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Fat Shark 101

The Fat Shark 101 Racing Drone Kit is ideal for first time racing quadcopter buyers. As a beginner, you will love the First Person View racing drone to get into the game.

So what is the key selling point of this craft? The Fat Shark 101 is simple to use and makes for the best first-timer racing drone.

However, is this all offered by the Fat Shark Brand? Learn more about the drone in the Fat Shark 101 Racing Drone Kit review.

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Review of Fat Shark 101 Racing Drone

Fat Shark 101 Racing Drone Kit Design

Fat Shark 101

Fat Shark FPV Drone Racing Kit Vehicle
Includes high quality, wide field-of-view Recon goggles

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The first thing you must remember when buying the racing drone kit is that it does not have luxury features and made for racing.

Furthermore, the quadcopter comes with a beginner, advanced, and intermediate mode, allowing you to make agile movements and full flips.

On the other hand, it comes complete with everything a drone racer needs to get started. You even get spare parts included in the kit if ever you crash it and break the propellers or lose the motor cap.

The drone itself has a brushed finish with a 5.8 GHz camera and perfect for beginners learning to fly FPV. You cannot adjust the angle of the camera and transmits a 25mw signal.

You can switch between the F and R bands as well. Furthermore, you get batteries included as you rip through the cells quickly.

To fly with First Person View takes time and practice and we recommend you add the DRL simulator subscription to help.

The Remote

The Fat Shark 101 drone and remotes already connected. The remote is solid in hand and using the sticks responsive. You can use the other switch to arm and disarm the quadcopter.

Furthermore, the remote is FlySky compatible to use with any other drone using the FlySky receiver. With the beginner mode, you get a self-leveling style while in the standard manner the functions removed.

For practicing your acro skills, using the in-between mode is perfect and use by all professional drone pilots and racers. You have more freedom and control to do flips, trick, rolls, and more.

However, the more advanced you become; the full acro mode is more responsive while the advanced mode lets you fly without limitations.

As mentioned subscribing to the DRL Simulator is excellent to use before you even try the acro mode. With it, you can hone your skills as a beginner or advanced user.

For new flyers, it means you are going to crash, and your drone will need repairs. Therefore, by using the simulator, it prevents crashes from happening and avoids expensive repairs. Furthermore, you can use your included remote to practice.

Once you can pass the gates and obstacles included, you can put on the FPV goggles.

Extras Included

Fat Shark 101

Fat Shark FPV Drone Racing Kit Vehicle
Includes high quality, wide field-of-view Recon goggles

Last update on 2019-12-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The goggles are comfortable and provide a view from the front of the craft. Compared to other affordable kits these goggles are better, but they cannot record your flight unless you hook it up with DVR.

The whole package made up of the training system and membership to the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics.) The entire kit is fantastic, but it can still improve on specific points like the camera that is not adjustable.

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Fat Shark 101 Drone Kit Specs

  • Battery: 2s 260mAh with a USB power charger
  • Control Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Extras: 130° CMOS Video Camera
  • Headset Battery: One 2600mAh
  • Motor: Brushed
  • Propellers: 58mm Press Fit
  • Video Frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Weight: 50 grams

Pros and Cons Fat Shark 101 Drone Racing Kit


  • Offers you the ease of use out of the box
  • Made crash proof and if anything breaks you have spares in the box
  • Packaged with loads of extras from spare props, motors, racing gates, stands, and free license to DRL Simulator
  • Excellent price for everything included and perfect for drone racing


  • Only has an 11-minute flight time and not enough
  • Some light bleeds into the Fat Shark Recon goggles

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Should you buy the Fat Shark 101 kit?

Fat Shark 101

Fat Shark FPV Drone Racing Kit Vehicle
Includes high quality, wide field-of-view Recon goggles

Last update on 2019-12-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

You will not get a better all-in-one package if wanting to learn how to do FPV flying and racing. The Fat Shark brand is superb as you find everything you need to get started in the box.

They have even added some quality extras from gates, a battery, goggles, to subscription. However, if you are a professional drone flyer or looking for a camera drone to capture aerial footage, this is not the one you need.

Our Verdict

Using the easy mode to fly is comfortable with the Fat Shark 101 drone. There is an intermediate and pro mode as well. It is challenging if you are new to operating a drone.

We found the different modes implemented great as it gradually teaches you how to pilot the drone. Using the pro mode, we found it could even do flips as well.

Using the controller is simple, and you can quickly change flight modes with a flip of the switch on the top left side. To start the drone, all you do is use the switch on the right.

Furthermore, you can upgrade the parts after teaching your kids to fly, as it is prone to crash. On the other hand, you can use it with the headset like the HD3 and V3 from Fat Shark.

After learning the necessary flight skills, you can use the foldable goal to fine-tune more of your flight skills. When used in pro mode the FPV drone continually moves similar to a fixed-wing quadcopter. So controlling it is different to the DJI models.

Check it out today and decide if the package is what you need.

Train yourself to fly a drone and read the Fat Shark 101 drone racing kit review. The packages have everything you need to get started with operating in FPV mode.

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