Top 10 Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers in 2021

The digital Vernier Calipers become an essential part for any engineer to have. Taking a precise measurement in the industrial sector with a useful instrument and the top 10 electronic digital Vernier Calipers reviewed here can help you out.

You can measure diameters/lengths up to 0.0005-inches or -0.01mm. There is a micrometer screw gauges you can use to measure pipe diameter and depth of holes correctly. There are two types of calipers you can buy the manual one and the other with a digital sensor.

The benefit of using a digital instrument is that you get the values display on the LCD screen. So if you are in the marketplace to buy an intelligent Vernier Caliper read further.

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Best Electronic Digital Vernier Calipers

10. VINCA Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

VINCA Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

The VINCA is a stainless steel digital caliper that measures in inch/metric/fraction conversion. The product comes highly recommended for Home DIY and professional use. The design is smooth with the polished stainless steel and has a depthometer groove with sliding motion. The caliper has a fully calibrated construction and includes an extra battery with a guarantee. The device also has an auto-off function and takes up to seven minutes to shut down.


  • Nice plastic casing
  • Shows multiple measurements and the display is visible in any environment


  • The adjustment wheel is not that smooth

9. Neiko Electronic Digital Caliper

Neiko Electronic Digital Caliper

With the Neiko electronic digital Vernier Caliper, you get a one-button control to change the measurements from inches, fractions, to millimeters. The exterior has a stainless steel finish and has a knurled thumb roller with a locking screw for smooth sliding. You can use the device to measure the depth, inside, and outside of items. The LCD screen is visible to read, and you receive an LR44 battery included extra with a storage case. The measurement range is up to 6-inches and 150mm and has a 0.0005-inch resolution with 0.001-inch accuracy.


  • Consistent measurements
  • The encoders fast
  • Versatile


  • Inner measurements not accurate

8. GlowGeek Electronic Digital Caliper

GlowGeek Electronic Digital Caliper

The GlowGeek is another electronic digital Vernier Caliper at an affordable price. The instrument has a hardened stainless steel shaft to make depth measurements precisely on the internal and external side of items. The large Liquid Crystal Display is effortless to read and offers you high-contrast resolution. You can measure in inches, metric, and fraction conversion. The slide is smooth, and the durable design makes sure it lasts for a long time. For DIY and professional use, this tool will not leave you disappointed. You can reset the measurements any time and powered by a battery.


  • Durable construction
  • Provides you with a fraction readout
  • Versatile to use


  • Gives you inconsistent readings

7. iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Caliper

iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Caliper

With the super large digital display in the iGaging digital caliper, you can see measurements easily. For plumbers this instruments ideal as it is IP54 splash water resistant. The body has a hard steel structure with lapping finish. You get a four-digit Decimal in SAE mode or a fractional display. You can get an accurate reading up to 0.0005-inches and measure products up to 6-inches.


  • Keeps track well even when off it keeps the measurement
  • Designed with auto-off function
  • Durable and versatile to use


  • Not a long battery life use only up to 9 months

6. Green Toolz Electronic Digital Caliper

Green Toolz Electronic Digital Caliper

There is no need for guessing your measurements use the Green Toolz Vernier Caliper to get the work done. Take accurate measurements of items on the exterior, interior, step, depth, and diameter in SAE, fractional and metric. The instruments designed with an automatic power save mode and low battery warning. For DIY projects and engineering projects, the Green Toolz is perfect and fits comfortably in hand. The knurled thumb roller glides smoothly, and you can instantly convert between readings. The tool measures 6-inches long and fits into your pocket. You receive the device in a casing with spare extended life battery with a screwdriver. Extra you receive a laser-cut 26-blade master feeler gauge for manual measurements. This is not all you also get a two-year warranty.


  • Perfect for woodwork
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Some minor construction issues, but Green Toolz is more than willing to replace it

5. Aickar Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

Aickar Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

The Aickar brand is not cheap, but you get one of the best electronic digital Vernier Calipers from them. The instrument measures 6-inches and has a stainless steel cover with a depth-measurement probe with ground jaws. Included you get an IP54 block out for water splashes and dust. For home and professional use, the tool offers you accuracy within 0.0005-inches/0.01mm and instantly converts between inches, millimeter, and fractions with the touch of a button. The LCD is easy to read and measures internal and external dimensions, depths, diameter, and steps. The caliper has a machine-grooved thumb-roller for adjustment with position lock and powered by a 3V battery. You receive a durable case with extra battery and a mini screwdriver when buying the Aickar. With the caliper, you receive a one year warranty.


  • Measures both inside and outside dimensions
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • None

4. EAGems Digital Caliper

EAGems Digital Caliper

The EAGems Digital Caliper has a stainless steel structure with accurate readings within 0.0005-inches and 0.01mm. The automated on/off function saves battery power and it has an IP54 rating against dust and splashes. The LCD screen makes it easier for you to read the measurements. Once you move the slide, the instrument turns on and switches off after 5-minutes when not used. You receive a two-year warranty with the tool and offer you precise measurements. Extra you get a hard case, battery, and screwdriver with your purchase.


  • Takes accurate measurements
  • Durable
  • Looks great


  • The sensor’s sensitivity is not perfect

3. UBANTE Electronic Digital Caliper

UBANTE Electronic Digital Caliper

With the UBANTE electronic digital Vernier Caliper, you get three measuring modes and have a stainless steel structure. There is a depth-measurement blade for internal and external measuring with the jaws. The LCD screen presents you with significant digits that are easy to read. Included you get an extra LR44 battery with storage case. The three measurements are inches, metric, and fraction. You can measure depth, length, external & internal scope.


  • Accurate
  • Great instrument
  • Durable


  • None

2. iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN Digital Electronic Caliper

iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN Digital Electronic Caliper

Are you looking for the top of the range electronic digital Vernier Caliper look no further? Here is the iGaging Absolute Origin with a 0.0005-inch/0.01mm resolution with a range up to 6-inches/150mm. The instruments IP54 protected against dust and water drops. The tool meets the DIN standard 862 and is ISO certified. You receive a two-year warranty included and can buy the USB cable for charging the battery separately. The LCD is huge, displays well in all environments, and needs no resetting to zero. The caliper includes a CR2032 with a spare. The structure comprises stainless steel with a lapped finish.


  • Great to use for measuring guitar strings
  • Convenient instrument
  • Great price


  • Would prefer a Bluetooth built-in port not an SPC port

1. Mitutoyo Absolute Scale Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo Absolute Scale Digital Caliper-electronic digital Vernier Calipers

The Mitutoyo does not come cheap but is the best electronic digital Vernier Caliper you can buy. The tool has a large LCD screen to read inches and metric units. The measurement range is 0-150mm/0-6” and has a 0.01mm/0.0001” resolution. You can measure inner and outer diameters to depth and step. The constructions stainless steel and have a thumb roller with electrostatic capacitance linear encoder. The device is multifunctional for standard measurements, scale contamination alert, low voltage alert, and incremental measurements. Inside the caliper, you get an SR44 battery, and the unit is dust and waterproof. One more highlight is the origin setting, on/off automatic shut off, and zero-setting buttons. You can buy a Data Hold Unit that includes an LCD Data Reading Hold function separately.


  • Solid build
  • Accurate
  • Looks durable
  • Can use it with a standard CR2032 battery


  • Has no auto-on when moving the caliper

Final Thoughts

Here with us, you can find the top 10 electronic digital Vernier Caliper in 2021. Each of the brands can help you take measurements in different ways and is sure to solve your mathematic analyses quickly. Whether you need an instrument for a DIY project at home or professional use, all of the above calipers can help you. As you would have noticed all of them have a stainless steel structure, thumb roller, has upper jaws for inside measurements, lower jaws for outside measurements, locking screw, LCD, scale, and a depth measuring blade. So if you need a tool that is handy to use anywhere try one out for yourself.

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