FIFA World Cup vs. UEFA Euro: What are the differences?

FIFA World Cup UEFA Euro

Before diving into FIFA World Cup vs. UEFA Euro, let’s discuss some basics. Football is quite a popular sport, and like any other game, it has a number of leagues. They are quite a number, and some are local, while others are international. They include Premier League, English Football League, EFL League, EFL Championship, The Football Association, Europa League, FA Cup, Euro, FIFA World Cup, and National League just but to mention a few. Our focus today is FIFA World Cup vs. UEFA Euro.

When you think about the debate of FIFA World Cup vs. UEFA Euro, some questions crosses one’s mind. If one was to choose between these two, which one would you prefer? Is there any difference or similarity between the two? While some answers depend on one’s taste, others solely rely on facts. That’s why this article takes a look at FIFA World Cup vs. UEFA Euro. Check it out to learn more about these sports giants.

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What is the UEFA Euro?


UEFA Euro is a competition of European men’s national teams to determine the champion as far as the association football is concerned. The participants are usually members of the Union of the European Football Association (UEFA). Officially, it goes with names such as the UEFA European Championship and UEFA European Football Championship. It has come a long way ever since its emergency back in 1960. Ever since then, it is played after every four years. Initially, its name was the European Nations’ Cup. After 8 years, the name changed to the current one. Since 1996, it has been referred to as UEFA Euro, followed by the year of that tournament. So, that year, people referred to it as UEFA Euro 1996.

So far, its hosts include France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Yugoslavia, West Germany, Sweden, England, Belgium, and the Netherlands jointly, Portugal, Austria, and Switzerland together and Poland and Ukraine jointly. France and Italy have done it twice. The next hosts are Pan-European and Germany for 2021 and 2024, respectively.

After 15 tournaments, 10 nations have emerged winners. Spain and Germany have won thrice while France has won twice. One-time winners include Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Italy, and the Soviet Union.

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What is FIFA World Cup?

FIFA World Cup, which is also referred to as the World Cup is an international competition of association football. It is against senior men’s national teams. The participant is usually members of the Federation Internationale De Football Association (FIFA). It began back in 1930, which is the year FIFA inaugural tournament. It occurs every four years, as well.

So far, 8 national teams have taken the trophy home. How comes yet there have been up to 21 tournaments? The answer is simple. A number of nations have won it more than once. Winners include England and Spain once, Uruguay, France, and Argentina twice, Italy and Germany four times and Brazil five times. It is important to note that Brazil has had an opportunity to participate in every one of the 21 tournaments.

The host is about 17 countries. They are Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and Japan jointly, the United States, Spain, Argentina, England, Chile, Sweden, Switzerland, and Uruguay. Some have hosted twice and include Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, and Brazil. If things go as planned and Mexico, the United States, and Canada host the 2026 World Cup jointly, Mexico will be doing it for the third time. As for the 2022 tournaments, the host will be Qatar.

FIFA World Cup vs. UEFA Euro: Similarities

Both championships occur after every four years. In addition to that, they are a competition of association football. In both cases, the host nation qualifies automatically. Both of them are hosted on even years.

FIFA World Cup vs. UEFA Euro: Differences

FIFA World Cup started in 1930, whereas UEFA Euro began in 1960. Since the emergence of the latter, it’s championships have been held every year. However, the FIFA World Cup was not played in 1942 and 1946 because of the Second World War. FIFA World Cup is international hence cuts across the globe. As for the EUFA Euro, as the name suggests, the contestants are from Europe only.

As much as the two are held on even years, UEFA Euro occurs on the even year between two FIFA World Cup tournaments and vice versa. While 32 teams compete the FIFA World Cup, only 24 teams fight for the EUFA Euro trophy.

As far as the FIFA World Cup vs. UEFA Euro is concerned, you now have facts regarding each one of them. You understand the participants and when to expect them. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between them based on time constraints. After all, they don’t coincide. However, if it is a matter of your budget, you can choose wisely based on the information or your taste. Also, keep in mind that the FIFA World Cup is the most popular football tournament.

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