Anyone that does have unused fireplace they want to use again may consider getting the best Fireplace Inserts to place within it. In the market, there has been a huge increase in the variety of Fireplace Inserts and therefore, choosing the best can be quiet tricky. Before you decide to choose the best that suits you, it is very important you decide the one which suits you. Getting the best one may require you to go through details of those which are available in the market before you get to make a decision. Here are the top 10 Fireplace Inserts in the year 2019.


Review For Top 10 Best Fireplace Inserts

Best Fireplace Inserts To Keep Your House Warm!

10. Regal Flame Piece Petite Fireplace

Regal Flame Piece Petite Fireplace- Fireplace Inserts
Regal Flame Piece Petite Fireplace

Are you looking for the fireplace inserts that will give prominence to the current gas, propane, vented, fire pit and fireplace with Regal Flame 18 pieces petite ceramic gas logs? Regal Flame 18 is such an excellent choice.

About Design

  • Size: It is large enough for the fireplace or even the fire pit.
  • Excellent for all types of fireplaces, direct vent,outdoor gas fireplaces, natural gas, etc. Gas logs are a great choice for adding to the gas logs, fireplace or the fire pit glass.
  • Regal flame gas logs get to burn clean as well as do not release ash or the residue into air like some quality fake fireplace logs.
  • Cools very fast. Hence they are very safe.
  • The ceramic fiber gas logs do look like an actual fireplace wood logs when they’re in the fire.

Customer Feedback

  • They look great.
  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect size.

9. Sure Heat BRO18NG

Sure Heat BRO18NG

Sure Heat Gas logs make it to our list of the best fireplace inserts as it offers realistic and a natural roaring fire for the beautiful ambiance in the home. It is very simple to function and also maintain.

About Design

  • It does fit all the fireplaces with minimum dimensions of 28 inches front width, 15 inches depth and 21 inches back width.
  • The appliance requires an open and working flue.
  • A high performance embers glow very bright as the standard embers for the look of the real wood burning fire.
  • It has been equipped with innovative U shaped dual burner. Grate, pan, shale, connection hardware, and glowing embers.
  • Eight well-detailed hands painted refractory cement logs that are stacked on the tiered grate recreate look of mature fire in the fireplace.

Customer Feedback

  • Fairly easy to install.
  • The fireplace is realistic in terms of how it has been made.
  • Comes with instructions that make the installation process to be quiet easy.

8. Duraflame Electric DFI030ARU

Duraflame Electric DFI030ARU - Fireplace Inserts
Duraflame Electric DFI030ARU

If you are in search of the fireplace inserts which can be placed into the existing fireplace and watch dancing flames project onto back of the hearth. The realistic split oak log set and the ember bedsit in the black finished fire grate and did feature rolling and the pulsating flame effect which works with or even without the heat.

About Design

  • 5200BTU heater offers supplemental zone heating for a maximum of 1000 sq. ft to help in saving money.
  • Infrared quartz heat helps in maintaining natural humidity in air that results in comfortable heat without necessarily drying out room’s air.
  • You can instantly switch the existing fireplace to the electric when you do set log set on floor of the fireplace.
  • Pulsating, rolling and realistic log set and the ember bed does project flame onto back of the existing fireplace.
  • The flame effect can easily be operated with or even without the heat, offering the ambiance of the gentle rolling fire all the yearlong.

Customer Feedback

  • It looks more realistic than ever.
  • Appliance throws enough heat to worm the place.
  • Height of flames is adjustable.

7. ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT 36.”

ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT 36." - Fireplace Inserts
ClassicFlame 36EB110-GRT 36.”

Heating the entire home all day cannot be a best economic choice for the utility bill s particularly with rooms that are used only during specific parts of the day such as bedrooms, basements, and dens. Well, these fireplace inserts are such an excellent choice.

About Design

  • 4400 BTU heater offers supplemental zone heating for a maximum of 400 sq. feet to aid in saving cash.
  • There is a multifunctional remote as well as wall mounted a thermostat that allows you to easily decide the temperature of a room from 60 degrees F and 90 degrees F.
  • The flame effect can easily be operated with or without the heat offering ambiance of the gentle rolling fire all year long.
  • The traditional flame effect does include five brightness settings.
  • An Electronic timer function: There is an automatic timed shut off from thirty minutes up to a maximum of nine hours.

Customer Feedback

  • Realistic flames as well as a well-built unit.
  • Surprisingly warm and does look very nice.
  • Looks realistic.

6. Valuxhome Houselux

Valuxhome Houselux- Fireplace Inserts
Valuxhome Houselux

This is a unique fireplace insert. It has been equipped with the temperature limiting control. When it does reach the unsafe temperature, the heater will be an automatic power off.

About Design

  • The fireplace has been designed with realistic brick panels.
  • It does offer a realistic look and a realistic sound.
  • Two heating setting options; front hot vent, offer supplemental heating for the room of up to 400 square feet.
  • There is no gas, ethanol, gel cans or propane needed. There are no special vents or even chimneys needed. One hundred percent energy saving LED technology.
  • Fireplace does have an auto overheat kill switch for safety purposes. It does come with the remote control making it a very easy to turn on/off and then set the timer from one hour to nine hours.

Customer Feedback

  • Nice looking and well built.
  • Fire looks realistic, and the heater does work great.
  • It perfectly fits on the fireplace opening.

5. Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004

Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004- Fireplace Inserts
Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004

This is an energy efficient electric log set with the heater that can effectively warm the room up to 400 sq. Feet. Flame effect can easily be enjoyed with or without turning on heat so that you can be able to enjoy the ambiance of the rolling fire. Well, you can go ahead and choose the fireplace inserts.

About Design

  • Energy efficient LED technology.
  • It does operate with as well as without the heat.
  • Plugs into any of the standard outlet.
  • Supplemental heat of up to 400 sq.
  • There are no hookups that is needed, vent free.

Customer Feedback

  • You enjoy the comfort of a real fire in the background.
  • Excellent choice for the finicky circuit breakers.
  • Easy to slip into the fireplace on the already existing grates.

4. Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace

Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace- Fireplace Inserts
Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace

Looking for fireplace inserts that are super easy to install into the existing masonry or the steel fireplace opening? Well, Dimplex DFI2310 is such an excellent choice.

About Design

  • It measures 23.2 x 19.8 x 10.8 inches.
  • In-built fan-forced heater does distribute heat evenly and quietly.
  • Full heat, the half heat or the flame only for the four season enjoyment.
  • Super easy to install into the existing fireplace opening.
  • 1375 watt electric fireplace insert with the patented flame technology and the remote control.
  • Features the patented flame technology for the realistic and the beautiful flame effect.
  • Comes in a black finish.

Customer Feedback

  • This is a very nice insert.
  • Authentic looking fireplace.
  • There are two heat settings, or you can run flames without the heat.

3. PuraFlame 33″ Electric Fireplace Insert with a Remote Control

PuraFlame 33" Electric Fireplace Insert with a Remote Control- Fireplace Inserts
PuraFlame 33″ Electric Fireplace Insert with a Remote Control

With these fireplace inserts, you can be able to enjoy a warm life with the Puraflame. It is super easy to install as well as uninstall.

About Design

  • High precision, as well as integrated quality of the trim, welding and the polishing, is making the products valuable.
  • It is an energy saving LED, classic heater and beautiful with the slim remote control.
  • Downlight design to increase the brightness of hearth.
  • Emulation flame, resin log, and the coal bed do make the flame effect very realistic.
  • Convenient control panel and the quite fence air outlet to be able to operate the unit.
  • Electronic temperature control offers a more precise temperature making room very comfortable.

Customer Feedback

  • Easy installation.
  • Convenient control panel.
  • Realistic flame effect.

2. Pleasant Hearth 20″ Crackling Natural Wood Log

Pleasant Hearth 20" Crackling Natural Wood Log- Fireplace Inserts
Pleasant Hearth 20″ Crackling Natural Wood Log

Fireplace inserts can easily be inserted into any of the fireplaces, getting to replace the existing wood grate, burner or even the log set. Super easy to install.

About Design

  • It does replace the existing wood grate, burner or even the log set.
  • Insert into any fireplace.
  • A real crackling sound.
  • Randomly glowing ember bed that is realistic.

Customer Feedback

  • Great Ambiance.
  • Very cozy fireplace.
  • Lightweight and very easy to install.

1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Fireplace Inserts
Ashley Furniture Signature Design

These fireplace inserts does include the electric flame feature which operates with or even without the heat, 2 level temperature setting as well as the remote control along with the overheating control device for an added safety.

About Design

  • Enjoy the comfort of the crackling fireplace without the maintenance or the cleanup.
  • Six pre-set temperature settings; the flames do operate with or even without heat. It has been built with the inbuilt overheating control device.
  • An LED fire display: The LED display settings can easily be selected through convenient remote control.
  • A Realistic wood burning flames that are inside the black frame gets to add some special ambiance to the living room spaces.
  • Measures 31.25x 10 x 24.25 inches.
  • It does look great underneath the television in the large size family room.
  • The device does create a cozy feel by simply plugging in and setting the mood with warm

Customer Feedback

  • It looks great and heats very well.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Very cozy and it does push out a lot of heat.

Choosing the best Fireplace Inserts will ensure that it produces a beautiful and well-simulated flame. Various Fireplace Inserts have various flame and burning log color modes. Having the ability to change all such options easily offers homeowner ability to make such insert their own truly. Some of the Fireplace Inserts have various heat settings and its all upon the user to decide which fits them. Most of the devices allow the flame effect to be easily used with or even without heat and hence it can easily be used all year round. Above are some of the best Fireplace Inserts that you can choose from.