Top 10 Best Front and Rear Dash Cams in 2020

It is always a great idea to have a dashboard cam mounted in the vehicle you never know when you might need one. The footage can help you save costs with your insurance and serves as evidence in a court case. The important thing is to find the right model to fit in with your budget and needs. We have examined some of the best ones available and selected the top 10 best front and rear dash cams you must buy in 2020. As you know, security is vital, and the models reviewed by us provide you complete safety in an accident.

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Best Front and Rear Dash Cams

10. APEMAN Dash Cam

APEMAN Dash Cam - Front and Rear Dash Cams

Buying a dashboard cam can be an expensive investment, but luckily, for you, we found an affordable front and rear dash made from APEMAN. The package includes a front 1080p camera with a rear waterproof one with full lane coverage. You can capture both the front and rear to hold on file as evidence. The 6G lens prevents shooting blind spots and offers you a frame from 170° angle. Further, you have an emergency accident lock and other powerful functions.


  • Dual dash cam with a front 1080p camera and waterproof rear one
  • Designed with a 170-degree angle lens with emergency accident lock
  • Automatically records incidents with the included G-Sensor
  • Equipped with loop recording, night version, motion detection, plate stamp, date stamp, and GPS positioning
  • Made with a hidden rotating lens that swings upwards and downwards
  • One-year Warranty

9. OUCOMI Dual Lens Car Dash Cam

OUCOMI Dual Lens Car Dash Cam - Front and Rear Dash Cams

If you want to get more features and value for money when buying a front and rear dash cam you need the OUCOMI model. The device has GPS tracking and features parking monitoring. The dashboard cam is perfect for beginners and experienced drivers. You get 1080p HD recording for the best quality videos at a reasonable price. The biggest strength of this dash cam is the rear camera and keeps you safe on the road.


  • Provides you with full HD 1080p recordings and automatic accident detection with the G-Sensor
  • Equipped with an incorporated battery that offers up to 60-second lock record
  • Built-in GPS with parking monitoring function that works even when the vehicle is off
  • Captures video in low light with the WDR Technology
  • Supports only Class 10 and up SD cards
  • Designed with a 2.45-inch LTPS screen to do playback and settings
  • The front cameras resolutions 1080p and the rear is 720p
  • Has a built-in speaker and you receive extra the in-car charger, user manual, and USB data cable

8. ITRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Cam

ITRUE X6D Dual Car Dash Cam

The ITRUE X6D is one of the best double car dash cameras at an affordable price with high-end features. The design is discreet and has a triangle shape to give a sophisticated, classy look. The slim camera offers you 1080p full HD video and captures images at night. The lens offers you a 170-degree wide-angle view and comes with GPS tracking. The installation process is simple with 3M tape, and the dual system covers the front and rear of your vehicle. The cameras work together providing you with the same high definition resolution. To use the GPS function, you will need to buy a GPS antenna separately.


  • Has a discrete design for installing in the care and is easy to setup
  • Designed with two lens systems providing you an extensive viewing experience
  • Equipped with WDR for night use
  • The GPS tracking is available but needs a separate antenna
  • Has a round edge making it look smooth
  • Mounts with 3M adhesive tape
  • Made with a dual lens system to record the front and rear of the vehicle
  • Added functions are the super wide angle, night vision, auto-locking in a collision, date/plate stamp, GPS positioning and more
  • Equipped with a 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen
  • Automatically records and stops when the vehicle moves or is switched off
  • Supports up to 64GB Class 10 and upper SD/TF cards
  • Included in the package, you receive the dash camera, rear camera with extension cable, two sets of 3M mounting tape and holder, the car charger and a 16GB micro SD card
  • Can get the hardware kit optional
  • One-year Warranty

7. Rexing V1P Dual Channel Dashboard Camera Recorder

Rexing V1P Dual Channel Dashboard Camera Recorder

On our list of the front and rear dash cams, the Rexing V1P here is one of the best you can buy. The WDR Technology offers you exceptional night vision with image brightness and is stable at the same time. You get 1080p HD video quality and have everything you need at an affordable price. The intensity of the camera adjusts automatically to the lighting conditions when viewing outside the car. The rear camera has a waterproof design and has a 2.4-inch LCD screen.


  • Excellent 1080p HD resolution for video capture
  • Can use the dual camera system during the day or night with the WDR that sets the brightness level according to the surroundings
  • Designed with loop recording, auto detection of accidents and has dual channels
  • The rear camera has a waterproof design
  • Made with a discrete exterior and low-profile to hide the camera well
  • Can switch the auto recording on/off
  • Included you receive the V1P dual dash cam, the connectors, in-car power cable, 3M adhesive, and USB cable
  • Supports up to 128GB SD cards
  • One-year Warranty

6. Z-EDGE S3 Dual Dash Cam

Z-EDGE S3 Dual Dash Cam

For a superior quality front and read dash cam, you need the Z-EDGE S3. The build quality is superb, and it has an elegant look with a discreet design. The fantastic thing is it captures Ultra-HD videos as well. The lens has a 150° wide angle for viewing, and the 2.4-inch LCD is beautiful to playback files recorded. With the Gyro Sensor, it automatically detects and records accidents and provides up to 24-hour surveillance.


  • The Z-EDGE S3 has a discreet design with dual HD recording on both the cameras
  • Provides you with Ultra HD recording on the front camera
  • Captures images in low light conditions with the WDR Technology
  • Include a 32GB SD card with USB cable and has automatic safeguards
  • Comes with a quick release mount for the front camera
  • Offers you dual HD recording with a viewing angle of 150-degrees
  • The 2.4-inch LCD screen is scratch resistant
  • Comprise a 450mAh battery for recording up to 30-minutes of footage
  • Records videos during the day and night with the wide dynamic range technology
  • 18-Month Warranty
  • Top of Form

5. Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Car Dash Cam

Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Car Dash Cam

The following front and rear dash cam is a fabulous buy even if it is more expensive than most other models. You get everything you need to safeguard you on the road. Some standout features are the GPS and WDR Technology. The fantastic thing is it records HD quality videos in the rear camera and makes for a good purchase with the 18-month warranty included.


  • Has a discreet design with a low profile to hide both the front and rear dash cams
  • Offers you dual channel HD recording and captures 1080p HD video
  • The wide dynamic range allows you to record videos during the day and night
  • The rear camera captures 720p videos
  • It has GPS built-in to log your location, speed, date, time and more
  • Comes with loop recording and auto accident detection
  • Include the V1LG dual cameras, in-car power cable, HD rear camera, extension cables, 3M adhesive tape and USB cable
  • 18-Month Warranty

4. KDLINKS DX2 Car Dash Cam

KDLINKS DX2 Car Dash Cam

The KDLINKS DX2 front and rear dash cam are perfect to fit into any vehicle. You can use it in any weather condition and has a compact design. You can view your GPS instruction on your mobile phone. The front camera has a 165-degree angle, and the back one is 125-degrees. Both cameras capture 1080p HD video quality and have an excellent night-vision. There is an emergency lock button with (auto) detection accident function. Included you receive a one-year warranty.


  • The design of the front and rear dash cam is discreet and easy to install
  • Comprise a two lens system with a CPL filter and captures 1080p HD video
  • Include a 16GB micro SD card
  • With the WDR you can take videos during the day or night
  • Consist of an emergency lock button with auto accident detection and recording
  • As a backup, it has a Li-Polymer 110mAh battery that records for up to 30 minutes
  • One-year Warranty

3. BlackSys CH-100B 2 Channel Dashboard Recorder

BlackSys CH-100B 2 Channel Dashboard Recorder

If you need the best front and rear dash cam that does not obstruct your view you need the BlackSys system. The dual camera system provides you with quality video capture and comprises the best motion detectors. You get Wi-Fi connectivity with a True Parking mode and very useful. Furthermore, you receive a 16GB SD card included and makes for a great buy.


  • The CH-100B offers you Wi-Fi connection
  • The front camera provides you with 1080p video recording, and the rear one is 720p HD
  • The front camera lens has a 135-degree angle, and the back one is 130-degrees
  • Both the cameras are equipped with 2.1 MP Sony CMOS Sensors to record any movement around the vehicle
  • Automatically starts recording when it detects bumps, motion and more
  • You can connect the dashboard camera to your phone and use the provided app
  • Offers you True Parking to help park your car
  • Supports up to 128GB SD cards

2. Falcon Zero F360 Dual Dash Cam

Falcon Zero F360 Dual Dash Cam

The F360 Falcon Zero front and rear dash cam comprise some fantastic features. You can keep yourself protected from reckless drivers and provide your insurance with footage when it comes to claims. The dual dashboard cam offers you audio and video footage to give you peace of mind with insurance assessments and more. You get a perfect view outside with the 3.5-inch screen and has a 240° viewing angle and maneuverable. Keep your vehicle protected today with this package, as the quality is excellent.


  • Designed with a rotating 180° lens with a wide viewing angle of 120°
  • Comprise a 3.5-inch LCD screen for previewing files you have recorded
  • Provides the best night shots with the WDR Technology
  • Has a built-in speaker and microphone
  • Supports up to 32GB SD cards, TV, HDMI HD, and include a memory SD card
  • Designed with loop recording and overwrites the oldest files when the cards full
  • Easy to install and clamps over your rearview mirror for optimal viewing
  • Included with the F360HD Mirror DVR, you receive a power cord, dual USB car charger, USB cable, cord management clips, 32GB Class 10 SD card, and a year warranty

1. BlackVue DR750S Front and Rear Dash Cam

BlackVue DR750S Front and Rear Dash Cam

For one of the most beautiful front and rear dash cams look at the BlackVue DR750S. The top-rated dash cam has excellent quality for front and back recording. The price is a bit on the high side, but nothing compares to this beast. The product is trustworthy and equipped with a dual STARVIS sensor to record full HD 1080p videos. The front camera captures images at 60FTP, and the rear one is 30FRP. Further, it has motion detection in both cameras and records any moving close to the car. Another highlighted feature is the built-in GPS and fantastic warranty.


  • Built-in GPS to track your car on Google Maps
  • Has an incorporated G-Sensor providing auto accident detection
  • Designed with dual STARVIS sensor and captures full HD 1080p video
  • The front camera records at 60 frames per second and the back one 30FTP
  • Has a microphone for recording audio and supports up to a 128GB memory card
  • Made with parking mode and motion detection recording
  • The design of the front and rear dash cam is sleek and rotates 360-degrees
  • Offers you universal file formats and video playback
  • Connects to different devices and works with the Black Vue App
  • Include a built-in battery for backup and also has voice guide

Final Thoughts

These days you need to be careful on the road as there are many reckless drivers out there. Car insurance is expensive—and you do not want them to dismiss your claim when in an accident. Prevent this from happening and equip your vehicle with the best front and rear dash cams money can buy in 2020. You will be surprised what these dashboard cams offer you—from Wi-Fi connection, parking mode, auto recording, motion detection and more. If you only need a dash cam, you can view our 10 best dash cams here.

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