Are you into computer gaming? If you are then you know space is very important. With ample space, you are able to have everything on hand to keep your game flowing at a high speed. With the best Gaming Desk in 2019, you can keep your gaming area clutter-free.Choosing one on our selected list all depends if you have a spacious living space or a small-room scenario. What is best for you might not work for another. No matter what your gaming needs are, we are sure that you will find one to fit into your small to large room here.

With these desks, you can start taking your gaming serious to support all your hardware. Not only will they provide hardware support they are decent and offer you comfort to enjoy your game. Each desk has diverse features to place your monitor, tower, and other important peripherals.

Therefore, without keeping you waiting let us look at our selection of the top 9 best gaming desks you can buy in 2019.

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Best Computer Desk in 2019

Best Gaming Desks in 2019

Gaming Desks Reviews

1.Best Choice: Wood L-Shape Corner Gaming Desk

 Wood L-Shape Corner Gaming Desk-Gaming Desk

The Best Choice Wood L-Shape Corner Gaming Desk is your best buy if you have a low budget. Compared to high-quality desks, this one has the same durable and quality design. The desk has a wood structure and fits in with any office or home décor. With the separate drawer, you can keep your keyboard and place the CPU on the included stand. This offers you more space to keep all the essentials on hand. Whether you are a gamer or need added workspace this desk is ideal. The durable structure allows you to place from your monitor, PS or Xbox on it.

Features and Specs:

  • Separate slide-out drawer for your keyboard and has a stand for the CPU
  • Small drawer to keep important items keeping the desk clutter free
  • Available in black or white
  • Dimensions: 59 (L) x 55 (L) x 29.5-inches (H)
  • Weight: 46.3 pounds
  • Made with a wooden tabletop
  • 60-Day warranty

The desk has a stylish and modern design to fit into small to large living spaces. The great thing is you can use it for gaming or as an office desk.

2. Walker Edison: Soreno Corner Desk

Walker Edison: Soreno Corner Desk

The Soreno Corner Desk will add a touch of class to your workspace. The gaming desk has a sleek design with glass top while the supporting frames made from steel. With this corner desk, you get all the space you need to place your gaming equipment. The nice thing it has a separate stand for the CPU. The sliding drawer is perfect for your keyboard. Another highlighted feature is you can use the desk in two different setups while the keyboard shelf you can mount on both sides of the desk.

Features and Specs:

  • Includes a separate stand for the CPU and a keyboard tray that slides out
  • Durable steel frame that is powder coated
  • Made of wood and has a safety glass, polished top
  • Dimensions: 51-inches (W) x 20-inches (D) x 29-inches (H)
  • Can use it as two separate desks
  • Available in white glass with white frame, clear glass with black frame, clear glass with silver frame, and smoked glass with silver frame
  • Weight: 57-pounds

This is one of the best gaming desks to add some elegance to your office or home. The desk has a unique design and is eye-catching.

3. Z-Line: Belaire L-Shaped Glass Desk

Z-Line: Belaire L-Shaped Glass Desk

If you need a funky yet simple design in gaming desks, the Belaire L-Shaped Glass Desk is perfect. This gaming desk has a wide 5-foot tabletop to place up to three monitors. Choose your color, style blue, black, red, green, and red. For ease of transportation, the frame separates from the desk and only takes a couple of minutes to assemble. There is a separate mouse pad that gaming enthusiasts will love and you can fix it anywhere on the surface. There is a cable management system to keep wires organized and in place.

Features and Specs:

  • Modern and glossy L-shaped gaming desk
  • Durable metal frame with toughened plates
  • On the desktop is a transparent 6mm/5mm safety glass
  • Has a display shelf with a keyboard tray that slides out
  • Dimensions: 60 (W) x 24 (D) x 37-inches (H) and weigh 96.45 lbs
  • One-year warranty

This is an artistically designed desk for any gamer that includes a custom mouse pad that is water-resistant. The price is competitive and it has a durable design.

4. Atlantic: Gaming Desk Pro

 Atlantic: Gaming Desk Pro

With the Gaming Desk Pro, you can enjoy hours of working and gaming. Place your drink in the specifically designed cup holder to keep it secure and out of the way. The cable management system keeps things clutter-free. In addition, for your monitor, there is a separate stand. This all-rounder desk is perfect to use as a workstation or for gaming tournaments from your home. There is a detached storage space to keep small items. The desk has a carbon fiber and metallic steel structure. With loads of space, you can easily place your laptop and monitor screen for a clear view while using both.

Features and Specs:

  • Designed with an elevated shelf for your monitor
  • Has a curved front facing design
  • Can fit 6 x 5-inch speakers into the open spaces
  • Made with carbon fiber
  • You receive a speaker tray, charging stand, a drawer, two control hook, game storage, a rear power-strip holder, cup & headphone holder, and a wire-management system
  • Dimensions: 36 (H) x 25.25 (W) x 52-inches (L)
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • One-year warranty

This gaming desk will keep your gaming equipment organized for hours of play. You can easily move the desk and it has a sturdy design.

5. Atlantic: Gaming Desk

Atlantic: Gaming Desk

Compared to the Gaming Desk Pro the sibling Gaming Desk is similar in design. There is a cable management system with non-marring feet and steel construction. With the elevated shelf, you can place a 27-inch monitor and includes everything a gamer needs to place important equipment. This desk received a top-rated rating from different users online. Whether you need a great workstation at home or enjoy playing games for hours, this desk can help you out.

Features and Specs:

  • Made with non-marring steel rod feet
  • Has a cable management system
  • Elevated shelf for a 27-inch LCD monitor
  • Designed with a silver metallic carbon fiber and steel top
  • Includes speaker trays, charging station, a tabletop reinforcement bar, storage drawer, game storage rack, rear power-strip holder, cup & headphone holder, monitor stand, two game controllers hook, and wire-management trim plates
  • Dimensions: 40.25 (H) x 26.75 (H) x 49.25 (L)
  • Weight: 43.6 pounds
  • One-year warranty

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is every gaming enthusiast’s dream. The desk has a great durable and sleek design to fit in with any décor in the home or office.

6. HomCom: L-Shaped Workstation Computer Desk

 HomCom: L-Shaped Workstation Computer Desk

If you need a modern workstation computer desk for gaming, the HomCom 69-inch is the one to own. With the smoked glass top, it adds elegance to any room. The gaming desks supported by a durable powder coated steel frame with MDF panels. The desk has enough room for your important gaming apparel and has a sliding keyboard tray. This desk does not include extra drawers or storage shelves, but has ample space to keep things neat and tidy. The desk is lightweight, well balanced, and durable. There is, however, a mobile tower rack to keep your CPU on.

Features and Specs:

  • Loads of surface space with the L-shape design
  • Has a slide-out keyboard tray
  • Made of durable powder-coated steel frame with MDF black wood finish and a smoked glass top
  • Include a mobile tower cart with rolling wheels
  • Has an elevated corner shelf to store gaming essentials
  • Dimensions: 68.9 (L) x 68.9 (W) x 33.5-inch (D)
  • Weight: 119.9 lbs
  • 90-Day warranty

With this elegant gaming desk, you can keep gaming equipment all in one place. The table has a durable structure and an affordable price.

7. Bestar Hampton: Sand Granite & Charcoal Corner Workstation

Bestar Hampton: Sand Granite & Charcoal Corner Workstation

The Bestar Hampton is every gamers dream workstation. This corner desk features a sliding keyboard tray, cupboard, and a monitor shelf. Not only is it a convenient workstation, it is an eye-catcher as well. You can keep all your electronics organized with the large work surface. The best of all is if you take the Amazon Happiness Guarantee, they set the desk up for you without any hassles. The colors available are out of this world in Sand Granite & Charcoal or Tuscany Brown and Black. The great thing is the center shelf is made from hardwearing PVC.

Features and Specs:

  • Use the desk as a single unit or customize it according to your needs
  • The work surface has a melamine finish that is resistant to burns, stains, and scratches
  • Large keyboard tray with ball bearing drawer slides
  • Has a small hutch and CPU compartment
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Overall dimension: 70 (W) x 70 (D) x 35-inches (H)
  • Made with MDF and Laminate
  • Open monitor shelf with closed storage
  • Lifetime warranty

The gaming desk has a futuristic design and works for different working situations to place your PC, gaming consoles and more.

8. DXRacer: DGD/1000/NE Edition Gaming Desk

DXRacer: DGD/1000/NE Edition Gaming Desk

If you want a premium gaming desk, look no further than the DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition. You will get a top-notch furniture piece that does not compromise quality when built. If you are not a natural DIY person assembling the desk might be tricky, however, the included instructions are easy to follow. The desk has a carbon fiber & metal with wood construction. This desk is strong and durable to carry the load of your gaming hardware. The desk includes an outstanding cable management system to keep things organized.

Features and Specs:

  • Made of durable ABS and wood with a steel rod frame
  • Has a double triangle structure with a 10° slope and is 360° rotatable
  • Has an amazing cable management system
  • Available in black with a size of 47.30 (L) x 31.50 (W) x 31.50 (H)
  • Designed with trapezoid feet and a large surface
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • One-year warranty

This is one of the best gaming desks you can buy in a variety of colors to suit your lif estyle. With the 10-degree slope, it helps improve your gaming and has an extended desktop to support your elbows.

9. Arozzi: Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi: Arena Gaming Desk

If you are a budding gamer, the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk has a funky design with a wide tabletop. You can place your monitor on it and it is available in vibrant colors. Choose from black, blue, red, green, and white to fit in with your surrounding décor. The desk adjusts to different heights and the frame you can remove for ease of transport.

Features and Specs:

  • Can place up to three monitors on this desk to create the ideal gaming environment
  • Designed with a custom mouse pad that is water-resistant
  • Available in five vibrant colors
  • Can adjust the feet to stabilize it and loosen the screws to make it higher
  • The frame and desktop split up into three sections
  • Dimensions: 32.2 x 63 x 31-inches and weigh 85.5 pounds
  • Two-year warranty

This perfect gaming desk is appealing and includes a custom mouse pad that is water-resistant. In this Swedish designed furniture piece, the price is affordable and you get a durable desk to last a lifetime of use.


One of the most important requirements, when you partake in computer gaming, is to have the best gaming desk you can buy in 2019. We hope that our selection of the top 9 desks offers you the workspace you need to use at your office or home. Take one of these desks, home with you and get your friends and family over for some fun gaming sessions.

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