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Why spend hundreds of dollars at a salon to make your skin look great. You can enjoy a facial right in your home with the best Professional facial steamers. The handy appliance will not only make your skin clean but will also clear up your sinuses. If you do have an acne problem or your pores clogged, the steamer helps to soften the outer skin layer. By doing this, it helps the pores to breath and rids itself of dirt. Furthermore, it helps your skin to absorb facial products better.

Another benefit is the device helps increase blood circulation that gives your skin a beautiful glow. We do need to make a significant note. If you suffer from fungal infections, Rosacea, or any other skin condition, talk to your doctor before using any of the Professional facial steamers reviewed here.

Here we have picked ten of the best facial steamers for you.

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Best Professional Facial Steamers In 2020

10. Conair Facial Sauna

Conair Facial Sauna

If you need a facial steamer at home, there is no need for rolling in the money with the Conair at-home sauna. The nozzle has a narrow sinus cone to clear up your sinus passages. Furthermore, you can use it to cleanse your face, and it works as a humidifier. The unit has a timer with auto shut-off. You receive twin cones a broad one and a thin one. Incorporated are an exfoliating brush and a sponge to use with moisturizer.

Conair Facial Sauna with Timer; Blue/Cream
Facial Sauna with timer helps open pores for deep cleansing; Nasal cone for concentrated problem areas

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  • Easy to use
  • Multiple uses
  • Can use it with essential oils
  • Auto shut-off
  • Receive bonus accessories


  • The facial attachment for steaming the face is small

9. KINGA Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

KINGA Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

For daily facial care at home, the KINGA facial steamer is ideal. The device has an inexpensive price and works with a heating element and ultrasonic vaporizer. The steam penetrates your skin quickly and holds a warm temperature to unclog pores. With the affordable price, you even get some great gifts included. You receive a five-piece surgical blackhead & blemish extractor kit. The only downside is you need to use the unit with distilled water.

KINGA Facial Steamer Hot Mist Moisturizing Cleaning Pores clearing blackheads Humidifier Home Sauna SPA System Facial Atomizer Facial Nano Sprayer
Quickest Start-to-Steam: Generates Full-Powered Mist in Less than 30 Seconds.; Performs Double Duty: Use as Direct Skin Indulgence & Treatment, or Simply Let Steamer.

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  • Can use it with mud masks
  • Great accessories included
  • Easy to use


  • The power cord can be a bit longer

8. Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer

Pure Daily Care NanoSteamer

Another affordable facial steamer you can use at home is the Pure Daily Care. With the nano-ionic steam, you can have glowing skin in minutes. All this takes place with the heating element and ultrasonic vaporizer producing ten times more steam to penetrate the skin. The kit comprises of a five-piece surgical blackhead & blemish extractor. You can use it to steam your face, like a humidifier, or you can warm towels up with it. The water tanks 200ml and offers you up to 30-minutes of use. With the control knob, you can pick your setting best suited to your needs.

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  • Works with ionic technology
  • Versatile
  • Great accessories included
  • Huge water reservoir with an extended runtime


  • Does not have a separate essential oil tray

7. Lavany Facial Steamer

Lavany Facial Steamer

For a modern and affordable facial steamer, you cannot go wrong when you buy the Lavany. The design is unique as it allows you to do hot and cold steam. Another benefit of the appliance is that you can use essential oils with it. To keep the head clean it has a dust cap, and the steam lasts up to 20-minutes. The cold mist can last up to 70-minutes when used as a humidifier. You can efficiently purify your skin at home, as the steamer uses nano steam to clear out pores. The nozzles adjustable and it has a 180 ml water tank. Furthermore, the device switches off automatically.

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  • Can use the facial steamer to cleanse your face or as a humidifier
  • Works with cold and warm mist
  • Affordable
  • Shuts off automatically


  • The outlet for the mist spray is small
  • Has no UV sterilization

6. Kealive Facial Steamer

Kealive Facial Steamer

For an affordable at home beauty spa, you need the Kealive. The facial steamer warms up quickly and sprays steam in 40-seconds. The device works with nano steam and helps to clear up your face leaving it glowing. You can adjust the nozzle, and it has a shut-off feature when there is no water in the reservoir. The design is compact, sleek, and stylish and has an attractive touch button. Once the steamer starts spraying, a blue light lights up, and once it stops, it turns to red. The Kealive is a fantastic entry-level device if you are new to facial steaming. An added advantage is you can use it as a humidifier. Included you receive a 24-month warranty.

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  • Warms up quickly
  • Auto shut-off function
  • The nozzles adjustable
  • Has a 90ml water tank
  • Simple to use


  • Can only use it with distilled water

5. OKACHI GLIYA NanoSteamer


The NanoSteamer from OKACHI GLIYA works with PTC ceramic heating and turns water into small microparticles for consistent steam. The UV light works with the heating element to penetrate into your skin and opens all your pores. The facial steamer keeps a constant 104-degree F steam. The home beauty salon has a portable design made of BPA-free material. The water tank is heat-resistant. There is an aluminum nozzle and helps prevent hot water from spilling out. For controlling the unit, it has a microcomputer touch-panel. To shut the steamer off, you can use the HD mirror. The NanoSteamer weighs 2.12 pounds and has a compact design.

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  • Designed with a quick start function
  • For self-disinfecting, it has a UV light
  • Hold a consistent temperature
  • Made with BPA-free material
  • Designed with a mirrored top and works with ionic steam


  • Does not switch off automatically
  • Has no steam control button

4. Panasonic Spa-Quality Facial Steamer

Panasonic Spa-Quality Facial Steamer

With the Panasonic facial steamer, you can enjoy spa-quality sauna treatments in your home. You can have your face cleansed in six-minutes with the nanotechnology used. You can use it as a makeup primer to remove mascara quickly. The unit has a compact and modern design that works with one-button operation.

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  • Only takes a couple of seconds to warm up
  • Easy to use
  • Uses nanotechnology


  • The reservoir can be a bit bigger

3. Project E Beauty Personal 2 in 1 Facial + Hair Steamer

Project E Beauty Personal 2 in 1 Facial + Hair Steamer

Now for something a different related to facial steamers. Here we have a two-in-one device from Project E Beauty. With the fantastic unit you get more than just a facial, you can dry your hair as well. The hair treatment unit helps to improve brittle and damaged hair while the steamer helps to treat dry skin and pores. The appliance has a tabletop design with UV ozone function. Furthermore, it has an auto shut-off feature. The cool mist lasts up to 30-minutes and has a 360° rotatable nozzle.

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  • Easy to use and has a one-press operation
  • Steam nozzle rotates
  • Portable design
  • Versatile to use for face and hair
  • Auto shut-off


  • The hood dome can be a bit bigger

2. DEATTI Facial & Hair Steamer

DEATTI Facial & Hair Steamer

Another two-in-one facial steamer is the DEATTI. With the appliance, you can steam your face and hair. The unit works with negative-ion function and comes with a standard steam temperature. You can use it for different cleansing purposes as a spray, ion, treating your hair with cream, or as an aromatherapy device. There is a safety auto power-off switch. With the spray function, it generates Ozone 3 to help speed up absorption. The nozzle rotates and has a convenient control to use. The water reservoir is visible to see the amount of water left in the tank. The design is unique as it has an aroma compartment, steam nozzle, and a hair steamer in one.

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  • Versatile to use
  • Easy operation
  • Nanotechnology to speed up absorption


  • Expensive

1. Icarus “Jocasta” Professional Facial Steamer

Icarus "Jocasta" Professional Facial Steamer-facial steamers

Stop splurging your money at the spa and get an Icarus Jocasta facial steamer to use in the home. You will not be disappointed with this professional at-home spa treatment. The appliance has a compact design making it portable to take with you anywhere. The ozone combo has a twistable arm and has two switches. You can use the steamer without the ozone use, and it has an automatic power-off when the waters low.

Icarus ''Jocasta'' Professional Salon Spa Facial Steamer with Ozone
New models now use regular water. Do not need to use distilled water for this steamer.; Heat resistant plastic jar. These do not melt with our facial steamers.

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  • Made from durable material
  • Portable enough to take with you on your travels
  • Warms up quickly
  • Adjustable Arm
  • Auto power-off switch


For the price, it would have been nice to have an aromatherapy function

Why You Must Own Professional Facial Steamers?

Why You Must Own Facial Steamers?

Elegance! Is the word you will hear everyone talk when commenting on their face looks. Skincare procedures are strict and should be done regularly as well as with ease to bear the desired results. At the core of the skincare, programs are steaming that everyone is falling for due to its immense benefits. The glow in your friend’s face may be solely due to the routine your friend does when steaming their faces.  Do you know what it takes to have a routine facial steaming? It’s a facial steamer that will conveniently allow you to change your look to the glossy one.

What are Facial Steamers?

Facial steamers as the name suggest comprise items used for producing steam. The steam produced by the facial steamers as well as the use of special oils a further used to steam faces at home rather than having to go to a clinic or a spa. As such a Facial Steamer becomes a must-have item in your household for steaming your face frequently.

Thereby, facial steamers produce a steady stream of steam directed to the face treated with special oils. Further on the face, the steam is now responsible for cleansing as well as soothing pores, help in opening up of the sinuses hence allowing you to be as comfortable as possible. This further removes dirt in the pores that can not come out by the regular washing with soap and water. Additionally, facial steamers operate easily at home rather than having professionals at spas.

What is the benefit of facial steamers?

What is the benefit of facial steamers?

The benefit of using facial steamers is evidenced by a deep cleansing of your skin.  The heat from the steam opens up the spores of your skin. Further, opening up the pores helps then release bacteria and dirt quickly when you cleanse or scrub. Additionally, the softening of the skin allows the dead skin to peel off easily.

Also, having facial steamers helps you in the removal of the toxins in your body. Sweating releases toxins from the skin of the body. In fact, it is sure that the taste of your sweat is salty. As such, when steam reaches the skin of your face, it causes you to sweat, thereby allowing you to release the toxins.

Having facial steaming further helps you a common nuisance to many, acne. Acne is mainly caused by clogged pores, and as such, there is irritation as well as infection in extreme cases. As such, the removal of the clogging of the pores when the steam reaches your face is done through opening up of the pores when sweating. Hard sebum stuck in the pores consequently break and further releases any dirt and bacteria.

Facial steamers also further help you get rid of the painful whiteheads as well as blackheads. The formation of the whiteheads and blackheads happens when the fluid that protects and lubricates the skin sticks inside a hair follicle. Steaming your face thus helps the sebum to soften, and therefore it melts running out of your pores. This clears the pores and sets you free from the pain as well as the irritation.

Do facial steamers help acne?

Many will tell you that facial steamers won’t do any help with your acne problem, but I tell you that having facial steamers helps you with curing the acne problems. Only three points will convince you to get one of the facial steamers. Having facial steamers helps you prevent acne by keeping the pores of your skin clean.

Exposing your skin to steam helps you clear your skin pores as well as unclog them, resulting in the reduction of acne outbreaks. This means that the reduction of chances of having acne thus an advantage to your skin.

Further, when you have facial steaming, you help increase the permeability of your skin. This helps in easier absorption of medications for acne as well as other skin ointments. This means that you not only have better results with the medications that you have been given but also have a better skin has absorbed all the treats that you have applied. As a matter of fact, the ointments as well as the acne treatment medications, won’t work because they are not the right treatment but because they did not reach the deeper layers of your skin. Facial steaming will help you.

Does it really work?

Do facial steamers really work?

Whether you need to cleanse your skin, remove toxins in your body, get rid of the painful whiteheads as well as blackheads or even prevent as well as cure acne then the right method to use is by use of facial steamers. You will not only accrue the above but also end up with a youthful moisturized face for you to blaze. Cool right?

Doing it once won’t do any good. Again, doing it daily isn’t either good. A set plan of frequent and consistent facial steaming will be the only that will result in what you desire. As such, it is how you do the process that will determine the results that you will have. Further, different skins react differently, so keen should be taken to ensure damage is not done to your skin as well as dismissing the benefits of the process. Further, the proper use of the facial tool, as well as proper cleaning, will also lead to the right results.

Facial steaming actuates home therapy providing you with different facial cleansing techniques as well offer aromatherapy at your convenience. Yes, it works!

Final Thoughts

You can buy facial steamers in different shapes and sizes. We hope that our top 10 Professional facial steamers in 2020 reviews help you to find the best one. If you need an appliance with leading nanotechnology, pick the KINGA and Conair. Both these devices come with fantastic accessories to give you the best spa home treatment. If you want more than just a facial therapy, you can look at the Project E or DEATTI. Now you can have a full spa experience by treating your face and your hair at the same time.

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