Why FIFA World Cup Is Held Every Four Years?

FIFA world cup held every four years

There are high chances that you have no idea as to why it is held after that period. For those who have no idea regarding what the FIFA World Cup is or knows very little about the same, no need to worry. It is an international competition that aims at identifying the best men’s football teams in the entire world. Its organizer is the Federation Internationale De Football Association. It has six zones, namely South America, Oceania, North and Central America and the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Ever since the first inaugural tournament held in Uruguay back in 1930, it has been played after every four years except on two occasions. That was in 1942 and 1946 because of the Second World War.

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So, why is the FIFA world cup held after every four years? This article aims at answering that question. Read on to get the answer to this million-dollar question.

 Why is FIFA World Cup held every four years?


1. Qualification process

The first reason is to provide ample time for the qualification matches. With only 32 teams participating in the FIFA World Cup and keeping in mind that the host qualifies automatically, that means that only 31 posts are up for grabs. In the case of 2018, 210 state members of the FIFA applied for qualifications. Under such conditions where we have 209 interested parties, since Russia qualified automatically, and only 31 posts up for grabs, elimination becomes a necessity. The qualification matches are to be held. Given the different weather patterns, there is also a need to look for international breaks, which are rather few. That brings about a reason why it is held after four years.

2. FIFA World Cup History 

The other reason is the history of the FIFA World Cup. It started back in 1930. Back then, airplanes were not an option. So, 4 years gave players traveling by land or sea enough time to reach their destination.

3. Logistics

There is also the logistics. Imagine having to host more than 5 million fans? That would be easy for some countries. However, for those without already existing infrastructure, which is the most common cause, it is absolutely not a piece of cake. A need for construction, planning, and infrastructure may arise. That explains yet another reason why it is held every four years.

That article clearly explains why the FIFA World Cup is held every four years. As much as football is an incredible game, and FIFA World Cup tournaments are the best there is, we cannot witness it as often as we may like, the 4-year wait is justifiable. So, it is just that we only get to see this World Cup phenomenon after every four years.

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