Fitbit has for a long time been the leader in the market of the wearables, you are sure to have Fitbit Charge 3 as the best choice for having what you need. Following the update of the charge line-up of the third generation device by Fitbit in August 2018, Fitbit Charge 3 came into existence with amazing features to meet all your demands. It comes with new as well as updated features which make it a perfect fitness as well as a health tracker. In addition to this, it has a larger display which responds instantly on tapping or swiping. You can swim with it through the swim-proof feature allowing monitoring for the swim workout mode. Keep reading to know more about the Fitbit Charge 3 review.

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Review For Fitbit Charge 3


- Fitbit Charge 3

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Following the improvement of the Fitbit Charge 3, it has amazing features which make it one of the best for the choice of smartwatches to use today. It features more than 15 exercise modes on different workouts such as swim, run, yoga, bike, circuit training, and many more. All you will need is just setting a goal after which you get real-time stats. Below are some of the amazing features of the updated Fitbit Charge 3 smartwatch;

  • 7-day battery life hence you can use it in a week on a single charge on your daily workouts.
  • Water resistant hence contains a swim-tracking mode unlike most of the other predecessors.
  • Inbuilt GPS for better and improved directions.
  • SpO2 sensor for sleep insights.
  • Larger touchscreen display in comparison to Charge 2.

Why you should buy this product?

-Fitbit Charge 3

Last update on 2019-09-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Fitbit Charge 3 is an amazing choice which is identical to Charge 2 on the first glance. Despite the similarity with Charge 2, it has better features which make it quite competitive and suitable than most choices of smartwatches. To begin with, its large display is 30% larger than its predecessor; hence you can read all information at a glance with no struggles. Its thicker sporty bands are very comfortable through which they fit on any wrist size. Made from an aluminum case rather than a steel case makes it 20% lighter hence increasing the comfort level.

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-Fitbit Charge 3

You are sure to have the best with the assurance from the 2,278 customers when this Fitbit Charge 3 review was being written. At this point, this smartphone has an amazing rating of 3.1. Customers point out that its slightly cheaper pricing make it the best in comparison with what it gives you. In addition to this, most customers fall in love with the swim feature through being water resistant; hence, they can easily track their swimming workouts.

Fitbit has been doing very well in which it has been leading in the wearable market. This is through quality wearables provided by Fitbit which ensure that you get the best out of the best. Fitbit Charge 3 is cheaper in comparison with Charge 2 though it has better and improved features on comparing it with Charge 2. Though it is not fully perfect, Charge 3 is one step closer to being a completely perfect fitness tracker. Its unique feature making it be an optimal choice is on its water resistance hence featuring the swim mode in which you can track swimming workouts. Take it and be sure to have the best in what you need. We are sure that you will have no frustrations.