are ideal since they are DOT Rated. They are feature also a non-directional tread pattern.

They have a Design to carry heavy loads without damaging the turf and the surface of the golf court, these cart tires are also ideal for utility vehicles, lawnmowers, and other small carts.

8. Slasher Golf 18×8.50-8 GTX OEM

  • Dot approved
  • Propper pressure.
  • Secure
  • Dot approved
  • Does not support much weight

These Golf cart tires will come mounted on the wheel and aired for proper pressure to ensure that you will have the smoothest ride of a lifetime. They will fit on EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha Golf Carts, and other types of tires.

They included a protective cardboard cutout on the ends and between the assemblies that will improve on the safety of the rider and will not cause any form of damage to the surfaces of the golf court.

7. ARISUN 205/50-10 Golf Cart Tires

  • This tire gets to fit 10-inch golf cart wheels.
  • Tire has a very low profile which offers very good performance in both the wet as well as dry conditions.
  • You can easily use it on the turf or the paved surfaces.
  • The circumference grooves help in dispensing off water and the dirt with so much ease.
  • Grooves allow you to ride with so much confidence along the course edges.
  • The tire is 18 inches in terms of diameter, and it does come in a set of four.


ARISUN is very popular among the golfers whenever they are choosing the best golf cart tires. It has all the perfect goods which ensure that they meet all the requirements of users.

Customer Feedback
  • uGood fit and they work well.
  • Designed to be able to carry the substantial weight and does not damage turf.
  • Heavy duty design with an enhanced life as well as longevity.

6. ARISUN 215/35-12 DOT Low Profile Golf Cart Tires

  • High quality
  • Excellent gripping
  • High performance
  • Setup as well as ready to use.
  • Durable rubber tires,
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Wears up easily

These Golf cart tires are of high quality and measure 18 inches in diameter, and they are Dot approved for maximum performance. They will conveniently fit even on 12 inches Golf cartwheels.

The tires are ideal for both wet and dry conditions since they provide the best grip on the surfaces of the lawn.

5. 8″ Black Steel Golf Cart Tires

  • The tire does come fully mounted.
  • This tire has a wide design which is very gentle on the lawn.
  • Offers good traction on the paved surfaces.
  • There is no need for the lift kit.
  • Compatible with various stock golf cart hub.

Another superb golf cart tires that will serve its purpose is this product. It is among the most reliable as well as authentic products.

Customer Feedback
  • It is made up of very high-grade materials hence reliable.
  • Maximum holding capacity of the tires is very good.
  • Durable as well as good longevity.

4. 22×11.00-8 with 8×7 Matte 

  • Directional tread pattern
  • Commercial quality
  • Unique woven tread
  • Innovative design
  • All-weather
  • expensive

They will come as a set of four tires that have a directional tread pattern that will enable these tires to grip well on the surfaces of the turf of the Golf court.

These tires are designed for use on all weather conditions, and they have a unique tread pattern and square shoulders that will deliver low noise and an exceptional ride.


  • This is a low profile tire which gives maximum stability on the majority of the surfaces.
  • It does come when it is mounted on the machined rim which has a very luxurious chrome finish.
  • There is no lift kit which is needed as you bolt it on and with that you are good to go.
  • Tire has an approved tread design which offers a sure grip, and it does take longer to wear out.
  • The tire does come aired up ready for use.
  • It is such a great option for riding smooth as well as in style.

If you are looking for aggressive as well as high-end golf cart tires, then this is your best choices when searching for the best golf cart tires.

Customer Feedback
  • Great looking wheels as well as tires.
  • Super tough with excellent durability.
  • It can withstand a lot of pressure.

2. 10″ BULLDOG Golf Cart Wheels

  • The tires measure 18 inches in terms of the diameter.
  • There is no lift kit which is needed.
  • High-quality aluminum wheels which are going to last.
  • The rim diameter measures 10 inches.

This is another worthy product that you can purchase in our list of the best Golf cart tires in the year 2021. It does fulfill requirements of the users making it an ideal choice.

Customer Feedback
  • The wheels are very easy to mount.
  • Rides smoothly.
  • They fit perfectly, and they look great as well as quiet.

1. 14″ VAMPIRE Machined/Black

  • All-terrain
  • Dotted
  • On and Off-road use
  • Easy to fit on carts
  • DOT rated
  • Comfortable on many carts
  • Tires may need balancing before riding

This Vampire cart tire is an all-terrain type of tire that is suitable and ideal for all terrains. It also comes with 5 spoke new style that is attractive and is approved for use on all golf terrains.

 The tires will Come mounted and aired up to the proper pressure and fits any hub that is four bolt and measures Stands 23″ Tall.

How Do I Make My Golf Cart Ride Smoothly?

Do you have a golf cart? Then the likeliness is that you overlook personalizing, improving, or maintaining your golf cart. Have you thought of upgrading accessories and parts? Did you know that with a few upgrades, you could make your golf cart ride smoothly and make it more noticeable to others? Whether you own one or want to buy a golf cart, here are some things you can consider to make your ride as smooth as possible.

Pick the Right Set of Tires

The most crucial part of getting a smooth ride is to have the right golf cart tires equipped to your vehicle. By selecting the correct tires makes a huge difference. Do you have a multipurpose golf cart? You need all-terrain tires to drive on a wide selection of surfaces from sand, grass, gravel, dirt, to concrete. A fact is that when you bought your golf cart, it most likely has standard wheels on them.

You can improve the smoothness and style of your ride by adding some custom all-terrain wheels with covers. If you plan to use your golf cart for snow plowing or hunting, then it helps to have mud tires equipped. Having these set of wheels on the golf cart can handle more intense terrains.

Is the Tire Pressure Right?

With the correct tire pressure, you can extend the lifespan of the wheels to prevent wear and tear. You need to maintain the proper air pressure and play an integral part in enjoying a smooth ride. Setting the right tire pressure will provide you with more power and speed to lessen the strain on the battery as well. What is the correct air pressure for golf cart tires? You can find the right pounds per square inch (PSI) on the sidewall of the tire. For golf cart tires, the pressure varies from one manufacturer to another. For a smoother ride, you need a low air pressure as it provides more traction, but the side of the wheels can wear out faster. Therefore, it helps to set the pressure in the middle. As a result, it is essential to check your tire’s air pressure for the recommended psi that works best with the wheels.

Checking the Air Pressure of Golf Cart Tires

Here we recommend using a digital tire pressure gauge as it works more effectively than the standard model. All you need to do is press the device to turn it on and should show zero. Now place the nozzle on the valve core by pressing firmly for a good seal. Hold the device until the screen locks onto the measurement and only takes a couple of seconds. Remove the gauge to find out what the reading is. If you find that the evaluation is higher than the recommended pressure on the tire, it can provide a harder ride, and the wheels will start wearing out faster in the middle. The result is that the wheels do not make contact with the surface and gives it less traction that can compromise your safety. By inflating the tires too much, it can explode with a force and damage the cart. It can damage your golf cart but can cause severe damage to you in the process as well. As a result, invest in a good tire pressure gauge to prevent inflating in the wheels too much.

The Lack of Air Pressure

When you have low air pressure, the likeliness is that the tire has a leak and best to check for this. The chance is that it has a small hole you can solve with a plug. However, you may find you need a new golf cart tire and need to try to match the tread with the same design on the other three. Another excellent product to have available is Fix-a-Flat and is handy to use on small leaks. All you need to do is use the hose on the tire valve and turn the can upside down. Press the button, and the tire inflates while the punctures sealed.

Golf Cart Tire Maintenance

For a smooth golf cart ride, it helps to check the wheels for even wear of the tread. If you notice no tread left in the middle, it means the tires overinflated. The tread-less surface means it does not have the right tire pressure and not maintained. With an under inflate golf cart tire, the outer tread makes too much contact with the surface and wears out. A fact is that the low pressure does not only affect the tire but leaves you without performance when riding it. The motor and battery work harder and gives you less power. Furthermore, it helps to rotate the tires regularly as the uneven weight can make a difference on the front and rear of the golf cart. By turning them, it helps to keep the wheels even and cuts down on wear and tear.

Other Considerations

Now that you have picked the right tires with the correct air pressure, you can customize your golf cart further for a smooth ride. You can invest in proper brakes, shock absorbers, and suspension.Furthermore, you can use a lift kit helps to elevate your car to provide a stable ride. With the package, you can install larger tires as well. You can look at brands like MJFX, All-Sports, Jakes, or RHOX. With them, you can find DIY kits to use instead of spending a fortune to get someone to do it for you. On the other hand, make sure to check under the hood by replacing the filters, spark plugs as it helps to eliminate damage. Check if you need to replace the battery cables, chargers, or engine parts.

We hope that the information helps you to get a smooth ride with your golf cart. Another great option is to stylize your car once attending to the maintenance.By doing this, it helps to improve the appearance as well. You can customize it with custom steering wheels, extended tops, body, and trimmings.Lastly, never forget safety as you can add frames to the rear to maintain security for the passengers at the back.

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