FIFA 20 vs. PES 20

FIFA 20 vs. PES 20

Before diving into the FIFA 20 vs PES 20 debate, it is no secret that EA Sports and Konami have now played for years in the yearly football sim battle. Both of these companies are releasing some great looking and also mechanically competent experiences for the users. Despite all of these, there is always a winner between them that takes the day, the tied up battle of visuals, gameplay, mechanics, and licenses must have a winner. There are hardcore fans that usually want to have their side each year.

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FIFA 20 vs. PES 20


The visuals you get from them have now evolved over the years to the point of Photorealism and the players from the various team all over the world having startling accuracy. Both of these games have some great looks on the platforms. Both FIFA and PES are running on the Frostbite and FOX Engines, respectively. To be honest about their graphics, it all boils down to one’s personal preferences here. There is no clear cut difference between them.

Each of the entry has a distinct license when it comes to the specific teams and locations, and in this, FIFA 20 has the advantage with a significant margin. However, you may realize that Konami has snapped up some major teams like Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Juventus for PES. They both look excellent, and none of them is lacking in significant areas.


These now have been a very long-running battle with Konami and Electronic Arts, even signing agreements that carve up the world’s most popular teams and the leagues. They also draw in the players their official kits and likenesses alone.

There was a shift that occurred recently with PES losing their grip on the champions league. This is a huge tournament that now belongs to FIFA exclusively. This has had a very significant impact on Konami, and to be honest, they have been fighting a losing battle.

Konami has been launching its fightback strategies, and this has led them to acquire exclusive rights to Juventus with PES 2021. That has ensured that FIFA 2021 must now default to generic names and likelinesses. That is a tiny bruise to FIFA compared to their outstanding package, and it may not make a difference unless you are a fan.

In terms of licenses, PES 2021 has now claimed Juventus, Manchester United, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich. These come with the player kits and stadiums that are all portrayed with visual perfection. Sadly this may not be enough to lure someone who is already loyal to FIFA.


FIFA 20 vs. PES 20

There has been the latest addition of volta to FIFA, spin on the street football. This shrinks the traditional match down to fast-paced 5v5 outings. This is a great change of pace even when the gameplay mechanics do not translate correctly when shrunk down. When you put the flaws aside, this is an entertaining addition that gives EA Sports the advantage, especially with the absence of The Journey.

There is still plenty of things that there is to explore with FIFA 2021 from career mode, UEFA champions league, and of course, there is the Ultimate team. The latter continues to draw in bucket loads of revenue, despite there being a controversial loot box esque design that encourages people to part with their money every year.

PES 2021 does not have many new additions, but they have been focusing on what it has rather been innovating with new modes. This means that now the master leagues and matchday are back with new improvements. Although with all of these additions, it is still a shame that some experimental ideas that have not been explored.


There have been sweeping mechanical improvements each new year that are made to FIFA and PES. Though most of these improvements are usually iterative than game-changing. There have been issues like player behavior, ball physics, and also players reacting like you would expect them to be in reality that has been refined.

Things have been made smoother than ever in both installments with dribbling, tackling, and other methods of play adjusted are ways that they now reflect the modern game. There has also been adjusted realism that is attained in modern video games.


Just like the previous years, it seems that the showdown of football has fallen in a stalemate. Both FIFA 20 and PES 20 have a raft of worthwhile improvements and other new additions. They have both offered distinct and impressive gameplays experiences. EA has got an edge in terms of modes and the licenses compared to PES, while Konami graphics allow you to have a smoother experience on the pitch. Both have their good side and the bad side. It would boil down to what one is expecting fro them.

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