Everything About New Samsung Phone: Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z flip

Samsung galaxy z flip is the latest unpacked Samsung product in the market and is said to be the best foldable android smartphone ever produced. The company has yet proven that it can provide reliable foldable phones that are more of what people expected to be experimental toys. This quite an improvement judging from its first attempt that led to the production of a failed smart flip phone.

This galaxy z flip takes the shape of a traditional smartphone that is folding up to be a bit easier to use and make it more portable. It comes in a variety of excellent beautiful colors for the sole purpose of suiting your specifications.

The existence of this beautiful galaxy z flip smartphone was first made public in early 2021 and launched alongside the famous galaxy s20 in February. Compared to the other foldable Samsung, this galaxy z flip phone can fold vertically and equips with a hybrid glass cover. Is galaxy z flip the best foldable smartphone in the market? This article is going to look deeply into all the aspects of the device. This article is to allow you to make that conclusion.

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Samsung galaxy z flip is a device that folds in half like a flip. It has hinges that open and holds the screen at any particular angle. The galaxy z flip is a compact wedge-shaped with rubber feet and some magnet that holds the two ends together while closed. The device has dimensions of Folded: 2.99×3.44×0.62 ~0.68 in / Unfolded: 2.99×6.59×0.27 ~0.28 inches and weighing 6.46 oz; 183g ounces. The screen has scratch resistance covered by a plastic layer that is so thin. The galaxy z flip will come in purple, gold, black, and silver colors once released to the market.


it has a conventional gorilla glass that uses a glass display hence resulting in a more durable screen and reduces the screen crease in the folding position. This device has a Dynamic AMOLED, HDR10+, Inside size: 1080 × 2636, 6.7 in 17 centimeter, 21:9 ar, 425 PPI, Outside size: 112 × 300, 1.1 in 2.8 centimeter, 8:3 ar, 291 PPI. The galaxy z flip has a thin layer of glass in the display, which is covered by plastic for protection. The crease at the foldable point is visible during the day when there’s light. To expose it and disappear in the evening since its less visible.

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Software and hardware

The device is pre-installed with Android 10 and Samsung’s One UI 2 skin. Flex mode Split-screen functionality.

The phone has a clamshell design to hide a 6.7″ 21:9 Dynamic AMOLED display that enables HDR10+. The screen has a circular cutout above the display for the selfie camera. The exterior features a small 1.1″ inch external display small screen adjacent to the camera, which can show the time, date and battery level, notifications, answer phone calls. It uses two powerful batteries with a total capacity of 3300 mAh and can recharge over USB-Cable at up to 15W, either wired or wirelessly. The power button embedded in the frame and also works like the fingerprint sensor, with the volume button located above. The double camera setup is present on the back with a 12 MP primary sensor and a 12 MP ultra-wide sensor, while the front-facing camera is 10 MP.

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Features and specifications

  • wireless power shareability- with this device, you can charge your watch and or other phones wirelessly
  • Has storage of 256 GB capacity- enables you to save photos and footages freely
  • Powerful processor with 8gb ram that allows you to live stream and or multi-task easily
  • Have HDR10+ display
  • Multi-layer protection
  • Eye care display
  • Ultra-wide reliable camera

Price range

This device ranges from $20099.99

Galaxy z flip devices are genuinely one exciting product from Samsung. Other than the apparent flashy and foldable design, it is a device that will bring a revolution on the tastes of phones currently in the market. It is purposely to a particular customer who is excited by fashion accessories and modern technology enthusiasts. From its design and features; this phone brings about class, fun, and fashion in one device. This particular galaxy z flip is to help the user have a place to store lots of personal data without worrying about the space. It has gone overboard to provide efficiency due to its high-speed processor that can efficiently multi-task without cases of hanging. The screen design is to guard the screen against scratch with layers of plastics to prevent further entry of dust into the device. With the above, it is obvious now that galaxy z flip is the best foldable smartphone in the market.

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