Best Family Camping Tent in 2021

Going abroad on vacation with the family is great, but also expensive. Why not plan a weekend or week camping trip with the family that is more affordable. Whether it is your first camp out or perhaps second or third, nothing beats heading out to the shore or countryside pitching your tent and enjoying the outdoors. Believe us; you are going to have fun. Now before you head out to buy a camping kit you need the best family camping tent. Here we have the latest family tents for 2021 you can buy.

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Top Best Family Camping Tent

10. Happy Camper Two Person Tent

Happy Camper Two Person Tent

Maybe your family has not grown yet and you need a two-person tent for your adventures. Look at the Wakeman Outdoors Happy Camper family tent here. The tent has a durable construction of nylon with a rain fly to keep you and your loved one dry. For backpacking, the two-person dome has a lightweight with a large D-style door. You can use the tent throughout the year and sets up with fiberglass poles. Feel the breeze with the ventilation window and for ease of carrying it comes with a storage bag.


  • Great to use for all occasions with the nylon construction, D-style door, fiberglass poles, and ventilation window
  • Two person dome design and has an interior height of 3.50 feet
  • Designed with an interior pocket to keep items stored
  • You receive a storage bag included

9. Coleman Sundome Four-Person Tent

Coleman Sundome Four-Person Tent

The dome tent from Coleman has a spacious interior and set up in 10-minutes. The Sundome fits four people and has a weather tech system with the welded floor and inverted seams. For ease of setup, it has snag-free pole sleeves and a Rainfly awning to protect you from the rain and provides shade. Inside it has storage pockets to keep the tent clutter free. You can easily fit a queen airbed inside.


  • Made of durable polyester and has a dome structure that fits four people inside
  • The floors welded and it has inverted seams to keep it dry when raining
  • You get superior ventilation with the large windows and ground vent
  • Designed with snag-free pole sleeves, rainfly awning, storage pockets, Insta-clip pole attachments
  • Has a zippered electrical access port
  • The dimensions 4.9-foot x 7-foot
  • Include a carry bag and you get a one-year warranty

8. Coleman Montana Family Camping Tent

Coleman Montana Family Camping Tent

Montana is a huge family camping tent that is 16 x 7-feet. On the inside of the tent is a large room with a full floor. You receive a rain fly included as well. At the top of each wall is a mesh window you can zip close. You can leave them open when it is raining as it angles inwards. The d-shaped door has a hinged frame that seals with a zipper and Velcro. There is a sewn folding mat to give you a clean stand when it is raining. On the inside are different pockets to keep small items organized and has an electrical access port.


  • Made of durable polyester and spacious enough for up to eight people
  • You can fit up to three queen size air beds
  • The Weathertec system keeps water out and has an extending awning to keep items dry
  • You can bring electrical power inside the tent with the E-Port
  • The center height is 6-foot 2-inches and measures 16 x 7 feet
  • Designed with mesh windows on each wall and zips closed
  • Include a carry bag

7. Coleman Evaston Screened Tent

Coleman Evaston Screened Tent

The Evaston 8-people family camping tent is affordable to buy. The tent has a simple yet spacious design and is quick to set up. The dome construction has an extra hoop that supports the screened porch. You get a separate rain fly with triangular side gaps for ventilation and the best view to outside. In the middle of the tent, you have up to six feet of headroom. The porch is enclosed with mesh sides and has a large door. Between the interior and the porch, it has a waterproof base.


  • Made of long-lasting polyester material and spacious enough for up to eight people
  • You can fit up to two queen size air beds
  • Has a separate screened room that prevents bugs from entering the tent
  • The floors welded and have inverted seams to keep it dry
  • The center height is 6-feet and it measures 15 x 12 feet
  • Include a carry bag and rainfly

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6. Klondike Family Camping Tent

Klondike Family Camping Tent

Whether you plan to sleep in the woods or campground the Klondike provides sleeping space for up to eight people. The family camping tent has a mesh-sided sunroom on the front and a durable main compartment. The sunroom comprises zippered walls that can convert into a 2nd enclosed space. Everything is kept dry on the inside with the bathtub floor. Between the two sections, you find a big circular door. The headroom is excellent and it buttons up for weatherproofing.


  • Sleeps up to eight people
  • Has 98 square feet of interior space
  • Include a 60 square foot screen room with zip up walls
  • The headroom space is 6.5 feet
  • You can use the screen room as a gear room, sunroom, and more
  • Designed with a mesh roof and two mesh windows
  • Made with polyester fabric and has a polyurethane coating

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5. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent

Do you need a family camping tent that is suitable for up to four people to use? The Sundome tent from Coleman has a hexagonal shape with a single large interior and rainfly. You can hook your lantern on the overhead hook and keep items organized in the two gear pockets. With the built-in port, you can run power cables to give you electricity inside and has a mat for the door. The tent weighs 18-pounds and weightless to carry long distances.


  • Can sleep up to four people
  • Has welded corners with inverted seams
  • Made with Polyguard fabric and measures 10 x 10 feet with a center height of 6-foot
  • Include a carry bag and has a lantern hook, two gear pockets, and built-in port for power cables

4. Coleman Red Canyon Tent

Coleman Red Canyon Tent

To sleep six people comfortably on a camp out you need the Red Canyon family camping tent. The headroom is six feet and stands 17 x 10 feet. A rain fly goes over the top of the tent and helps to keep the rain out. You can use the tent with the open space or make separate compartments with the included dividers. The sealed floor allows you to use it as sleeping rooms. You can set the tent up solo quickly, but with the long poles, it is easier if you do have help. The poles are color-coded and kept together with a cord.


  • Measures 17 x 10 feet and has a six-foot center height
  • Include two zippered room dividers
  • Suitable for all weather conditions with the Weathertec System
  • Designed with color and shock-corded poles
  • You can adjust the ventilation system

3. Coleman WeatherMaster

Coleman WeatherMaster

The six-person family camping tent from Coleman is generously sized. The dome tent has two sections, the main room or you can divide it into two separate rooms with the zippered curtain. Alternatively, you can also set it up with a mesh-screened sunroom. The sunroom section does not have a floor and great for hunting trips. The fiberglass poles are 11mm and you have a rainfly. The d-shaped door has a fold out mat underneath.


  • Made with polyester fabric with a PU coating
  • Comfortably fits six people
  • Designed with a Weathertec System to keep the tent dry
  • Have two doors, one that is hinged and the other with a zip
  • Has a 6.8-foot center height and measures 17 x 9 feet
  • The poles are color coded and designed with continuous pole sleeves

2. Coleman Instant Tent

Coleman Instant Tent

Who wants to struggle with setting up a family camping tent on vacation? Make your life simpler with the Instant Tent from Coleman. The interior space is 90 square feet and has a six-foot headroom. The cabin-style tent provides ample room for three people with their gear. The reflective guy ropes are great at night and prevent you from tripping over them. The tent does not come with a rain fly and best to take a tarp to throw over the tent in case it does storm. Inside it has a lantern hook with two mesh storage pockets.


  • Made with Polyester 50D material
  • Spacious enough to sleep eight people and sets up in minutes
  • The floors welded with inverted seams to keep the tent dry
  • The windows and doors screened to prevent bugs from entering inside
  • Has a center height of 6.5 feet and measures 14 x 10 feet

1. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent - family camping tent

It does not matter what type of base camp you need when sleeping in the outdoors, the Browning Camping Big Horn Tent can help you out. The family camping tent sleeps up to five people and has a remarkable headroom space over seven feet. The tent has a three-pole dome design with a separate rain fly found over the roof. On the inside are three zippered dividers to split the room space in two. There are two entrances with three mesh windows. In the center of the tent, there is a hook to hang a lantern and you can keep small items organized in the three mesh gear pockets.


  • Has a three-pole dome design
  • The center height is seven feet and the base size is 10 x 15 feet
  • The tent weighs 34 lbs
  • There are two doorways with six windows and has a mesh roof for ventilation
  • Included you receive a storage bag, internal storage pockets, guy ropes, steel stakes, and a polyester fly

Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking the best family camping tent for your next outdoor adventure, the best is to choose one that sleeps two extra people above your family member numbers. This allows you to have plenty of room for sleeping and your camping gear. The tents reviewed here can help make your sleep out more comfortable and enjoyable.

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