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Best Front Load Washers and dryers in 2021 | The Best For Your Clothes!

These days washing by hand is taboo as you can find some of the best front load washers and dryers available online. As one, laundry chores are never-ending having a front load washing machine makes your chores a little lighter.

Yes, we know that you can also buy a top loader washer and have a universal design and hard load. The front-loaded washer is easier to load and you can buy them in different combo versions as well.

So if you do not want to feel embarrassed about your clothes the front load washers available with us might be just what you need.

Choose your NSF-certified, durable stainless steel drum, adjustable noise-reduction, and automatic dispense front load washer right here and now.

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 The Best Front Load Washers and Dryers In 2021

10. Midea Washer/Dryer Combo

Why buy a front load washer you can buy one that washes and dries your clothes. Yes, you heard right, the Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH is a washer/dryer combo set. This washing machine is perfect for small spaces at 2.0 Cu. Ft and measures 24-inches wide. With the unique design, it has a ventless condensing drying system with a water heater, and LED display.


9. Blomberg Front Load Washer/Dryers

Another amazing front load washing machine is the Blomberg WM77120 model. This model you can use to wash and you can plug it into the DV17542 dryer to dry your laundry. The size is a little smaller than our previous models and has a 15.5 loading capacity. The appliance has an Energy Star Certification with auto water adjustment and special wash cycle programs.


8. Haier Washer/Dryer Combo

For small spaces, the Haier HLC1700 compact combo set is more than ideal to use. The appliance has a non-vented condensing drying and only needs a cold-water hookup.


7. Westland Front Load Washing Machine

The Westland ARWXF129W is a silent energy-rated front load washer with easy-to-use controls. The digital display is outstanding and it has an adjustable water temperature with excellent spin speeds.


6. Kenmore Elite Front Load Washer / Dryer

The Kenmore Elite is one of the best front load washers and not called the elite for nothing. Depending on where you live you receive the delivery, unboxing, and item hook-up and free optional haul-away at the checkout included. This appliance is another washer/dryer combo with ventless condensing technology.


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5. LG Washer/Dryer Combo

For the best front load washer, you need the LG model. The washer and dryer combo set ideal for any home to use. Think of it this way you can lighten up your laundry needs with the washer and dry clothes in the dryer on rainy days. Furthermore, it has a ventless condensing system making it an excellent buy.


4. Blomberg Front Load Washer and Dryer

If you prefer not buying a combo front load washer, the Blomberg model comes highly recommended. The WM77120 you can plug into the DV17542 dryer to dry washing if preferred. Compared to the other models on the list, this one has a small footprint with a loading capacity of 15.5. Furthermore, it is Energy Star Certified and comes with auto water adjustment and different wash cycles.


3. Haier Combo Washer/Dryer

For a front load washer, you can use to do laundry and dry it at the same time the Haier is one of the best. You get non-vented condensing drying and hooks up to the cold-water tap. The stainless steel drums durable to last a long time, and it comes with a 24-hour delay start. Furthermore, you get pre-wash and wash only options to use. The dryer has variable temperature settings, and the legs adjust for leveling.


2. Samsung WF45K6200AW Front Load Washer

With the front load washer from Samsung, you can enjoy peaceful washing anywhere as the drum is perfectly balanced. There is no need to keep it maintained as it has a SelfClean system keeping the drum and gasket germ-free without using detergents. The washing machine is energy star rated and connects with your mobile app to troubleshoot errors.


1. Westland Front Load Washer

The front-load washer from Westland has easy-to-use controls. The digital display keeps you updated about the cycle and more. Furthermore, it has adjustable water temperatures and spinning speeds excellent. Alternatively, it washes up to 15 lbs, and you can pick from 13 different cycles.


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What is a Front Load Washer?

Choosing the best washing machine is a difficult task as you get a front loader and a top loader. Selecting one is all about preference, but each one-offer differences when it comes to simplicity.

If you have limited space, the front load washer remains the best option as you can stack them on top of a front load dryer. Furthermore, you get better cleaning and handling of clothes. On the other hand, they use energy and detergent efficiently.

Another fantastic thing is that the front loader has improved on many things and do not need many repairs compared to top loaders.

Therefore, if you want to get a washing machine that is easy to use and load clothes, the front load option the best. You can open the door in front and throw in the garments for washing quickly.

Why Choose the Front Load Washer?

The main reason is that you can buy a combo washer/dryer at an affordable price and it takes up less space. Furthermore, according to a study completed by the National Association of Home Builders/Bank of America Home Equity, the front loader can last up to ten years.

While there are some name brands like the Speed Queen that is reliable, you can expect the same performance with one of the front load washers reviewed on the list.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Front Load Washer?

Before deciding which front load washer to buy on the list, you can consider the following features:

How energy efficient is the washing machine?

First, the washing machines reviewed on the list are all Energy Star Rated and 20% more energy efficient than your required standard.

While some of them have energy rate certification, you need to pay attention to the power costs, water consumption, operating costs, and more.

Furthermore, the size of the machine determines how energy efficient it is as well — the smaller the drum, the less power, and the water it uses.

What wash cycles and options do you get?

If the model you buy has loads of wash cycles, you know, you are getting the best option available on the list. However, look at the possibilities as well. For instance, if your baby wears cloth diapers, you may need a sanitize cycle while for athletes clothes, you need a heavy-duty sequence instead.

The design and dimension

Always determine your space before you buy a front load washer. You can find a compact unit packed with features that are a big help.

The Warranty

Having a guarantee is essential when investing in any appliance. With a warranty, you know the manufacturer is backing the product if ever something happens to the motor, drum, and more.

Maintenance Tips for Front Load Washer

Now that you have decided and ordered your front load washer, it is time to take care of it to last a long time. The machine might be energy efficient and have a self-cleaning function, but they are not perfect. Therefore, to prevent mildew buildup and more you can ensure that the appliance is in tip-top condition all the time.

Use High-Efficiency Detergents

Use the minimum amount as the more is not always better. The more you use the more sud build-up you get on the drum and hoses. These are a perfect breeding ground for mold and can cause damage to the electronic parts as well.

Use Less Liquid Fabric Softeners

Use a teaspoon, as it is enough to soften a load. The same goes for bleach as the machine uses little water.

Remove Loads immediately

Do not leave damp clothes sitting in the appliance, as it becomes a breeding space for mildew.

Leave the door ajar 

You can do this when the front load washer is not in use as it improves air circulation on the inside and prevents mold buildup.

Clean after every wash

Once completing your laundry, clean the doors with a ½ solution of water and vinegar. You can use Q-Tips to reach hard-to-clean areas. Remove fabric and hair you find to prevent mold buildup and odors. You can use the same solution to wipe out the drum as well.

Do monthly cleaning

Once a month you can pour white distilled vinegar into the dispenser with one cup of baking soda into the drum, run it on the hottest cycle, and give it an extra rinse. In severe cases, you can replace the solution with bleach and run it on a quick period.

Clean the drain pump filter

You can do this every few weeks to prevent it from clogging and odors from forming.

Choose your spin speed carefully

With higher rates, you get more wear and tear on the inner parts and shorten the lifespan of the appliance.

Final Thoughts

When one looks at these front load washing machines one can only stand amazed. Why because each of the models has special features and an outstanding design to fit into any kitchen or mobile home. Buy your perfect appliance from one of the best front load washers in 2021 today and get your washing done in no time.

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