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Best Electronic Dartboard in 2021 | Fit Your Entertaintment!

Electronic Dartboard

Top 10 Best Electronic Dartboard in 2021

The top-quality electronic dartboard is most suitable for your kids and your family in general if you have a dart friendly surrounding. The best electronic dartboards, for instance, have features like multi-player game choices, game variants, data and average scoring, and multimedia features. All of these elements attract both young and experienced participants. Here are some of our reviews of the top 10 electronic Dartboards, together with an extensive buyer’s guide for finding the perfect dartboard to fit your entertainment.

10. Arachnid Bullshooter Electronic Light up Dart board

  • LCD
  • 5 inches scoring target
  • Interactive shoot out lights
  • Solo play features
  • Heckler features
  • 13 dedicated games
  • Comes with 6 soft tip darts
  • Operated on battery

This dartboard made from an LCD is cutting-edge. The board glows with the LED figures, and it has a unique feature which is your task to shoot the light out. The colour matching of this one dartboard is very trendy, not to mention that it features 13 different games. With this interactive screen, there are loads of fun lying in wait for you.

9. Fat Cat Mercury Soft Tip Dartboard

  • Up to 183 scoring options
  • 34 different game types
  • Has five stages of cyber play
  • 5 inches scoring target
  • A built-in case for storing of dart sets
  • Consists of 6 darts, and 6 extra dart tips
  • Power adapter
  • Warranty of up to one years

You will not be displeased in the Fat Cat electronic dartboard with several different gaming choices available. The board consists of a particular case that contains built-in dart frames. A minimum of four sets can be kept in the case. There is a Led on the board. It is a special board that everybody will love to utilize.

8. Viper X-Treme Electronic Dartboard

  • 5 inches scoring target
  • 56 games and 266 scoring options
  • LCD
  • Comes with 6 soft darts
  • Power adapter
  • A built-in case for storing 2 sets of dart
  • Accommodates 16 players

It’s a regulatory board that ensures that you can function as a professional as you practice. The play exterior is versatile, and the thin material prevents your darts from falling out, helps keep them closer together and maximizes your score. The Led lights up even from a distance to display the scores, and the board also comes with the power adapter and six darts.

7. Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard

  • 28 games and 100 scoring options
  • Mounting components available in the pack
  • Comes with 6 darts and 6 replacement dart tips
  • Tournament size dartboard

This board has a simple assembly system which enables you to play your dart readily. Since it is powered by electricity, it needs a power adapter that is part of the pack. This board has a minimum of 176 game combinations and an online scoring tracker so you can keep track of the success of your campaign.

6. Arachnid Cricket Pro Soft Top Dartboard

  • 26 games and 170 options
  • Computerised voice feature
  • LED display of players name and cricket scores
  • Comes with 6 darts and 6 soft tips
  • 5 inches scoring target
  • Small section divisions to reduce the fall off of darts

It is an excellent dartboard choice for families that prefer to stay competitive on darts with 26 games and 170 different available options. Small section divisors help minimise the darts which fall from the board. It has a screen that consists of LED lights showing the gamer involved, the type of game being played and the score for crickets. Six soft tip darts also come together with this board.

5. Fat Cat Rigel Electronic Dartboard

  • 32 games and 305 scoring options
  • Readable LED display with XO cricket
  • Power adapter
  • 13 inches scoring target
  • 6 plastic darts and 30 replacement tips
  • Game manual
  • Accommodates up to 8 players

It includes six plastic starting darts, 30 replacement tips and a guide for owners to assist wih the step by step guide on his to effectively use the board, which is very good for family fun. The range consists of 305 scoring options for 32 game variants. The LED screens are easily readable and are perfect for hours of family entertainment. A power adapter is supplied together with the board.

4. Franklin Sports FS1500

  • 65 different games
  • 6 soft darts and 6 soft-tip replacements
  • Visual and voice effect
  • Works with batteries
  • Easy instalment

This dartboard certainly wins the prize, with visual and voice features. It contains six soft darts and six substitutes. The board is large, so you’ll be able to spot your scoreline faraway from the board, and it’s simple keeping the darts from the board when it is idle. The readings on this board are extensive.

3. Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

  • 13 inches scoring target
  • A catch ring for darts that miss the board
  • 6 soft tip darts included
  • Works with battery
  • 18 games and 96 different options

There’s a fascinating component that makes this dartboard very impressive. It contains a ring like structure that catches your darts, in case your dart fall of the board. This board includes 18 games and 96 variations to combine whenever you want to play. It operates a battery, so that you won’t be concerned about connecting your board to an energy source. Six soft darts are also included.

2. Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard

  • Tournament size dartboard
  • 43 games and 240 options
  • Clear LCD
  • 6 soft too darts
  • Attachment system
  • Power adapter
  • Accommodates up to 16 players

It is excellent for competition standard, as it is regulated in size. The ultra-thin spider helps to restrain your dart by stopping it from bouncing. This board includes holding spaces beside it so that you can put the darts together. The LCD helps in score display, scores can be displayed in unique silver, red and black colour format. It contains six starting darts, the attachment system and the power adapter are inclusive.

1. Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard

  • 5 inches scoring target
  • 43 games and 320 options
  • Bright LCD
  • 6 soft starting darts
  • Power adapter
  • Works with battery
  • Catch ring for darts

The colour combination of this board is colourful and classy. The board also features a thin spider in brown, green, red and black to reduce the number of darts bouncing off. It is a top tournament board size with six darts accompanying it. With a dual power supply source, this board has an AC power adapter system and battery system. There are 43 games and 320 options; it also has a catch ring for darts.

There you have it, the best electronic cardboard you’ll ever come across in the market. Getting one might seem complicated and tricky, which is why we’ve taken out time to create this detailed guide to help you make the right choice. We hope that this review has been of great help to yours. Now check out the links and get that electronic dartboard for your family’s fun time.

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