Everything You Need to Know about Cotton Candy Maker!

cotton candy

Cotton Candy Maker

Cotton candy is a plain granulated sugar apart from its flavorings and coloring. The dry additives give their flavor and aroma, whether in ready for use or in premixed form. The critical thing is how it is made.

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What kind of sugar is used in making cotton candy?

Cotton Candy

The machine usually melts the sugar, and then spun it at breakneck speed as the chamber rotates. The spun sugar turns into threads form when it hits the air, making candyfloss. The granulated sugar is found in plenty, and it is not expensive, making it ideal for homeowners and small restaurants.

There are small machines that are convenient for homeowners who want to experience the delicacy of cotton candy at the comfort of their homes as well as significant devices that are suitable for commercial purposes.

For instance, the untinted vanilla sugar can make cotton candy with vanilla flavor delicacy, meaning it could be because of upscale dessert. It is advisable to carefully check the instruction manual to know what kind of sugar works best with your machine. For example, most small devices are suitable for superfine sugar.

How much sugar is needed to make cotton candy?

Cotton Candy

To make a typical serving of cotton candy, it will just take 30 grams of sugar, meaning it is nine grams less than a 12 ounce can of Coke. Cotton candy does not have sodium, preservatives, nor does it have fat. Truly, it is about 115 calories per serving, meaning cotton candy only provides you with only carbohydrates. All calories contribute to weight gain, hence the same with cotton candy.

Scientifically, to make a cotton candy is a chemical reaction. When the granulated sugar is heated, the bonds that put together the crystal are broken down. After this reaction, the crystals are split into sugars, glucose, and fructose. As heating continues, they will further break down into oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. At this stage, oxygen and hydrogen will mix to form water. You can use this solution to make a cotton candy by removing fine hairs of the stuff through holes on the screen.

In today’s world, cotton candy machines are all over, and they are affordable, making them available to even small businesses and homeowners. In addition, the raw materials used in making cotton candy are readily available in the market. All these factors combined have made cotton candy popular and widely used in many occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, carnivals, clubs, family gatherings, among other entertainment parties.

Tips and Guide:

How to use cotton candy maker?

To make cotton candy, ensure you use pure sugar as directed in the instruction manual. This is because not any sugar can make cotton candy. It is also advised not to use cotton candy maker in rooms that have carpets on the floor or with valuables. You can use a cotton candy maker to make sweet cotton candies and cones for your family and friends, maybe for bashes, family gatherings, or for your children’s birthday parties.

A cotton candy maker is simple and easy to use, as seen below:

The first thing is to make sure you have super cleaned your cotton candy maker. This is to ensure the highest level of cleanliness is observed. In addition, there could be some remains.

Follow the instructions carefully as provided in the manual to assemble the cotton candy maker. This is simple and will only take you a few minutes. Then, attach the bowl to the base. Ensure you plug in the maker and let it heat for about ten minutes.

Use the measuring cup provided and measure two scoops of sugar, add food coloring, and stir them together. Pour that solution to the machine.

To serve the cotton candy, wait for about 3-5 minutes and use a paper cone to wind the finished cotton candy around.

Switch off the maker and ensure you clean it immediately to prevent the forming of hard-to-remove stains. This can be done using warm water and sponge. Enjoy your delicious cotton candy.

How to Clean a Cotton Candy Maker?

Cotton Candy

  • After making your cotton candy, ensure you remove all sugar remains.
  • Then, remove the mesh stabilizer and clips and put them in a bag. Lift the bowl and bubble off the machine.
  • Wipe down the motor parts and place the machine where there is no moisture.
  • To ensure there are no sugar remains, clean the bowl thoroughly. You can use warm water and a soft sponge to clean all the sugar off the bubble.
  • Store the bubble back in its bag, and store them together with the bowl in their box.

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