Shocking facts about 5G you need to know

What you need to know about 5G Network

Due to rapid change in technology, 5G is believed to be the game-changer in the manufacture of mobile networks, as it promises to improve working, conditions, means of communication, traveling and even mode of playing, through invention of self-driving cars and creation of smart cities which will be run by the 5G network. Without a doubt this will lead to a boost in today’s speed and feed, thus making our lives unbelievably faster, easier, and smoother .5G is viewed as a bonus to people who are always looking for a new thing in smartphones.

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5G Network Speed

250 times the speed of the fastest LTE network

5G Network SpeedDespite the fact that 5G is considered to be the main factor in tomorrow’s economy there’s astonishing information you need to know about the network. It’s evident that 5G is remarkably fast, but it is also imperative to comprehend how fast 5G is in comparison to the famous 4G LTE connections. According to Open signal, the fastest 4G speeds ever recorded is approximately 19.42Mbps as recorded in the US. Compared to the 4G network, the 5G network is expected to give speeds in the form of Gigabit.

The Snapdragon X50, Qualcomm’s, which are the first 5G generation modem can provide speed up to 5 gigabits each, which is 250 times the speed of the fastest LTE network in the USA which is quite remarkable. It is 250 times faster than the average speed we get from the fastest LTE network in the US. Generation modems here. These show that the new generation chips are expected to have tremendous speeds in comparison to the first generation.

5G network capacity

Hold up to a million devices per square kilometer

5G network capacityIt is important to note that the ability of a network to hold a larger volume is paramount.4G network tends to operate slowly whenever it connects to more than one gadget at the same time this is because cannot sustain several devices at the same time due to its low capacity. 5 G network is the solution to this difficulty as it can hold up to a million devices per square kilometer, which means that 5 G network

5G network is not just restricted to phones as it is expected that it will also be in use in vehicles, which are expected to be remote-controlled hence there will be no need for smart drivers.5Gs lower latency and high capacity will facilitate quick and easy communication of the car and its surroundings.

The Impact of 5G on Other Products and Services

It is also expected that 5G will have an impact on other products such as wearable’s, virtual reality headsets, smart home devices, PCs, and so on. For instance 5G will enable the tracking of an individual through products such as fit bits and smartwatches. In the same way VR and AR are expected to change as result of the introduction of 5G which will be fast and efficient.

Changes are always a difficult thing to accept even though it’s the only constant thing in life. It is, therefore, evident that it will take time to embrace the 5 G as we have embraced the 4G. Build is an enormous task, which is both time and financial consuming. To this end it is important to note that such projects are usually done in major cities first. Hence, those who are not in major cities should not expect to use the 5G network anytime soon. have to wait for a few more years to have access to this superb network.

In Us major cities such as Houston, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Indianapolis, the Verizon company has launched the 5G network though it isn’t the wireless system that is being talked about. Thus the wireless system still remains to be a promise made by the company carriers. Hence the possibility of accessing the 5G network wireless network is not expected till next year. A company like AT & T placed its 5G call in September, but it is expected to be fully functional in 12 major cities and an additional seven minor cities by the end of 2021.

A country like South Korea has strategized to have 5 G networks by 2021.Therefore 2021 seems to be the year in which the 5G network will be incorporated in the major cities of United States, Japan, and China. Thus, it is evident that 4G networks will still be in use in major cities around the world for a few more years since the building of a 5G network takes time.

Technology evolves according to the population. The more a population uses technology, the more the need for improving it. A larger population will require efficient transport system, sufficient food supply, improved education system, and quality healthcare. All this will be made possible if only there will be a proper mobile network in place. Thus the 5G network comes in handy. In comparison with the 4G network, which transmits information in several directions before it reaches the intended recipient, the 5G network sends the beams straight to the intended gadget, which eases communication, saves times, and improves efficiency and productivity in manufacturing industries. Therefore the 5G network is expected to be a game-changer in the technology industry.


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