These days washing by hand is a taboo as you can find some of the best front load washers available online. As ones, laundry chores are never-ending having a front load washing machine makes your chores a little lighter.

Yes, we know that you can also buy a top loader washer and have a universal design and hard load. The front-loaded washer is easier to load and you can buy them in different combo versions as well.

So if you do not want to feel embarrassed about your clothes the front load washers available with us might be just what you need.

Choose your NSF-certified, durable stainless steel drum, adjustable noise-reduction, and automatic dispense front load washer right here and now.

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Best Front Load Washers

8. Midea Washer/Dryer Combo

Midea Washer/Dryer Combo

Why buy a front load washer you can buy one that washes and dries your clothes. Yes, you heard right, the Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH is a washer/dryer combo set. This washing machine is perfect for small spaces at 2.0 Cu. Ft and measures 24-inches wide. With the unique design, it has a ventless condensing drying system with a water heater, and LED display.


  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 2.0 Cu. Ft
  • Certification: ETL
  • Design: Wash and vent-free drying, fully programmable, water level control, digital LCD display, look through lid, and more
  • Dimensions: 23.44 (W) x 23.06 (D) x 33.44-inches (H)
  • Extras: 24-hour delay start, error alarm, auto-power off, auto unbalancing detection
  • Nett Weight: 183 lbs
  • Noise Level: 61.5dB wash and 71dB dry
  • Spin Speed: 1200 RPM
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Warranty: One-year

7. Blomberg Front Load Washer

Blomberg Front Load Washer

Another amazing front load washing machine is the Blomberg WM77120 model. This model you can use to wash and you can plug it into the DV17542 dryer to dry your laundry. The size is a little smaller than our previous models and has a 15.5 loading capacity. The appliance has an Energy Star Certification with auto water adjustment and special wash cycle programs.


  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 1.95 cu-ft
  • Certification: Energy Star
  • Design: Variable spin speed, automatic temp control, digital display control, 24-hour delay time, and more
  • Dimensions: 33 (H) x 23 (W) x 22-inch (D)
  • Extras: 12 Wash Cycles, Child Lock, Automatic Detergent Dispensing, Internal Water Heater, Adjustable Legs and more
  • Nett Weight: 161 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel Drum
  • Spin Speed: 1200 RPM
  • Voltage: 208 – 240 Volts
  • Warranty: 1-year parts & labor, 2-years parts, and 5-years electrical board

6. Electrolux Front Load Washer

Electrolux Front Load Washer

To remove tough stains, the EFLS517SIW from Electrolux has Perfect Steam Technology. This unique technology allows steam to rise from the bottom and removes grime from clothing. The wash action, perfect temperature, and smart load sensor take care of the rest.


  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 4.3 Cu. Ft
  • Certification: Energy Star Certified
  • Design: Has an 18-minute fast wash cycle, balances loads with a quiet operation, reversible wash door, steam option, control lock, LED display, and include pedestal
  • Dimensions: 38 (H) x 27 (W) x 31.5 (D)
  • Extras: StainTreat II, 5 temp selections, 5 soil level selections, 5 spin speed selections, delay start, 9 wash cycles
  • Nett Weight: 237 lbs
  • Material: Steel exterior with Chrome lens ring
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Warranty: 10-year motor and tub warranty

5. Haier Washer/Dryer Combo

Haier Washer/Dryer Combo

For small spaces, the Haier HLC1700 compact combo set is more than ideal to use. The appliance has a non-vented condensing drying and only needs a cold-water hookup.


  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 2.0 Cu. Ft
  • Certification: UL
  • Design: Digital, 24-hour start delay time, condenser dryer, water connection hot/cold, adjustable feet
  • Dimensions: 23.5 (W) x 22.5 (D) x 33.3-inches (H)
  • Extras: Pre-wash, skip spin,
  • Nett Weight: 147.93 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel Drum
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Warranty: One-year

4. Sekido All-in-One Front Load Washer

Sekido All-in-One Front Load Washer

For one of the slimmest front load washers in America, the Sekido SK4400 will get your laundry done in no time. The appliance is suitable to use in apartments or homes that do not have ample ventilation. The washing machine has an electronic LED panel with energy saving mode.


  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 1.6 Cu. Ft
  • Certification: Energy Star
  • Design: Convertible venting, energy-saving auto display, condense dry, adjustable feet, error alarm, automatic door lock
  • Dimensions: 33.5 (H) x 23.5 (W) x 22-inch (L)
  • Extras: Child Lock, Self-clean option, Refresh Function, Automatic Water Level, 14 Programs
  • Nett Weight: 161 pounds
  • Material: Stainless Steel Drum
  • Spin Speed: 1200 RMP
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Warranty: One-year

3. Westland Front Load Washing Machine

Westland Front Load Washing Machine

The Westland ARWXF129W is a silent energy rated front load washer with easy-to-use controls. The digital display is outstanding and it has an adjustable water temperature with excellent spin speeds.


  • Color: White
  • Capacity: Washes up to 15 lbs
  • Certification: Energy Star and Woolmark Platinum Care Certified
  • Design: Adjustable water temp, special cycles, LED illuminated control panel,
  • Dimensions: 33 (H) x 23.5 (W) x 22-inch (D)
  • Extras: 13 Cycles
  • Nett Weight: 150 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel Drum
  • Spin Speed: 1200 RPM
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Warranty: One-year

2. Bosch Stackable Front Load Washer

Bosch Stackable Front Load Washer

The WAP24200UC from Bosch has a compact and stackable design. This front load washer is Energy Star Certified and washes up to 15.4 lbs dirty laundry. The appliance is great to use on a 2nd floor as it has AVS® AntiVibration Technology.


  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 2.2 Cu. Ft
  • Certification: Energy Star, ADA Compliant
  • Design: AVS® AntiVibration, see-thru door, LED display, electronic control, ActiveWater® Technology, 3D sensor control imbalance
  • Dimensions: 23.5 (W) x 33.25 (H) x 24.25-inch (D)
  • Extras: 15 wash cycles, 6 options, 4 spin speeds, 24-hour delay start, plugs into dryer
  • Nett Weight: 168 lbs
  • Noise Level: 59 dBA
  • Material: Stainless Steel Drum
  • Spin Speed: 1200 RPM
  • Voltage: 240 Volts
  • Warranty: One-year

1. Kenmore Elite Front Load Washer

Kenmore Elite Front Load Washer-Front Load WashersThe Kenmore Elite is one of the best front load washers and not called the elite for nothing. Depending on where you live you receive delivery, unboxing, and item hook-up and free optional haul away at the checkout included. This appliance is another washer/dryer combo with ventless condensing technology.


  • Color: Metallic Silver
  • Capacity: 5.9 Cu. Ft
  • Design: Ventless condensing, 29-minute wash, 14-wash cycles, adjustable legs, cycle status lights, electronic LED control
  • Dimensions: 29.75 (L) x 27 (W) x 38.69-inches (H)
  • Extras: Steam Treat Technology, Cold Clean, 3 Soil Levels, Delay Wash, Works with Bluetooth from Smart Devices
  • Nett Weight: 220 pounds
  • Material: Steel Drum with a Painted Metal Exterior
  • Spin Speed: 1300 RPM
  • Voltage: 110/120 Volts
  • Warranty: One-year

Final Thoughts

When one looks at these front load washing machines one can only stand amazed. Why because each of the models has special features and an outstanding design to fit into any kitchen or mobile home. Buy your perfect appliance from one of the best front load washers in 2019 today and get your washing done in no time.

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