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Best Floor Fans to Keep You Cool in 2021

During summer, you need a high-velocity floor fan standing the room to keep cold air circulating. Yes, you can open the windows and wear less clothing. The problem is it is not helping to prevent hot air from entering your home or office. With one of the floor fans reviewed here, you have a portable appliance you can move. Further, you can direct it straight to the area that needs cooling. The fan has different settings to increase and decrease the flow of the air, and you can adjust it according to your needs.

You can buy them in basic models from low-priced to high prices – no matter what your cooling needs are you can find one right here. We have picked the top 10 best floor fans you can buy in 2021 – why be super hot this summer if you can cool down.

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Top 10 Best Floor Fans Reviewed

10. Hurricane Box Fan

For an affordable floor fan, the Hurricane box fans price is unbeatable. The 20-inch classic series fan has three efficient speed settings with a compact design to fit into any room. You can use the appliance in the office, a workshop, greenhouse, or the home. The economic fan has a 5-foot cord and works with 120-volt power. The fantastic thing is the Hurricane is ETL listed to save you loads on your energy bill. The device does not oscillate meaning it stays in one place and does not move back and forth. Further, users are pleased with the product, except that it can be a little loud.


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9. Lasko Wind Machine Fan

With the Lasko floor fans, you get a pivoting head to direct the airflow. There is a grip handle present to transport the appliance to any room. Moreover, for safety, it has a blue plug that cuts off electric current to the device if the fuse inside happens to blow. The equipment you can buy in white, and it has a plastic body and ETL listed. You have three speeds for setting the airflow. You receive the fan fully assemble to start using immediately. The units powered with 120 volts to give you a cooling breeze. If you need a fan that blows the air well, then the Lasko floor fan is what you need.


8. Lasko Cyclone Pivoting Floor Fan

During the summer heat, there is only one thing that can help keep a room cold, and that is the Lasko floor fans. The cyclone-pivoting unit has three high-speed settings to circulate air in any room. To avoid electrical issues, it has a Blue Plug that cuts off the power when needed. The head pivots adjustable, and the lightweight enables you to move it from one room to another. The blade has an aerodynamic design with a swirling grill. The device runs quiet and has a carry handle for transport. A standout with this 20-inch pivoting fan is that it is ETL listed. Another benefit is that you can use the appliance standing on the floor or mount it to the wall.


7. B-Air FIRTANA Floor Fan

Do you need the best floor fan to keep you refreshed during the warm month? Look no further than the B-Air FIRTANA model. The unit has a tilt feature you can adjust to focus air on specific areas of the room. You get three-speed settings for the best air circulation and the exteriors metal making it durable to use a long time. The head turns 360-degrees, and it has a handle for a comfortable hold while transporting. The products UL certified and you receive a one-year warranty included.


6. MaxxAir Floor Fan

Here we have another three-speed floor flan the MaxxAir that has a 120-volt PSC motor. The unit has channels to move air through efficiently, and the head tilts up to 120-degrees. The blades comprise aluminum, and at the bottom of the component, it has non-skid feet to keep it stable. The construction of the highly efficient voltage floor fans powder-coated steel, and it has a six-foot power cord. The front grille is OSHA compliant and safe to use in the office or home. For ease of moving the appliance, it has a handlebar, and it is entirely enclosed. The assembled dimension is 18-inches.


5. Deco Breeze High-Velocity Floor Fan

Do you need an industrial floor fan? If you do, you can look at the Deco Breeze 20-inch high-velocity model. You get three different speed settings to circulate air, and it has a 120-degree pivoting head. The constructions steel and the blades made of metal to use in the home, job site, or your garage. There is no assemblage required as it comes fully assembled and you get a three-year warranty included. The power cables 6-foot long and made of dense material. For trouble-free carrying from one room to another, it has a carrying handle built-in.


4. Hurricane Floor Industrial Floor Fan

Here we have another Hurricane floor fan available to use at home, the garage or even in the Greenhouse. The Pro 20 is a high-velocity fan with metal construction and compact design. The appliance has a tube base with rubber feet to keep it secure on the floor and prevents scratches from taking place. The blades made of aluminum and ETL listed and safe for commercial use. The unit has a black powder coat finish and has three-speed settings with modifiable tilt. The grille has a handle for comfortable transports and runs on 4500 CFM at 1400 RMP. You get a five-foot 120-volt power cord and a year warranty included.


3. Lasko Floor/Wall Mount Fan

As you can see by now, Lasko manufactures the best floor fans available on the market. The 2265QM also has a metal structure with a three-prong safety plug and is easy to assemble. The blades comprise aluminum and deliver outstanding air movement with the three dominant speeds present. The unit pivots to direct airflow and has rubber feet at the bottom to protect floors. The products ETL listed and it has a carry handle. You can mount the fan to the wall or use it free standing on the floor. Included you receive a year warranty as well.


2. Lasko H20685 Floor Fan

Here we have another floor fan from Lasko the H20685 model with remote control. The units you can use free standing or mount it on the wall. The high-velocity floor fan comes with a quick mount wall system included. You have a carry handle for comfortable transport, and it has a front mounted control dial with three-speed settings. The remote control makes using the fan easier when attached on a wall. The equipment designed with pivot action and helps direct the airflow while the metal fans blades durable to last a long time.


1. Kool-it Max Performance Floor Fan

The Kool-it Max Performance floor fan is powerful and moves air quickly. The products ETL listed making it safe for commercial to home use. The fan has three-speed settings with the highest one built with high velocity offering excellent airflow. The head tilts, and it comes with a three-year warranty. With the Kool-it floor fan, you get a powerful appliance that is reliable and durable to last many years.


Final Thoughts

Why suffer from heat in the office or home if you can keep cool with the best floor fan available here. Whether you need a freestanding model or one mounted on a wall – the floor fans reviewed here to offer you versatility. The head of the floor fans made of durable material and tiltable. You can even buy one with a remote, and each one provides you up to three-speed settings. Now you can sit back in your office and enjoy a breeze while it is scorching hot outside.


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